Aug 10

Funny singaporean teenager

Chat started on Thursday, August 10, 2017 6:45:58 PM

(6:45:58 PM) *** Visitor has joined the chat ***
(6:46:00 PM) Teoalida (site owner): Hi there… if you need any help or just wanna chat, drop here a message!
(6:46:44 PM) Visitor: Why hello there
(6:46:53 PM) *** Teoalida has joined the chat ***
(6:46:55 PM) Teoalida: what’s up
(6:47:06 PM) Visitor: Are you for reallllll??????
(6:47:10 PM) Visitor: or a robot
(6:47:13 PM) Teoalida: what else do you expect/
(6:47:14 PM) Visitor: beep bop
(6:47:21 PM) Visitor: 110110110
(6:47:42 PM) Visitor: Beep bop world beeeeep domination bop
(6:47:48 PM) Visitor: IM a robot too
(6:48:00 PM) Teoalida: read http://www.teoalida.com/about/contact/ and stop having fun on chat
(6:48:32 PM) Visitor: TLDR
(6:48:48 PM) Visitor: are your data really accurate?
(6:49:05 PM) Teoalida: which data are you referring to?
(6:49:20 PM) Visitor: Ok
(6:49:32 PM) Visitor: The one under HDB dwellin units under management
(6:49:56 PM) Teoalida: that is copied from HDB Annual Report
(6:50:06 PM) Visitor: ya err
(6:50:19 PM) Visitor: is there really so little people living in HDB?
(6:50:20 PM) Visitor: lol
(6:50:42 PM) Teoalida: 82% of country population do you call little?
(6:50:50 PM) Visitor: Ya ok
(6:50:51 PM) Visitor: see
(6:51:00 PM) Visitor: there is 5mil right
(6:51:29 PM) Visitor: but 82% of 5 mil isnt like 300k
(6:51:55 PM) Teoalida: where do you see 300k?
(6:52:10 PM) Visitor: oh shit
(6:52:13 PM) Visitor: lol
(6:52:24 PM) Visitor: nvm kinda embarrassing
(6:52:32 PM) Visitor: its 3 mil
(6:52:34 PM) Visitor: my b
(6:52:45 PM) Teoalida: yeah
(6:52:56 PM) Visitor: erm
(6:53:03 PM) Visitor: so awkward
(6:53:06 PM) Visitor: huh
(6:53:48 PM) Visitor: Hang on
(6:54:00 PM) Visitor: If you are a real human
(6:54:20 PM) Visitor: whats your favourite colour
(6:54:21 PM) Teoalida: talking for 10 minutes and you still think that I am robot?
(6:54:25 PM) Visitor: bam
(6:54:31 PM) Visitor: robot cant have emotions
(6:54:32 PM) Visitor: so
(6:54:36 PM) Teoalida: P!NK
(6:54:37 PM) Visitor: answer up boy
(6:54:43 PM) Visitor: huh
(6:54:49 PM) Visitor: New AI i see
(6:55:01 PM) Visitor: then whats your favourite drink
(6:55:04 PM) Visitor: bam
(6:55:08 PM) Visitor: robots dont drink
(6:55:18 PM) Teoalida: not pink but p!nk
(6:55:29 PM) Teoalida: :))
(6:55:35 PM) Visitor: Thats not a colour
(6:55:43 PM) Visitor: Fucking machine
(6:55:52 PM) Visitor: Dammit should have knew better
(6:56:02 PM) Visitor: Im really bored
(6:56:07 PM) Visitor: Entertain me robot
(6:56:10 PM) Visitor: beep bop
(6:56:29 PM) Teoalida: You’re sooo funny… may I know your age?
(6:57:04 PM) Visitor: Are you hitting on me, i watched a movie where a machine had feelings for a man
(6:57:11 PM) Visitor: and it became kinda weird
(6:57:23 PM) Visitor: and i am more like a action movie kinda guy
(6:57:30 PM) Visitor: so this isnt really my type
(6:57:41 PM) Visitor: Waitt……
(6:57:55 PM) Visitor: Are you trying to steal my identity slowly
(6:58:04 PM) Visitor: im not falling for your trick
(6:58:18 PM) Teoalida: What the fuck is wrong with you?
(6:58:27 PM) Visitor: Nothing
(6:58:29 PM) Visitor: lol
(6:58:37 PM) Visitor: am i wasting your time?
(6:58:41 PM) Visitor: 🙂
(6:58:45 PM) Teoalida: you’re making me laugh
(6:59:02 PM) Teoalida: can I post your chat in http://www.teoalida.com/offtopic/weird-questions/ ? you’re too fucking funny
(6:59:14 PM) Visitor: ER
(6:59:25 PM) Visitor: I dont have a profile right
(6:59:31 PM) Visitor: if so ya im fine
(6:59:39 PM) Visitor: as long as im anonymous
(6:59:51 PM) Visitor: or else i wont have anyone to talk to irl
(6:59:52 PM) Visitor: but you
(6:59:59 PM) Visitor: so that will be kinda lame
(7:01:33 PM) Visitor: Hello?
(7:01:37 PM) Teoalida: ??
(7:01:46 PM) Visitor: Ya
(7:01:59 PM) Visitor: are you being paid to do what you are doing right now?
(7:02:21 PM) Visitor: Or is this confidential
(7:02:26 PM) Visitor: will i be killed ?
(7:02:50 PM) Teoalida: I am paid when I do drawings or selling stuff
(7:03:11 PM) Visitor: Wait is your name really Teoalida
(7:03:27 PM) Visitor: Somehow i feel like you are a human being
(7:04:19 PM) Teoalida: or when someone wants to buy a HDB flat or condo, I talk with my partner agent, and if the sale is done, he pay me a referral commission
(7:04:40 PM) Teoalida: *when someone contact me to buy
(7:05:36 PM) Visitor: And right now you are using a computer talking to a teenager who wanted data for HDB stuffes for project who got really distracted by a talking robot
(7:05:53 PM) Visitor: so you are not paid to do
(7:05:56 PM) Visitor: ^^
(7:06:17 PM) Teoalida: indeed, if you’re not buying anything or paying for any service, it’s time wasted
(7:06:28 PM) Visitor: Well then sorry mr robot
(7:06:41 PM) Visitor: could you just say beep bop for me
(7:06:54 PM) Visitor: i will give you a thumbs up
(7:07:00 PM) Visitor: :))))
(7:07:20 PM) Visitor: I will leave you alone also
(7:07:28 PM) Visitor: so quite a deal we have here
(7:07:39 PM) Visitor: All you have to do is say beep bop
(7:07:44 PM) Visitor: Pleaseeeeee
(7:07:49 PM) Teoalida: what is this beep bop ?
(7:07:57 PM) Visitor: Omg
(7:08:02 PM) Visitor: my life is complete
(7:08:12 PM) Visitor: well then mr robot have a nice night
(7:08:14 PM) Visitor has rated the chat Good
(7:08:14 PM) Visitor has removed the chat rating
(7:08:29 PM) Teoalida: why do you continue to say MR. ROBOT?
(7:08:30 PM) Visitor commented: “Great Robot, must mass produce”
(7:08:42 PM) Visitor: What
(7:09:01 PM) Visitor: i think its time for you to accept that you are a robot
(7:09:09 PM) Visitor: BYE mr robot
(7:09:41 PM) Teoalida: Your idiocy is incredible to think that a robot can talk like me
(7:09:53 PM) Visitor: :(((
(7:10:05 PM) Visitor: Advance AI i can never understand
(7:10:15 PM) Visitor: Do you have nothing to do as well?
(7:10:25 PM) Visitor: cos im suppose to do my project now
(7:10:44 PM) Visitor: But you are a talking robot so its kinda hard to concentrate
(7:11:14 PM) Teoalida: I am working between your messages, that’s why I don’t reply quickly
(7:11:34 PM) Visitor: Ok do you want me to be here or gone
(7:11:44 PM) Visitor: cos i know im kinda annoying so
(7:11:49 PM) Visitor: you know
(7:12:06 PM) Visitor: Its going to be sad but i will get oover it
(7:20:00 PM) Visitor: YOOOO
(7:20:09 PM) Visitor: I still kinda here
(7:20:10 PM) Visitor: so
(7:20:11 PM) Teoalida: ?
(7:20:18 PM) Visitor: do i leave or what?
(7:20:28 PM) Visitor: Cos
(7:20:38 PM) Visitor: i dont wanna sound gay or anything
(7:20:53 PM) Visitor: but its kinda fun to mess around with you
(7:21:02 PM) Visitor: Is that gay?
(7:21:35 PM) Teoalida: doesn” matter if you’re leaving or not, if I am busy working I won’t reply you
(7:21:52 PM) Visitor: So you are busy now?
(7:21:54 PM) Visitor: 🙁
(7:21:57 PM) Visitor: fine
(7:22:05 PM) Visitor: I guess this is it then
(7:22:24 PM) Visitor: Should we both say our fairwell?
(7:22:42 PM) Visitor: FArewell*
(7:22:56 PM) Visitor has rated the chat Good
(7:23:03 PM) Visitor commented: “Great Robot, must mass produce”
(7:23:12 PM) Teoalida: come back on website anytime you need info about HDB
(7:23:30 PM) Teoalida: but try to read on website rather than talking for no reason
(7:23:52 PM) Visitor: Goodbye my dear Mr Robot may you provide more HDB facts to other weird random people online
(7:24:11 PM) Teoalida: http://www.teoalida.com/singapore/hdbrecords/
(7:24:39 PM) *** Visitor has left ***


