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Housing in India

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The Indian reality… obscene wealth & grinding poverty
Point mouse cursor on photos to see place name
South Mumbai rich vs poor South Mumbai rich vs poor

From a neutral or foreign point of view, Indian subcontinent may be one of the worst places to live (especially for women) and one of the most dangerous places to travel as tourist. This is valid for all India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Burma, Sri Lanka, Nepal, etc.

The economy of India can be compared with Philippines and other south-east Asian countries, but even poorer according GDP per capita, corrupt government (especially in Pakistan), high crime rate and even more poverty (especially in India). The economy is booming since 2005, but only few cities offer good jobs thus most people do not benefit from this. Income inequality doubled last 20 years, but surprisingly it is still more equality than in United States. The economy felt into uncertainty in 2013.

Real estate is booming…. unfortunately, only in housing for middle class. India face lack of good housing affordable for working class. Half of population live without electricity and water.

Most people who contacted me for architecture services say “We are poor… can’t afford your prices“, but occasionally I get also messages “hey, don’t call India poor, we are fast developing country“, especially from people in IT industry. There are few areas in rapid development, but if you leave Delhi metropolitan area and you will see the real India… widespread poverty, with little improvements over years. Moreover there is a psychological problem to pay as little is possible for any service, even free if possible.

What really makes India bad to live in, is the lack of human rights, crime against women (violence, rape, forced marriages, etc), outdated infrastructure, traffic jams, overcrowded trains, etc. Maybe the crimes are part of their “great culture” so this is why Indians are proud of their country? Maybe they do not travel out of country to see how a proper world looks like (as comparison, 10% of Philippines population is working overseas).

Surprisingly, the Indians which I met during running this website, told me that are proud to live in India, or that they have a great culture (unlike people from Philippines who most hate their country).

Indian architecture

Mumbai is the biggest city in India, home for 14 million people, a city of contrasts featuring a very rich area in the south but also Dharavi, largest slum in the world. Construction of high-rise condominiums boomed in 2008. 61-floor The Imperial is the tallest building in India since 2010 and will keep its title until 2016 when 117-floor World One will be completed. According Skyscrapers Database, out of 342 buildings over 100 meters in India, 260 are located in Mumbai (as January 2016, including under construction and planned buildings).

The tallest private house in the world, Antilia, completed in 2010 it was 4th tallest building in India. 27-storey, 173 meters tall skyscraper owned by a single family, probably most expensive residence in the world (also the ugliest skyscraper in the world), is located in South Mumbai… in the same neighborhood with the slums shown the photo at top of this article.

Mumbai contrasts: Dharavi slum vs Antilla single-family skyscraper
(on background: the twin Imperial Towers, tallest buildings in India between 2010-2016)Dharavi slums Antilla

New Delhi, the capital of India, feature most beautiful architecture and highest standards of living, having many bungalows and no slums, but this paradise is just for 250.000 people. Delhi suburb, Noida, may be the best city in India, thanks to numerous IT companies who made headquarters there, making the city some kind of Silicon Valley.

Chandigarh, a medium city with 1 million people, is one of best cities to live and most beautiful city in India when viewed from satellite photos, a master planned city since 1960s with wide avenues in a grid layout, it feature large house plots that attract affluent people. Other planned cities include Durgarpur, New Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida.

Other cities where significant part of population enjoy high standards of living, and good jobs can be easily found, are Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Pune. The list can continue, but the living conditions deteriorates once you look to smaller cities.

Despite of continuous migration to urban areas, 69% of India population of 1.2 billion people still live in rural areas (2011 census), where standards of living are much lower than in cities and formal employment is almost non-existent.

According Times of India, average house size in India is 494 sq ft / 103 sq ft per person in rural areas and 504 sq ft / 117 sq ft per person in urban areas. “In fact, a majority of Indians have per capita space equivalent to or less than a 10 feet x 10 feet room for their living, sleeping, cooking, washing and toilet needs“. The space per person dropped over last decades due to rising population and low construction ratio.

New Delhi architecture, the BEST of India… but still too much concrete and gray. Plus an interesting-shaped block
Delhi block Delhi block

India also experience a booming automotive industry, production increased from 800.000 in year 2000 to over 4 million in year 2012 (see automobile production – source: OICA). India currently produce some of the cheapest cars of the world. India is also known for having the easiest driving school test in the world, and one of worst drivers, because any idiot can go on roads, but the roads… where they are? From satellite photos you can see that the few paved roads existing are already jammed even with the current low number of cars (41 cars per 1000 people as 2011, according Wikipedia), many intersections are uncontrolled and traffic accidents happen daily.

