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Architecture – Houses that I designed

What would be better FOR YOU than a house designed specially FOR YOU?
I offer design services, people from all countries are welcome!
You can give land dimensions (length x width) and number of bedrooms… or choose one of pre-made projects, or give me a sketch and I will convert it into a professional drawing.
Please inform if you are interested in detailed construction drawings or in a sketchy floor plan only.

Price for detailed construction drawings: $50 × number of rooms. Consultation and sketches that can be done in 30 minutes are FREE!
Paying customers get PDF, DWG, or whatever format you want. Non-paying customers get screenshots.
Architects and students in last year are invited for possible collaboration.

Terrace Modern 300+ sqm

Terrace Modern housing complex, street view Terrace Modern housing complex, aerial view

Terrace Modern House floor planLuxury 4-storey terraced house plan, which works also as semi-detached house. 5 bedrooms, of which 4 have en-suite bathroom and walk-in wardrobe, big family room on fourth floor and a smaller one on third floor, roof terrace, private lift and swimming pool. Do you want more luxury features?

Houses are 6 metres wide by 15 metres deep, sitting on 6/9 by 24 metres land. Max possible density: 52 houses / hectare. Notice how I mixed each 3-color group (red-green-blue / yellow-cyan-magenta)?

Inspired from Singapore! (here even rich families own just one car)

Home for JUN

Do you dream a 4 bedroom house but you own just a 70 sqm land?

No problem at Teoalida Architecture & Design! My client’s property was 4.7 × 15.2 meters and I designed a masterpiece in terms of space efficiency, 88 sqm floor area, plus car park and roof terrace. Made in December 2013.

House for JUN (Philippines)

Split-level house 150 sqm

Split-level home with 3 bedrooms and garageExample of split-level home with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, garage, and minimal hallways, being 7 meters wide is probably a good house plan for narrow lots with 10 meters frontage.

I made this house for a friend in 2011, it was inspired by a real house that I visited several years ago, for my customer I improved it by adding en-suite bathroom and balcony.


I colored same floor plan in 3 styles.
Which does look better? (for presentation on website)
For paying customers I provide in PDF format for printing so white background.

Split-level house plan with 3 bedrooms and garageSplit-level house plan with 3 bedrooms and garageSplit-level house plan with 3 bedrooms and garage

Philippines Townhouse Series – 30-80 sqm

This is an improved version of the sketch made in Dec 2012 for a filipino owning a 24 x 14 m land intending to build 4 units of townhouses with 3 bedrooms. I redesigned it smaller to fit 5x12m lands and show you how is possible to build a 3-bedroom house in 60 sqm land!

Due of carport being 2.7 meters wide, I recommend to NOT build any wall between carports, otherwise opening driver door would be uncomfortable especially for modern, wider cars.

Townhouse for Philippines Townhouse for Philippines, 3-bedroom Townhouse for Philippines

I also tried a single-storey version, inspired from this house, smallest and shittest house plan I ever saw!

In Nov 2013 I designed a 4-bedroom house for JUN supposedly having a 5x12m land. Then he realized that his land size is 4.7m wide and we had to try a different layout. But I kept the original sketch and turned it in a 3D artistic project, beside that I designed 3 additional floor plans in various sizes… and compiled all 5 in a single image!

Townhouse floor plan 4-bedroom townhouse for Philippines, 80 sqm

A common problem in Philippines houses is that many are built back-to-back, suffer from poor ventilation and lacks a washing area. Townhomes designed by me (still back-to-back) feature lanai (courtyard?) at back so cross-ventilation is possible.

Home for Shwan (Iraq)

See what I am providing for paying customers: high-detailed, fully-dimensioned architecture drawings, elevation plan and cross section plan, and as he wanted, was “delivered” in PDF format 6 sheets for printing on A4 paper.

Credits to my customer for the idea of an Iraq-style layout, very different from what I am familiarized with (he provided me a scanned paper with a shitty sketch and I converted it into a beautiful by-law drawing). Designed in June 2013.

House for Shwan (Iraq)

Terrace Airwells 250 sqm

Terrace Airwells house floor plan, 3 floors, 5-6 bedroomsMedium-luxury 3-storey terrace house plan with 4/5 bedrooms plus family room and an extra maid room / guest room at first floor, postmodernist facades, gross floor area 230-250 sqm, balcony above car porch (I do not know why, but this good feature is a rarely seen) and swimming pool. Arranged in clusters of 32 houses, they form a perfect rectangle 120 by 60 metres between street axes.

Inspired from Singapore and Malaysia!



