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How to NOT enquiry

I have got the following email in SPAM folder:

Subject: Property Enquiry

I am [name removed], Originally from England and presently living with my family in Paris because of my work, But presently I am planing on relocating to your area because of my retirement and I need to purchase a better home in a quiet residential for my family to move in as soon as possible, Kindly furnish me wth the details of the house or apartment you have avialable for sale and we can take things up from there. Hope to read from you immediately.

Thanks and Have a wonderful day.

[name removed]
General Manager
[company name removed]

For those who do not know: email spamming and fraud is trendy nowadays.
Each day I get about 30 emails in SPAM / JUNK folder. Most is advertising for various products, and invitation to social networks and dating websites, but also such SCAM emails, some of these scam emails are short “I have a business proposal for you, reply me for details“, “I am interested to relocate to your country, can you help me?” to give impression that it was sent to you, and fool you to reply… but in reality they are mass mail send to thousands of people, hoping that someone will reply, then the sender start communication to each potential victim.

Occasionally I reply rude and informally to the scam emails, asking them where I live or how do you know me, being curious if they answer…

I have replied in same way at the above email, being 100% sure that is a SCAM.

Is this related in any way with my website or… you just SCAM random people, trying to be friends then asking money for a supposed travel to “my country”?
Do you at least know WHERE I LIVE?

I got an unexpected reply from him, again in SPAM folder:

Excuse me, I just get your email on the internet and I am willing to relocate to Singapore, I don’t beg for money as I am fine with what I earn., You don’t have to be rude to every1 that send you an email.
Thanks otherwise.

I sent him 2 replies, apologizing:
Unfortunately I replied 5 days later because his reply being in SPAM folder was not noticed. No more replies from him, possible due to my delay.

I am SORRY for confusing you with a spammer
I am not rude with EVERY one, I always answer formal to emails got in Inbox
Your both emails went in SPAM folder. I get about 30 SPAM emails per day, including a lot of emails with subject Enquiry from China asking me order details and trying to sell me stuff, plus random emails from foreigners regarding lottery winnings, inheritance (pay 200$ shipping cost to get several million dollars), or people contacting for friendship and “relocation in my country” then asking for money to travel, etc (google “419 scam” to see what I am talking about)
I check SPAM folder ONCE PER WEEK and I occasionally reply to some of them to see spammers reaction (second email in SPAM folder too, so sorry for delay in replying).

“Kindly furnish me wth the details of the house or apartment you have avialable for sale”  Although I have a website about real estate, I AM NOT AGENT, so I do not have apartments for sale. – This was more reason for which I though that is a SPAM or some kind of automatic email sent to random email addresses crawled from all real estate websites….

Anyway, now I understand that you know my website, I have a lot of info about public and condo housing available in Singapore, keep reading… and feel free to ask me more specific questions and I will help you!
Even if I am not agent, I studied real estate and I have a lot of knowledge!

And a suggestion for you: use actual names, AVOID USING “I am planing on relocating to YOUR area etc… I get tons of emails saying Dear email user, I found on YOUR website, I am interested in YOUR product, I replied to few and so far all were mass email and some fraud attempts.

How I am supposed to guess that you emailed it TO ME and not an automatic mass email sent to thousand of people hoping that someone will answer?
How I am supposed to guess that you’re a visitor of my website and want to relocate in Singapore? I do not see any “singapore” word in your first email, just England, Paris, and your country“.
And my website is NOT ONLY about Singapore. I have pages for 11 countries/regions, and numerous people who do not read enough pages, get fooled regarding where I actually live.

Say thanks that I replied, NORMAL people would have deleted your email or reported as spam immediately.
And again, SORRY for treating you like a spammer

I am sorry for all possible enquirers that may have reached the SPAM folder and I deleted them without replying like how I replied in the above case!

How to enquiry (the CORRECT way – to guarantee an answer):
Use a relevant subject, NOT “Hello“, “Good day“, “Proposal” as most of them are “419 scams” and I delete them without opening, the above email “Property Enquiry” was good, as you can see I opened it.
Inside email, write something personal of the recipient, his name, his website title, etc, otherwise you give impression of MASS mail.

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