Study of Indian housing

Housing in India is dominated by low-rise apartment buildings, houses with high land coverage (back-to-back terraced-like houses) and slums. Some houses are inner lots, access being via 1.5-meter wide passages under other houses, and ventilated only by small airwells). All them being mostly gray and ugly… Indian cities are ugly compared with cities of Malaysia, Thailand, Latin America, etc, even uglier than the cities of Philippines, a country with similar poverty level.

Most houses are being built over many years by multiple family generations, with no architect and engineers. Multi-generation families, 10+ people sharing same house is common, each floor belonging to another branch of family, or even worse, each family branch having just one room.

India and surrounding countries are known for poor construction standards. Youtube show numerous buildings collapsing… even without any earthquake. Park View Horizon, one of the few high-rise and luxurious buildings in Nepal, was advertised as “earthquake resistant towers” but suffered severe damage at the May 2015 earthquake (video), although it resisted from collapse and could save the life of residents. I am confused: was it completed and people living in, at the time of earthquake?

Except the few rich neighborhoods in major Indian cities, most cities looks like huge slums, very few roads visible from satellite photos dense houses adjacent each other, often with no road access.

During my studies for architecture, I search apartment floor plans on Google Images, I frequently see results from India, and I am sick of them… India have the worst apartment floor plans in the world. Most common apartment type is 3 bedrooms plus separate living and dining, but the floor plan layout lacks any logic, bedrooms are spread over corners of apartment, some rooms have view to outside, others have view to a courtyard sized like 2×3 meters. If this was not bad enough, identical apartment layouts are repeated in same direction instead of mirroring as would be normal. This make some rooms to have view into neighbor rooms, to blank walls, etc. There are apartments with NO view at all, all rooms facing to courtyards (I have showed few Indian floorplans to several friends, architects and students from around the world, and most of them commented “what kind of idiot architect have designed this!!??”)

In 2014 (after 2 years since originally writing this page) I found the explanation for Indian apartment layout stupidity. There is a superstition called Vastu shastra that suggest position of each room by geographical orientation. If in the rest of world we prefer having living room at front (facing street) and kitchen at rear, in India people prefer to have kitchen in the south-east corner of home, living room in the north side, even if it will have view to a blank wall, etc, regardless of surroundings.

There are dozens of Vastu rules, sometimes various websites providing contradictory rules, that suggest everything starting from room layout to position of furniture inside each room and garden around house. Probably no house can follow every rule, but following as many is possible may lead to a premium price.

Even if not all indians are superstitious, real estate developers follow Vaastu rules to maximize apartment sales. This is why you can see in same block some apartments with kitchen near entrance and other apartments with kitchen diagonally opposite from entrance.

6 billion people outside India never heard of Vaastu and are happy, half of India population of 1 billion people is superstitious and would not buy a house that do not follow Vaastu rules. Pretty stupid, isn’t?

The only GOOD thing about Indian apartments is their generous sizes for a third-world country with such high population density, being twice as big compared with apartments in Philippines and Brazil, even bigger than the ones in Europe.But do note that these apartments are affordable for middle and upper class only. When the modern housing developments will reach the working class, the apartments are likely to be downsized.

Typical apartment size are 900-1100 sq ft for 2BHK and 1200-1600 sq ft for 3BHK (2-3 Bedrooms + Hall + Kitchen). 2-bedroom always have 2 toilets while 3-bedroom usually have 3 toilets (2 being attached to bedrooms), which is impressive considering that in other more developed countries such as Hong Kong and South Korea you can see some 3-bedroom with a single bathroom. 4-bedroom apartments are very rare and offered only in high-end condominiums, having 3000+ square feet. Minimum ceiling height in India is 9 feet / 2.70 meters according building code (in most countries ceiling is 2.40 – 2.60 meters).

Typical room size: living room 10×12 ft to 16×20 ft, dining room 10×12 to 12×14 ft, kitchen 7×10 to 10×12 ft, bedrooms 10×10 ft to 12×16 ft, bathrooms from 5×7 ft to 6×8 ft.

Most indians live in landed houses, dense houses that cover whole plot, adjacent to neighbor houses on all 3 sides or even 4 sides, having no view from street, rooms being ventilated through small courtyards and access to house is made via a narrow alley, sometimes alley is covered by other houses.