Terrace Airwells housing, aerial viewTerrace Airwells, semi-detached versions, street view

Single-story semi-detached 50 sqm

The land is cheap in small cities of Brazil and many people are poor so they build low-cost housing in single-story layout, usually semi-detached, that cover less than half of land area. Is common to see people expanding their houses until cover entire lot… I designed a 50 square meters 2-bedroom house similar with their houses… suitable for numerous other countries too.

Semi-Detached house floor plan with 2 bedroomsSemi-Detached house with 2 bedrooms

Philippines Series 55-90 sqm

Someone from Philippines having a 5 meters wide land asked me to design a house, also sent me a floor plan “made by a local architect” which was horrible, violating building code (bedrooms small as 1.9 x 2.2 m instead of 6 square meters minimum area × 2 meters minimum width), insufficient kitchen space, much space wasted in hallways, etc. I provided him a proper design, he was very thankful.

I hope that are not many architects in Philippines like that one, otherwise this country will be fucked up.

Surprisingly, Philippines is the 1st country in the number of visitors on my House Design page, as well as 1st country in number of people contacting me (that before having such keywords), while my website showed houses for Singapore, Malaysia, Europe, etc, but nothing from Philippines. A beautiful country with booming economy but lack of mass housing programmes, so people are forced to build themselves, browsing the internet for house plans?

So I took one of the houses designed for past customers, improved and made in 3 versions of floorplan, 60, 75, 90 sqm, starting at 5-meter frontage, as here the bungalow lots are usually 8-meter wide and need to reserve 1.5 m.

It is also the first house posted on this page designed fully in metric system (instead of binary metric system), without wall axes and with dimensions measured from wall face, full thickness of external wall is included in gross floor area (that’s why you see net area percentage smaller than other my houses).

They are designed to maximize number of bedrooms facing to street. I also made 3D design for medium house with 4 bedrooms, in semi-detached version, because symmetry is beautiful, and it have firewall.

Philippines Houses in 4 different sizes, 2 to 4 bedrooms Philippine Houses in semi-detached layout

Further study revealed that L-shaped houses are more suitable if you own a car, see Philippines Series II.

House for my own family

House for 3-generation family with granny flatThis is a modern remade of the house proposed by me when I was 12 years old, for my family of 5 (me, parents and grandparents), when decided to go living on land, this is why it feature a “granny flat” on the ground floor and 3-bedroom unit at upper floors (space for one more child), with separate entrances joined in an entry hall, plus garage.

Original design had the floor plan partially flipped to reduce costs, garage under bedrooms and bathroom near kitchens, so a single vertical pipe served all 5, and it did not included furniture planning. Notice that at that age I had a fashion to make symmetrical houses with central balconies and to place as many rooms as possible to street facade.

Due of too high land prices we had to keep living in our two apartments.

Terrace Classic 250+ sqm

Terrace Classic house floor plan, 4 floors, 4 bedrooms, liftLuxury 3-storey terrace houses with basement parking and neoclassic facade, which works also as semi-detached houses. 4 spacious bedrooms, all with attached bathroom and walk-in wardrobe, family room in basement and private lift. This, together with Semi-Detached Mixed, were first houses from 2010 era.

House design inspired from Singapore!

One year later I decided to continue the project, second phase is a Condo-style with 80 houses and shared pool. House size: 6 metres width by 13 metres depth. Development size 135 by 100 metres, density 59.26 houses per hectare.

Terrace Classic housing complex, street viewTerrace Classic housing complex, aerial view

Narrow Luxury Bungalow 256 sqm

Compact design bungalow… having 5 spacious bedrooms and 5 en-suite bathrooms, all in only 8 meters frontage! 16m depth (20m depth with proposed balconies) Designed in January 2012, was not made for a specific customer. House design inspired from the affluent neighborhoods of Brazil!

Narrow Bungalow, 8 meters wide, 5 bedrooms

VERY Narrow Bungalow 180 sqm

My customer asked for a house design narrow as 5 meters and long as crazy is possible. Because his land in countryside measures 50+ meters long and 7-10 meters wide. I was impressed myself by the floor plan and asked permission to post on website. Project put on hold until husband return from overseas.

Note that in South Asia the meaning of term bungalow is a detached single-family house regardless of number of floors, and it is seen as status symbol, being the highest form of housing available. This is different compared with United States where bungalow means single-storey house and is often associated with poor people.