Chat started on Sunday, August 13, 2017 12:03:53 PM

(12:03:53 PM) *** Visitor 18488045 has joined the chat ***
(12:03:54 PM) Visitor 18488045: Helllo?
(12:04:00 PM) *** Teoalida has joined the chat ***
(12:04:01 PM) Teoalida: ?
(12:04:30 PM) Visitor 18488045: What is resale price all about?
(12:04:55 PM) Teoalida: resale = buying from other owners
(12:05:28 PM) Visitor 18488045: So is it usually cheaper?
(12:05:29 PM) Teoalida: why do you ask noob questions?
(12:05:44 PM) Visitor 18488045: 🙁
(12:05:50 PM) Visitor 18488045: IM stooopid
(12:05:51 PM) Teoalida: buying new is cheaper because you buy while under construction so HDB need to give some discount to attract buyers
(12:06:19 PM) Visitor 18488045: oh ok
(12:06:25 PM) Visitor 18488045: Thank you good sire
(12:06:49 PM) Visitor 18488045 has rated the chat Good
(12:07:20 PM) Visitor 18488045: Wait one more question
(12:07:39 PM) Visitor 18488045: Why do people then buy resale flat when its more expensive
(12:08:12 PM) Teoalida: because you get it immediately, don’t need to wait until it is built
(12:08:23 PM) Visitor 18488045: ok cool man
(12:08:42 PM) Teoalida: and because stupid HDB don’t build enough new flats
(12:08:47 PM) Teoalida: this is why prices doubled in 2007-2012
(12:08:54 PM) Visitor 18488045: Wow
(12:09:09 PM) Visitor 18488045: It sounds like you are quite piss about that
(12:09:58 PM) Visitor 18488045 has removed the chat rating
(12:10:12 PM) Visitor 18488045 commented: “Build more HDB for this guy”
(12:28:55 PM) *** Visitor 18488045 has left ***

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