Bungalow in India is synonym with detached house in America and Europe, same meaning like in Singapore and Malaysia, and owning a bungalow is seen like a status symbol.

Horrible examples found so far:
example 1, worse example: Lush country having balconies facing to wall at 1 meter apart.
Sriven Splendour, 12 apartments per floor of which one is in the middle with view to internal courtyard.
Classic-Archana, 15 apartments per floor of which 2 in the middle with view to internal courtyard.
LVS Elite, WORST apartment layout I ever saw! 2 apartments in the middle, with NO view at all??!!
GR Signature, again apartments in the middle. Notice how every apartment have kitchen is in south-east corner and every living room in north side, regardless of view.

For the rich indians: Parsvnath Exotica offers 400-800 sqm apartments. This is NOT the biggest apartment in India, is just one found accidentally.

Indians are the WORST people to do business with

There is a trend for various American and European companies to outsource to India their work, due to cheaper workforce. Many indians are trying to join the outsourcing business without having skills and ethics, they charge low prices but offer very low quality works. My friends warned me to NOT hire Indian freelancers, I advised them to not stereotype, not all Indians offer bad services, but majority, and finding a good one is quite tricky. Do yourself a google search “India outsourcing FAIL” and see why they are BAD!

Another problem is the SPAM from India. As website owner, even without being in webdesign field, I receive daily emails promoting Web Development & SEO services, 90% of them are originating from India, from those indians without skills. Webdesign companies from America and Europe are even more spammed with emails and phone calls from India. Moreover their so-called SEO services involve spamming other websites with backlinks in attempt to uprank your website in Google search results, which is against Google guidelines and sooner or later you will get caught and downranked or even banned from appearing in search results. Read more: SEO SPAM from India.

These Indians without skills further damage reputation of India, legit and skilled Indian IT companies lose customers as well.

Personally I do not hire Indian freelancers, instead I am myself freelancer offering AutoCAD & architectural design services to customers all around the world, and this is the main reason for which I say that Indians are the WORST people to do business with.

Some people from India have a habit to ASK anything they need, instead of reading themselves. Whenever is a live chat available they use it in first minute without checking what services I offer and if they cost money, asking me to design houses for free, sometimes asking stuff unrelated with the website topic. They also ask on multiple websites, and when I am ready to help them, they no longer need my help. This create a high number of leads from India that do not convert to paying customers. A pain in the ass for anyone offering services online!

I can tell this from my personal experience, on my House Design page, I get from India 20% traffic and 40% chats, in 2014 over 100 people asked me for house plans and only 1 paid me for my design and this after days of annoyance (for comparison, in other countries 1 of 10 pay, sometimes in advance).

Several architects from various countries, that collaborated with me, told me that are also pissed off by emails from Indian clients asking for advices and house plans for free, with no intention to pay for service. Read more: BAD indian customers.




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  1. Al

    Knowing about India is bit difficult, especially from Internet. Because it is a phenomenon.

    If you consider 3% of Indians are multimillionaires, it is 30 million millionaires. 🙂 Hope at least that 30 million and their family live in worse apartments :-).

    I agree Town planning in India is worse. Apartments are worse, because 95% live in Individual houses. India boasts 50% of its 1 billion population as middle class. Even if you leave the minimal percent living in Cities all others live in Towns and Villages in Individual houses.

    1. Teoalida

      I don’t understand, especially this part “Hope at least that 30 million and their family live in worse apartments”.
      Having large population poor or living in individual houses is not a reason to design bad apartments, many apartments looks aimed to rich people. Maybe is a lifestyle to have such layouts with rooms facing to airwells, BUT with minimal effort they could design better apartments!

  2. india fucker

    never work with indians their services are cheap but bullshit they scam you promising to help u increasing google rank but they do black hat seo and ur website get blacklisted and ur business fucked up.

  3. Madhu

    I browsed your site and find it quite intresting. I also read your opinion about India and I understand that you are not exactly pleased about India or Indians. Again, that’s your opinion and I am not here to correct it in my interest. Just to set the context correct here, I am an Indian, living in Singapore and looking to develop a property in India.