Narrow bungalow, 5 meters wide, 4 bedrooms

Philippines Squarish Series – 100 sqm

I has been contacted by at least 5 people looking for ideas for their squarish land plots, sized like 10×10, 10×12, 12×12, 12×14 meters, etc. I designed 5 slightly similar sketches for various people and now I am presenting here the best two of them.

3-bedroom house for Philippines, 100 sqm 4-bedroom house for Philippines, 104 sqm

European Houses 90-200+ sqm

2 of my earliest house designs, Semi-Detached and Quadruplex-Terraced were redesigned… in March 2012. I moved the original versions to Housing Archive page, tell me how many times is more beautiful than previous projects. In the same time I designed European Apartments too.

2/3-bedroom Terraced Mixed Housing, 2 floors, 21x10m buildings containing 4 dwelling units and one common parking per a row of 4 buildings to provide 1 parking lot per house. Having 40 meters between alleys and 120 meters between parking lanes, results a typical density of 66.67 houses per hectare.

3-bedroom Terraced Housing, 2 floors, 6x10m, 48 meters minimal distance between streets, to give a minimal 4 meters backyard (3D design shows 6 meters backyard, most houses of Europe have much longer, 10-20 meters backyards, I hate such waste of land!), max possible density 69.44 houses per hectare.

4-bedroom Semi-Detached Housing, 2 floors, 6×12 m (8m lot frontage), let’s say 6 meters backyard, results a max density of 44.64 houses per hectare.

6-bedroom Semi-Detached Housing, 3 floors 6x14m…

At least the first two are common especially in United Kingdom and Ireland but also in Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, etc.

Philippines Series II – 50-80 sqm

Further studying of Philippines real estate, plus talking with a lot of people requesting plans and advices from me, revealed that most people do not own land long enough to allow parking car in front of house, and there is no requirement to leave in front of house 7.5 meters (Singapore law) or 6.1 meters (Malaysia law), here you need to reserve only 1.5 meters. So a L-shaped house design is more suitable if you own a car.

Most detached/bungalow lots in Philippines have 8 meters frontage, and setbacks are 1.5 meters. So I designed these houses 5 meters wide.

I present here 3 versions, 2 made at my own will (no specific customer) and one is a downsized version of what I made for a customer (a floorplan proposal who never turned in a full project).

L-shaped house for Philippines, 3 bedrooms, 68 sqm L-shaped house for Philippines, 3 bedrooms, 79 sqm L-shaped house for Philippines, 2 bedrooms, 51 sqm

People from other countries may see these houses ridiculously small. 75% of houses built in Philippines are designed at minimal room sizes required by law (while the rest are violating the law, just few are designed at bigger sizes). I totally do not understand this strategy, a house 50% bigger may not cost 50% more but will increase comfort significantly.

Bigger houses will be draw for individual cases.

Lucky people who own bigger land sizes can give me land size and number of bedrooms, optional more details… or you can get inspired from my other House Designs made for other countries.

Singapore Luxury Semi-Detached houses 240 & 340 sqm

The biggest house in my portfolio was Terrace Modern, which was weird since terrace houses are usually for lower-class people, so I designed a new, over 300 sqm Semi-Detached house (was designed in mid-2011 but I published in january 2012 thinking that I will made 3D design meantime.

Semi-Detached Luxury House

Luxury house with 5 bedrooms, all with attached bathroom, plus family room and maid room, private lift and swimming pool. I may add balconies for the main 4 bedrooms, and columns. Gross floor area 340 sqm (7×16 m), 10 meters frontage. Inspired from Malaysia!

Semi-Detached Deep House

The road pattern in old areas of Singapore created some 40 meters deep housing lots. This house plan made in march 2012 would be suitable for them (today, typical lots are 25 meters depth (with setback 7.5 meters at front and 2 meters at back). Gross floor area 240 sqm (6×20 m).

However I saw that longest terraced house is 20 meters deep (Eastwood) and longest semi-detached is 26 meters deep (Serangoon Gardens), I will appreciate if anybody can give me clues about floorplan of these superlong houses!

What theme to use for 3D design?

I may inspire from the winner of the Most beautiful houses contest, so VOTE!!

I already planned a 3D design for first one, but now after designing second one I’m doubt what to do. What if I combine these 2 houses in a Semi-Detached Deep Luxury house, 7×20 m, 3 floors, 6 bedrooms? Would be 420 sqm!

I should design a 500+ sqm bungalow too?

Malaysia terraced houses 150 sqm land

TO BB DELETED – after I will post (april 2014?) 4 new and improved house plans
I got addicted to Malaysian houses, and I designed for fun too many houses that caused me to run out of naming ideas!! I post here the best two of my designs. Made in March 2012.

