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May 10

Books and databases Word / Excel

Since childhood I love writing books, doing research, making databases and statistics. I started using computers in 1997, my dad taught me to use Word, but around 2003 I started using Excel more than Word. Analyzing data, making tables and charts about everything encountered in my life! For example, in racing games I measure the speed …

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May 06

World countries and cities database

Geography is my oldest hobby, starting around 6 years old I was studying geographic atlases and already learned all the countries and capitals. Between 1998 and 2005 I done few works in Word / Excel based on World atlas books or digital encyclopedias. Here are few of them: World cities population I compiled this Word file starting from 2003, initially sourcing data …

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May 04

Buildings database

Looking for other kind of buildings database for any country? Contact me for a quote! After making databases of HDB and condos from Singapore, as well as public and private housing estates from Hong Kong, and other databases, in November 2015 I started making a database of skyscrapers… finalized it in January 2016, having over 15,000 buildings taller …

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May 02

Teoalida’s Music Database

Probably one of most USELESS things that I ever made… Starting from 2005, I created in Excel a database with the songs that I downloaded or 30-seconds samples from iTunes Music Store, to review each song and give a rating from 0 to 16, and make top best artists, best albums, best genres, etc, using complex mathematical formulas, …

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Nov 19

Mobile phone numbers… is this possible?

I feel weird when someone ask me for a database of mobile phone NUMBERS. Tell me how do you EXPECT to be able to collect people’s numbers which is private info? Moreover creating and selling such database would be illegal. I post this page to inform people about this fact. I made a database of …

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Aug 18

Mobile phones database

I was looking to buy a phone, and due of passion for making databases and statistics, I created an Excel database of mobile phone specifications sourcing data from GSM Arena website, for my personal research of how mobile devices evolved along history, and I am publishing it there because other people may be interested too. …

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Mar 20

Screen size calculator – we hate widescreens!

I was thinking to buy a new monitor, so I made the following Excel table to calculate monitor dimensions (width and height) in mm, screen area, pixels size, etc. I posted it there on my website because I guess that other people may find it useful too. I made to display all monitor sizes from 14 …

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Mar 10

Screen resolution statistics

As graphic designer and enthusiast in computer history, I became curious how the screen resolutions evolved over the years and which screen resolutions were most popular in all time, so I analyzed the global stats in Excel. Screen resolution statistics .XLS – Source of data: W3Counter – since May 2007, sample: 80,000+ sites using their services according real-time counter in footer. …

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