    I have a plot of land that is 26mtrs – 23mtrs – 29mtrs – 23 mtrs in dimension (It is not exactly a uniform plot, as you can notice from the dimensions)

    I am looking to build a landed house with decent size kitchen, big living room, 1 bedroom and patio on ground level, around 2 bedrooms on first floor. I expect the house to have 4 huge pillars running upto first floor, followed by the patio, which leads to entrance for the house, leading to living room. The staircase needs to be in the centre with one bedroom on one side and kitchen on the other side. The kitchen should have a backdoor for a small herb garden.
    The staircase should lead to first floor, where we should have around 2 bedrooms. I want the hall to have high roof, so the bedrooms should be adjusted accordingly and the patio at the ground level should have matching terrace at the top.

    Please note that i am not looking to utilize the entire plot for this house. I intend to build another structure of 2-3 floors in the same plot, which will be used for commercial purpose and the design yet to be defined.

    I have given a brain dump of what I want my house to look like. If you have some ideas, designs, that can suit my liking, then please share. If I find any design that is to my interest, I will be willing to purchase the same from you with all the required details.


    1. Teoalida

      Just designed Sketch-for-Madhu.png …. although I am not sure if I understood your needs. If you don’t like it, can you draw yourself in Paint a sketch? May be easier to understand your needs than via few rows of text.
      If you decide to go for complete project with me, how much do you pay for it?
      Maybe if you’re working in Singapore, you have some money unlike local indians which want complete services for FREE… that’s why I get sick of indians. Can you help me too with some advices how to deal with such people?

      1. Madhu

        hi, you almost got it correct. The patio and living room should be of double height. I dont know the technical terms to say this. I think, one more flight of stairs from where the bedrooms are to take you to terrace, should be good enough. So the pillars at the front will run upto level one of the house and support the terrace, which will be on level 2. The flight leading to the terrace can end into a small section with tiled roof, which will give it a rustic look.

        The patio, which is at the entrance of the of the house should be more like some european balcony with a space for wodden swing with brass handles and a coffee area… fitted with white marble… it got to have that look, which i am unable to describe in words here. May be we can chat sometime over the weekend, as weekdays are a bit too busy for me.

        To answer your question, ‘How much do you pay for it?’ – You give me your quote and I will discuss the number further with you. Give me 2-3 options around what I get for what I pay. By this, I mean, for eg- if the sketches are rough sketches, then you would charge me x dollars. if the sketches are precise sketches, such that all I need to do is, pass them to the mason and he will take care of it by himself, then you would charge me y dollars. Give me some options like this and we can work out further details.

        This is my dream project and I want to get it right, I cant say anything more on this.

        If I have to advice you on the last bit that you mentioned around how you want to deal with people who want free service from you – Just dont provide the service for free, if thats not what you want to provide. I think, your site gives mixed feeling that certain things are free and certain things are charged. So clearly define what services are free and what are not. Be prepared to face people who are rough in their communication with you, if you open up channel like chats and comments that any one can write to you. If you react to such people, who are not good to you, you are causing yourself grief. Just ignore them and you will be only worrying about things that you should.

        I see a good potential with the work that you are doing and I am sure people will seek your help if you have a business model defined for you. I am happy to feed inputs to you, if you are open for it and this will be all FREE :)… if you get to live your passion with some help from me, I will be more than happy.

        If my response to you is delayed, dont get mad at me… i am a nice guy…


        1. Teoalida

          If you pay I will redraw it precisely, $50 for floor plan only or $200 for complete project aka floor plan, elevations, sections, 3D design (3 bedrooms + living room × $50. Or tell me if do you need additional drawings to make the project complete? I am also confused about what is required in India.
          The $50 offer was added few months ago specially for Indians who said that I am too expensive and they can get architecture services for $50 locally but I believe that for $50 they provide floor plan only. Can you get building permit with only floor plan? Or you don’t care about permits, you get floor plan only and call mason and what he builds is what you get without any 3D design or further drawings?
          Bu first, send me your idea as a sketch because I don’t like my sketch and what do you say will be very inefficient design, or I don’t understand you.

          Can you re-read the page BAD Indian customers and advice me more precisely? There are 2 problems:
          People who are not interested in my services, and giving them link to a floor plan is enough to say Thanks, case in which does not worth charging money, because they could anyway steal floor plan themselves from website, but they prefer to ASK instead of downloading themselves… and People who solicit my services but refuse to pay for it, some agree with my price and after doing the work they invent an excuse to not pay. Attempts to charge part of agreed sum in advance fail too. These people know that services are chargeable but wants to STEAL.

          1. madhu

            I am ok with the $200 that you are going to charge, but tell me, how will you know the leveling of the ground, is there anything else that you will need from me before you can start the work? About other permission to get the construction done, there is an entire range of beauraucracy that needs to be completed and I will follow up with that part separetely.