Terraced houses with 4 bedrooms plus family room are most common housing type in Malaysia, houses with airwells are also common, typical width are 6000 mm (almost 20 feet) and 6700 mm (22 feet).

Malaysia Terraced House 6 meters wide and 16 meters long Malaysia Terraced House 7 meters wide and 14 meters long

Philippines terraced houses 45-60 sqm land

TO BE DELETED – I re-posted improved versions as “Philippines Townhouses”

This is an improved version of what I made in Dec 2012 for a filipino owning a 24 x 14 m land who wanted build 4 units of terraced houses with 3 bedrooms.

I post here the floor plan to 12 meters deep… to show you how is possible to build a 3-bedroom house in 60 sqm land!

Due of carport being 2.7 meters wide, I recommend to NOT build any wall between carports, otherwise opening driver door would be uncomfortable especially for modern, wider cars.

I will make 3D design too, when I will have time.

I also designed a single-storey version, inspired from this house, smallest and shittest house plan I ever saw!

I saw several visitors searching “house plan for 20 sqm lot Philippines” and landing in my website… sadly, none of them answered on website chat, but from what I heard from others, the smallest lots here are 40 sqm. Can someone confirm if smaller lots really exists? Answer: the 40 sqm rule is enforced only in new developments, in downtown Manila is common to see smaller lots.

Terraced house with 2 bedroomsTerraced house with 3 bedrooms

India terraced houses 90-100 sqm land

I got contacted by various people from India, one of them being owner of a 22 x 50 feet land, appreciated the layout of ”A different terraced house”, and asked me to resize and design with imperial system.

I post this here a sample shortened with 5 feet, maybe other indians do not own so big lands?

All bathrooms have window. Notice the SMART position of lower floor bathroom? 5-foot road reserve space, 4-foot corridors, 1-meter wide staircase, to comply with India building code.

Terraced house floor plan for India, 3 bedrooms and garage, 1000 sq ft land

A different Terraced house

Another original high-density housing typology, inspired from Linear Maisonette block that was itself my own design in 2009. I made 2 versions that differ not only by number of bedrooms but also by room proportion, both 7 meters frontage, I think that car porch is too wide, wall to neighbor car is unnecessary. Max possible density 79.36 houses per hectare (the 3 bedroom version and with 8-meter wide road). Made in January 2012.

May be suitable for Latin America or India, countries with high crime rate and where privacy is important, as the living room opens to back courtyard rather than front as usual, while on upper floor, 2 of its 3 bedrooms are facing to street, for greater views.

Back-to-back terraced house floor plan, 4 bedrooms Back-to-back terraced house floor plan, 3 bedrooms


Quarter detached houses are common in Malaysia, I saw their 2-storey 4-bedroom houses and this gave me idea to design this in march 2011, right after finishing Terrace Modern. But I aimed for higher density housing so I made an unique 3-storey with 3 bedrooms, that is not inspired from any country, reaching 69 units per hectare, a record for non-terraced housing. Then I designed the 5-bedroom counterpart.

I had a feeling that it is the worst house design ever made by me so abandoned the idea, but in january 2012 I revived it and improved. Due of staircase position, the single way to get natural light was from above, so I replaced traditional hipped / gabled roof with a terrace. The results…

Quarter-Detached house planQuarter-Detached housing

American house 240 sqm / 360 sqm land

I hate USA houses and I am not familiarized with american lifestyle, but I still wanted to complete my collection with an american style house.

Typical houses are 3 to 5 bedrooms, 2000 square feet in average, no idea if the numbers include garage, but is a fashion to have 2/3-car garage per house. The housing density is low as 10- max 15 houses per hectare, but because many houses are single-story, 12 m wide or even wider, numerous rooms are facing side walls, invading privacy of neighbors as the houses are only 3 meters each other I have no idea if americans enjoy living in such neighborhoods.

I improved the typical american house by making a house plan only 8 meters frontage and still… I succeeded to put 4 bedrooms facing either front of back of house, no more privacy problems, also all bathrooms have windows!

3D design… maybe after an american will review my floorplan, I think that living-dining area should be reconfigured better.


Low-cost High-Density Housing 60-100 sqm

These house drawings are inspired from Latin America, more exactly from the Mexico mass housing programme for poor people, probably the densest legally-built (no slums) houses in the world, reaching up to 150 houses per hectare.

