Hong Kong housing database

Hong Kong Housing DatabaseHong Kong Housing Database was my first major project done for a customer rather than from personal interest / hobby.

Why I made it? Actually I started in early 2011 by making voluntarily a database for public housing estates, for my personal research. Few months later, an insurance company saw it and contacted me asking me for details regarding private apartment sizes in each district, so I voluntarily offered to extend my database to private estates too. When I realized how much effort it takes, I asked for some $$, but they never paid me… so I stopped working and never gave them the extended database, and after one year I published it on website so anyone else can buy it.

The database being mixed from 2 sources, is a bit messy. I will finalize database and update it if needed, when I find a customer paying for my effort.

At the moment I stopped working the database was complete for public housing, all 400 Housing Authority estates, all 48 Housing Society estates, and 1300+ private developments (all estates and most important individual buildings), it contains, block types, number of blocks, number of apartments and their flat size range, also an incomplete list of demolished estates (please contribute if you know any other demolished estate not listed in it!). FREE sample include biggest 92 private estates.

In 2016 I created a new database sourcing data from Centadata only.
This database is CLEAN and 100% COMPLETE, but do not contains so many details like the previous database.
If you need update to the current year, please ask!


Original database

Public housing: Housing Authority 400 estates and Housing Society 48 estates source: their websites.
Private housing: 1300 estates – source of data: Gohome and Centadata websites combined.
100+ hours of work, made in 2011.

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New database

Public and private housing, source of data: Centadata website.
~4 hours of work, made in September 2016.

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