            As far as I understand, there are a few procedure that needs to be done before construction can begin –
            1. approval from town council to construct house on the desired plot
            2. approval of design to confirm it suits the area where the construction is getting done
            3. approval that the built up area has sufficient infrastructure/ facilities provided by town council like electricity, water supply, sewage mgmt

            I dont know if there is more, but i am following up on that part, like i said.

            about stealing your copyright plans, i am not sure, if your plans are copyright protected in first place. If yes, then you can file complaint against them. If no, then you shouldnt bother about anyone stealing your plans.
            I think, you are responsible for the current situation. There is an easy way to not let anyone misuse your time. It is by you deciding what you invest your time and when you do that. You should have a way for you to give rough sketches to people and do anything after that level, only when you have an agreement of payment and get part payment done. May be a legal agreement between 2 parties, which is bound by something like Paypal which will protect both the buyer of service and seller.


          2. Teoalida

            “You should have a way for you to give rough sketches to people and do anything after that level, only when you have an agreement of payment and get part payment done.”
            This is what I am trying to do, works everywhere except in India, here I am even insulted if I refuse to do more for free, as seen in the 2 January 2015 aggressive indian

            You exaggerate… how to fill a complaint against website visitors? In most cases I know only IP, no name, no email address. Then, people are often downloading floor plans from multiple websites, how I can know if they build the house using my plan and not someone else plan? Then, in some cases paying someone else to redesign from scratch a plan similar with mine, instead of using mine directly, will avoid copyright violation.
            How else to copyright my designs, other than watermarking © Teoalida in middle of photo + URL in corner?

            What I should do instead, is to avoid wasting too much time with people who are not likely to pay, but is HARD to know who is going to pay without wasting time. The only EASY way may be blocking all India as 99% are not likely to pay. Are you the other 1% ?

            I noticed that giving link to a ready-made plan, even if is not exactly at the dimensions he is asking for, in 50% of cases the visitor say Thanks and leave me alone, thus avoiding wasting 30 min designing a NEW plan.

            Anyway, i am waiting for you to have time for some chat and send me your own sketch to understand better what house do you want.

  4. Ganesan

    I read your site about indian culture and behavior, everybody like their country even if have problem. I hate your site and you should the remove words what you write about India. Indians are excellent in the house design and you may not visit the places . Stop using this kind of statement.

    1. Teoalida

      Only indians love India and try to hide the problems. All over the world people expose their problems. I hate my OWN COUNTRY too, what I wrote about India is nothing compared with what I wrote in http://www.teoalida.com/lifeinmycountry/

    2. Rafi

      Chinese writing about indian, China is worst off full of cheaters

      1. Teoalida

        https://www.whoisthisip.com/ City: Singapore

        Can I know your race?
        I agree that in chinese population there are lots of cheaters and scammers, but they build nice architecture compared with India.
        75% of Singapore population is chinese. Are you insulting your own country’s dominant race?
        For your info: I am European.

  5. Good Indian

    We shd learn from other cultures
    we are way behind others
    i think the first step is respecting our women

  6. Vijay

    Having worst apartment design and lots of poor people doesn’t make a country bad . Your article and view are extremely biased …Simple question If you think majority of Indian and Indian companies doesnt do their job well, How do you think they are so successful in as an outsourcing hub? If you think cheap price alone, then why not other much cheaper countries succeed? …

    Let me tell you, not many developed countries look for cheap price alone as reason to outsource…India is very new in this business they will evolve …In China also u can see lots of poor manufactures, empty promise…etc., but the fact is they evolved as an expert in that domain.

    Coming to your view on employing Indians…you got to be really joking by saying they are not skilled…look around the world, you will find many MNC CEO’s and key players are from this Country. Do you really think companies are so stupid to keep employing them if they are not qualified??

    India is huge, you can easily find bad examples…but dont generalize. Finally give respect to other race too. It is easy for other race to talk bad about your too.

    1. Teoalida

      My website traffic is mostly for architecture and real estate… who are you? A member of the websdesign outsourcing companies? Ca I know what how did you found my website, was you google search?
      I said “not all Indians offer bad services, but majority, and finding a good one is quite tricky” and you still think that I generalize?
      The success of outsourcing is because many western companies pay attention on lowering costs and not on quality. But why there are SO MANY results in google search for “india outsource fail” ?
      Beside the cheap workforce, is there anything else good to say about India?