Most of their houses are built with 2 bedrooms (or fewer) to be cheap, but many owners expanded them in front and upwards, sometimes reaching 4 floors. I designed 4 versions of High-Density housing, however, my designs are bigger than original ones, in which the bedrooms are just 3 by 3 meters.

Terraced houses, 3 meters narrow frontage and 12 meters depth, 72 sqm, very similar with Mexico ones which are 60 sqm. The U-shaped stair allows easy upwards extension.

Terraced houses, 3 meters frontage and 12 meters longTerraced house floor plan, 3 meters frontage and 12 meters long

Quarter-Detached houses, 5 meters width and 10 meters depth, 69.5 sqm, very similar with Mexico ones which are 55 sqm. The U-shaped stair allows easy upwards extension.

Quarter-Detached houses, 5 meters wide and 10 meters longQuarter-Detached house floor plan, 5 meters wide and 10 meters long

Back-to-Back Terraced houses with courtyards, 6 meters frontage and 10 meters depth, 96 sqm, this layout is an own version never seen in Mexico, it have better land coverage, also bathroom as well as stairwell have window! So it is the best version in my opinion. The U-shaped stair allows easy upwards extension.

Back-to-Back houses, 6 meters wide and 10 meters longBack-to-Back house floor plan, 6 meters wide and 10 meters long

Cluster Terraced housing, an upscale version, 4 meters width and 10 meters depth, 80 sqm, and 6 meters width 120 sqm on endings. Somewhat similar with Mexico ones which are usually 65 sqm and have parking either in front of house or at end of street. This one hardly allows upwards extension.

Cluster terraced houses, 4-6 meters wide and 10 meters longCluster terraced house floor plan, 4-6 meters wide and 10 meters long

Detached housing, further research revealed that the attached houses that are common in Asia are disappreciated in Mexico. They want “totally individual houses” even if are less than 1 meter apart. Such houses have usually 1 bedroom in front and 2 on back. I made my own version, L-shaped house, 100 sqm 3 bedrooms of which 2 enjoy privacy by facing to front! SMART? Semi-detached possible!

Designed in late 2012, while the above ones are from 2010.

Detached houses, 5 meters wide and 12 meters longDetached house floor plan, 5 meters wide and 12 meters long

Also see: Apartment Housing, posted in the Apartment Design page (High-Density Apartments).

Square house 180 sqm

This 10×10 meters house made in 2010 is one of the initial series of 6 houses made for hobby. Original idea was to use a symmetrical Neoclassic theme… but was ugly. I redesigned it in 2011, now in a more beautiful asymmetric theme.

Single-storey bungalows, compact house plans

Designed on 11 June 2012 for someone living in Isle of Man who never saw it… because did not left any email where to send it. Read entire story.

3 bedrooms home

A variation of the above house, extremely compact house without hallways due of centrally-placed living room (style common in East Asia) with 4 bedrooms in 11×11 meters. May fit in 14x14m or 17x17m land depending by each country laws. Redesigned in May 2013 for an African customer, he did not liked it and provided another sketch with a house with hallways and I went on his idea instead. I was told that it’s OK to post the floor plans drew but unused.

Bungalow with 4 bedrooms

One more single-storey, 100 sqm house plan, designed without any specific customer.

100 square meters house plan

Tiny Houses

PROPOSED FOR DELETION – not good plans and few people are clicking them
How spacious can be a 8 by 7 meter house? Another 12-year old era house good for mountain, sloped ground, since all rooms facing to front.

Surprisingly, according visitors statistics, THIS was the most clicked image of this page. I expected people to be impressed by big complexes of luxury houses, but nooo… guys do you want me to design more simple and even smaller houses?

Although nobody requested yet, I made 2 more small houses, 64 square meters 3-room and 100 square meters 4-room house plans.

Sick of house size? They are luxury in some countries such as Philippines where bedrooms are typically 4-6 sqm. Can someone explain me why they made so small houses?

Redesigned tiny house to match the Philippines building code

Services and prices

DISCLAIMER: The PNG floor plans shown on website are simplified drawings, intended to show you house models and to showcase my skills in designing efficient layouts.

They are NOT intended to be used in construction or to be submitted to government for building permit.

You can give me land dimensions (length x width, not just square meters) and number of bedrooms and several more details. You can also pick from the pre-made projects and ask me for customization. Or you can give me a a sketch made by yourself on paper, Paint, etc, and I will convert it into a professional drawing using AutoCAD!

PAYING customers get PDF, DWG, or whatever format you want. Non-paying customers get screenshots.

Payment is preferred via Paypal, but bank transfer or Western Union are also possible.