      How about the people who want architecture services but not intending to pay? That is the main reason for which I became SICK of indians… these idiots destroy my mood, makes me to regret that I went in architecture, waste my time, make paying customers from other countries, destroying my business!
      My friends partners asked me why I am not banning whole India from accessing my website? Unfortunately my hosting company do not offer countrywide bans and also I don’t agree with such drastic measures.

      1. Vijay

        Don’t worry I am not from outsourcing company, just a common man, I do outsource my tasks to people from different countries…anyway who am I , or You is not important…what we say is . Read your comment again u wanna ban whole India traffic and yet don’t u think u r not generalizing it?

        Outsourcing: Getting job done also need skill man…you got to understand different culture and behaviors to make people do the job you want. Now a days with the reviews and feedback from users we can easily identify the right person. Google search results cant be a number to make decision man..u search “successful outsourcing to India” then u will positive results ..Can u make decision with that? .. What I am saying is if a outsourcing destination is so doomed as like u mentioned they cant grow easily …by now they would be black listed and no one would outsource to that country…it is what market decide based on the result.

        Beside the cheap workforce, is there anything else good to say about India? – a lot…but no need to list that here. It just shows ur ignorance

        When u learn how to identify and manage bad clients or freelancers or vendors u will succeed quickly. Besides I recommend you stay away from India as you hate them so much. It is very offensive to talk bad about whole race. You can easily stop web traffic from certain countries … U can use https://vwo.com/ to divert traffic from India to other page. Also you can easily ignore any enquiries from there too. Best of luck.

        1. Teoalida

          Sorry for delay, I forgot that I had on this page 1 more comment to reply.

          You should read my comment again, I said that I DON’T agree with such drastic measures like banning a whole India traffic. Instead I want to discourage people not interested in (paying for) my services to disturb me unnecessarily.
          On my website I am not just contacted by bad indian customers but also offer a lot of info about Singapore which indians may be interested, also a gaming section and talking with indians is nice as long they don’t solicit me to do work that they do not intend to pay.

          I found a better solution:
          On this page I added on first row “DON’T contact me if you are not willing to PAY my service”, on House Design page I added some examples of BAD indian customers, this reduced people contacting me with 50%
          I ask from start how much they pay for my service, the honest customers say that I am too expensive and don’t bother with me anymore.
          But this is not 100% effective due of the really BAD customers who promise to pay for a complete project but after doing the first sketch they stop replying because the sketch was all what they needed, or refuse to pay in advance, after first sketch, before doing the rest of drawings. See the above “madhu” which never replied anymore also when emailed!

          How I can manage such BAD indian customers?

  7. ART214

    Ummm….OK where to start. As someone who has travelled to India many times, I agree with lots of the article’s content but I take issue with the very first line….how the hell is the Indian Subcontinent one of the most dangerous places in the world to travel? Are you kidding me? I will bet you my life that you are just as safe (if not safer) walking down the streets of many large Indian cities, than you would be in many American cities. Yes India has more than its share of violent crime, and crimes committed against women is particularly worrisome. But you know what? This is a country of 1.2 billion people, and for a country with such a massive population, I found it to be remarkably safe.


    You contact us and we will show you what a good apartment design means. We Indian architects (good ones only) have toughest job of designing in the world under very demanding clients and funny age old byelaws. Still we design. One of my apartments design plan appears on my facebook page

    If you will contact us, we will show you some really good designs done by us just to open your eyes and to correct yourself against what you have mentioned in your blog about Indian apartments designers. I will also give you names and works of some very good indian apartments ‘ designers.


    Dinesh kapur

    1. Teoalida

      I saw your Facebook page. Your designs are very good, too bad that most architects aren’t like you… and try to fit as many apartments is possible on a small piece of land, leaving apartments with no view to street.

  9. Rahul

    Hiii broo.. ….I’m planning to construct a house in my ansisteral property in India with a small dimension of 20x 80 ft I am planning to build a duplex house which includes 15 feet of parking and 3 bedroom

    1. Teoalida

      I can imagine a house like http://www.teoalida.com/design/Terraced-House-22x45ft.png with width reduced by 2 feet and parking in front of house rather than under. Make parking at least 18 feet long to be sure that it fit the car you will buy 10-20 years later. Cars are GROWING!

      Do you pay for fully-detailed drawings for contractors or just browsing for floorplan ideas?

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