I offer FREE consultation, ideas and sketchy floor plans done in max 30 min, then we can discuss about it and do a better floor plan. This offer will not last long!

Yes, free, because at this stage of my life, PRACTICE is more important than money. Playing with housing layouts also a hobby, a challenge to make the best layout for small plots of land. In exchange I can ask you about lifestyle of your country.

The hobby does not mean a FREE service forever. Please do not force me to spend too much time drawing sketches, if you are not going to pay later for a fully-detailed drawings.

If you are planning to BUILD a house, I will design detailed construction drawings (different customers request a different amount of drawings), for a detailed floor plan, elevations, sections, and a simple 3D model, the price formula is $50 × number of rooms (room = including bedrooms, living, dining, family, study, but not kitchen and smaller rooms). For these I spend hours of work, with great care to offer error-free drawings.

Example: for Bungalow-5x18m with 4 bedrooms + living room + family room, price for detailed drawings will be $300

If you have another architect/designer and you found my floor plans great, so you are going with my ideas to him, you should reward me too. $50 is nice, and for this I will reward you with the .PDF or .DWG version of the chosen floor plan. This may save some time of your designer.

You can also contact me if you want to buy the PDF or DWG file of my past projects, but don’t forget that my job there is to offer you a new design made specially for you!


I design apartment buildings since 2008, landed houses I (re)started to design in 2010.

Originally I published 3D models and floor plans of 5 impressive housing complexes and 1 single-family home (designed for myself, you can call this hobby, fun or art), then I was surprised that the single family home was the most clicked. In 2011 a friend requested me to do a project for him, and now I announce that… I offer architecture design services for anyone in the world!

The hobby became also a business, a flow of customers started in 2012. Previously I was posting every house I designed. Currently per year I am contacted by over 100 people, but in 90% of cases they are not interested in detailed plans or 3D design, they just need floor plan ideas and consultation.

Publishing on website all the hundreds of houses that I designed would overload the website with low-quality houses, am I right? A spontaneous-made drawing in 30 minutes is not always a high-quality drawing.

Sometimes I recycle the floor plan designed for a specific customer, doing some modifications and publish it on website as hobby/artistic project.

Houses published on website are made after spending days on mind planning, drawing a quality floor plan takes 1-2 hours, drawing 3D model takes from 4 hours for a crappy house to 20+ hours in case of a luxury housing complex such as Terrace Classic / Modern), that is why they are so great.

For paying customers I offer the chance to choose to have the detailed drawings published on website in low-resolution or to keep them confidential. Default is to keep them confidential.p>



surveys & polls

Example of funny or bad customers

A persistent problem: many people confuse my PERSONAL website with the websites who just collect images from random places without providing design services. They click few of my designs and if none is exactly what they need, they quit instead of contacting me and ask for customizing a house. Does anyone know how I can prevent this?

Some people ask me funny questions like “Wow, do you also design houses?” or “Are these houses designed by you?“. This is a personal website so I do never post content made by other people.

Most of the customers are contacting me via the chat widget, but please leave an email address where I can contact you in case you quit the chat! Otherwise I lose contact with you and I cannot send you what I design for you. You waste my time, what do you get?

Sometimes I am sending the first sketch via email, but customers never not reply. Not even a “thank you”.

Why do you ask me to work for you if you do not leave any feedback? The only great thing is that I can do a first sketch in just 30 minutes, so I do not complain for waste of time, I complain for rudeness of some “customers”!

I have no idea they like my “first sketch” and they profit by the fact that I haven’t charged him any money, avoiding to contact me instead of contacting to proceed to “final drawing”, or if I made a mistake and they do not want to work with me.

Normal people who give feedback, most “mistakes” reported are actually just differences between my proposal and what the customer had in mind (happens with people living in other countries than other ones which I am familiarized – Asian countries).

Funny case: I did the FREE 30-min sketch, the customer likes it, then when we negotiate price for the detailed drawings, he say that cannot pay because is (a kid) helping his father / brother / cousin to find a good floor plan. But hey, you do not need to pay for first sketch! Instead, you should tell about me to your family, so when they are ready to build the house, to come at me for the detailed drawings.

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  1. kz

    well,i think that you could build some public terrace housing based on the 1950s SIT terraces,which are the largest public housing in singapore.

  2. Teoalida

    SIT Terraces are NOT large but the space-obsessed owners expanded them and make them largest public housing. Quadruplex-Terraced project is quite similar with Singapore ones.

  3. kz

    ???what are you saying?and could you build a apartment version of terrace modern,preffebaly like a penthouse?

  4. Teoalida

    If you want an apartment complex similar with Terrace Modern, with white walls and colorful window decorations, that’s the BIG project with 1024 apartments that I am working now. I have a big TO-DO list… but dear kid, my PAID projects have priority over your FUN/artistic requests!

  5. ian alodaga

    im planning to buy a 170 sqm lot , dimensions are 12 metres frontage, depth of 15 metres on the left and 12 metres on the right. iam planning to maximize the lot, the developer has a 2-3meters setback and we wanted to have a 2 storey 3bedroom house with car garage etc. can you pls give us an idea of the possible layout plan for this kind of lot?

    1. Teoalida

      If you have a trapezoidal lot, you forgot one detail: which corners are 90 degrees, street ones or back ones? I don’t understand “the developer has a 2-3meters setback” the setback by Philippines laws is 1.5m in front and sides and 2m in back (or… where do you live?). Your lot is HUGE for a 3-bedroom house, no need to maximize. I will draw and email you a house layout today.

  6. aileen

    Hi can i ask if u cn design a modern type house for 6m x 20m lot with 1 car garage, 3 bedrum and 1 maid’s rum, with porch in front, lanai on one side and laundry at the back?

    Hoping for your feedback. I also want to know how much is it?

    1. Teoalida

      I recommend carports instead of garage, especially on narrow lots. If you really want garage, it should be 3m wide so the living room will be 2.7m wide (don’t forget wall thickness). What do you think about the floorplans posted under name European Housing? They are 6m wide and not too long to fit in your lot while allowing space for carport.
      Price… depending by how many plans do you need for the final project.

  7. Mobolaji

    I am starting a small development of 2 bed room terrace houses.
    Your idea of a quarter detached house suits my purpose.

    How much will you charge to produce a conceptual model?
    Can you do the actual archtecual drawings and elevations?
    Can you do constructtion drawings?


    1. Teoalida

      Yes I can do construction drawings, for $2 per sqm I offer fully-dimensioned floorplans, elevations, sections, what else is necessary? It’s pretty hard to have same price for everyone, as each one need different amount of drawings, maybe the rules vary from country to country. What is conceptual model in your case?
      You’re a little contradicting. Quarter-detached house are not supposed to be joined side-by-side like terraced houses. We need discuss more details…

  8. Mobolaji

    Thanks for your prompt response.

    My initial thought was to build terraced buildings, then I did some digging to see what the alternatives were, that’s how I found your site.
    Give me a few days to put a proper brief together then we can have a telephone conversation, using Skype maybe. I will need a email address tonsend you the brief, You’ve got my email address, sent me yours.
    Please remove my second message with my email address from the public posting.

    Don’t worry, I am not one of the funny guys you refer to in some of your pages. If we can agree in principle, there is a good chance we will do business together.


  9. Ed Lu


    good day to you.

    is it possible for 3 bedrooms to fit to a 19 square feet 2nd floor? the ground floor is 25 square feet. but i am more interested in the 3 bedrooms for a 19 square feet floor area. can you make a floor plan for it? i would really appreaciate if i can see one.

    thank you so much.


    1. Teoalida

      I think that you confuse feet with meters. 19 square feet is the size of A BED for one person.
      From which country are you, in which country are such sizes? Anyway if you want to make a design for you, you need to give me LENGTH x WIDTH of your land, not just area

  10. Shwan Jaff

    let me thanks you for your free sketch which you sent me and also the wonderful design for a full project house design after I have paid you. here I encourage others for asking you to do the designs which they want you do a great job. I don’t mind you can post my design on your site, let peoples see it.
    Shwan, Iraq

  11. taghi

    I want a house or Apartment design with 1 bedrooms for 4.5 by 14 meters, can you make free sketch for me and send to me?
    Best reg

    1. Teoalida

      House or Apartment? Do you mean a block with 1 apartment per floor, and how many floors? Can you clarify?
      For houses, what do you think about this one?
      Yes I can make a FREE sketch, but after the sketch don’t you want a (paid) fully-detailed project too?

  12. taghi

    i send to your email my idea
    i Waiting your prompt response

  13. vegetable juicing

    Link exchange is nothing else but it is just placing the other
    person’s web site link on your page at suitable place and other person will also do same in support of you.

    1. Teoalida

      Are you asking for link exchange with me or what? I am interested in link exchange, but your comment is confusing.

  14. Reynalin

    Sir,i have my 50square meter lot area a row house type .i need help from you a design or any suggestions in mylans for preparing and planning to have design in my dream house…it goes like this ?that row house of mine fully furnished a subdvision but i want i ave my design for a house.im looking and searching a plan and design in my front of the house?in my extension of front i plane to make and have a small space for a small store?and the entrance or a gate beside of that small store which my front door will have design a gate?
    Can u make for me a design in my front of that house which im planning?
    Can u make for me a design and plans just 3rooms included the back extension of my house which included my small living room and ketchin?
    Hope i can hear from u soon and pls through reply me in my email id ?
    Glad to hear from. You soon and i expect .
    Thank you


    1. Teoalida

      You left a huge comment but still forgot to tell me the DIMENSIONS of that 50 sqm land…
      If is 4 x 12.5 meters, we are in trouble.
      If is 4.5 x 11 meters, is the best, 3 bedrooms on one floor is possible.
      If is 5 x 10 meters, is not possible to fit 3 bedrooms on one floor, legally (see http://www.teoalida.com/design/Philippines-Terraced-3-bedroom-floorplan.png – 60 sqm necessary), so you may need to make 2 bedrooms on upper floor and 1 bedroom on lower floor (like the http://www.teoalida.com/design/Philippines-Houses-floorplan.png – Small house), and in this case would be no longer possible a shopping store or whatever you want…
      if is 6 x 8.5 meters, we are in trouble again.
      Or, tell me if you can violate the legal requirement of 2-meter empty space at back side.
      Sorry if I misunderstood anything… but your english is quite bad.
      Please clarify!

  15. Ferdinand

    hi, i have 100 sqr meter lot, could you sketch for me a 2 storey house ( 3 bedrooms, 2 t/b, carport, family room and terrace)

    thanks and hoping for your response,

    1. Teoalida

      When you left this comment, you did not noticed the previous comment?
      You did not realized that you need to give me DIMENSIONS (LENGTH & WIDTH) of the 100 sqm land?
      Also tell me if you are allowed to build up to land boundary or need to keep 1.5 meters empty in left and right?

      Can you choose your favorite from these 3, to use it as base for your house project?

  16. Irvin

    Aqui: House floor plans & architecture design services for you! | HOUSING eu me interessei por legal advice chat rooms.

  17. Katrina

    Hi could you please sketch me a 2 storey building with width of 12 sqm and length of 5 sqm. The other side of the 12 sqm width is “closed wall”. The ground floor is an office with a receiving area and a managers office enclosed and dinning area. The second floor should be 2 bedrooms( can we fit 3?) with 1 bathroom. Thank you so much.

    1. Teoalida

      Sooo… business on lower floor with your home at upper floor? Check here how I fitted 3 bedrooms and one bathroom in 5x12m land http://www.teoalida.com/design/Philippines-Terraced-3-bedroom-floorplan.png … but I guess that in your case, we need to turn master bedroom into living-kitchen area.
      But I am confused, your lot is just 5m depth? From my experience, residential lots in Philippines are 10m depth or more. The LAW says to keep empty 1.5m space at front, so remains 3.5m buildable? Please clarify!

    2. Teoalida

      I have emailed at address left with your comment but never received any reply

  18. seife gsenbet

    I leave in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia sir I have 10m front 15.8m depth land. From left and at the back of the compound there is another compound from the right side of the compound there is road so please .i need help from you a design or any suggestions to build my dream house

    1. Teoalida

      Thank you for telling me land dimensions (unlike the above people), but need more details about house size, how many rooms do you want etc.
      Also thank you for contacting me on Live chat soon after leaving comment, you closed website while I was designing… I have emailed you a sketch, please comment it before proceeding further.

    2. Teoalida

      I haven’t received any reply from you. Do you like wasting people’s time?

  19. Aditya

    i wish to construct a house please advise

    my requirement = 2 bhk, kitchen, bathroom and WC and a provision of Lift well

    there 10 % open space provision

    the ground floor is reserved for parking, draft one room and bathroom + wc

    the dimension are 5 sqm(width) X 12 sqm(lenth)

    its a west side direction with back to back construction is only allowed


    - Aditya

    1. Teoalida

      Where do you live? I checked your IP and doesn’t seems to be allocated to any country!
      Lift in a 2-storey house? I never heard about this before. Do you have a family member bounded in wheelchair?
      Your lot is quite small and difficult to design a proper house, but I emailed you a sketch including lift, I am not sure if I fully understood your requirements, please comment it then I will design a better one!

  20. olugbenga

    i want a sketch design of 3 1/2 bedroom bungalow design on 18m by 18m land after dat we will talk about full drawing

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