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License / terms of service

In short, the databases are intended to be use by one business entity, or if there is no business, by one person.

Note: If you disagree with these terms, please contact me and suggest how to rewrite this page to look more professional / legal. We can also make an agreement with custom terms for other uses not covered in below terms.

You are allowed

To distribute SAMPLE databases to friends, colleagues and anyone else (the files with few rows that can be freely downloaded from website) as long you are not deleting the author info (link to my website).

To use FULL databases ONLY in YOUR business or company (files that you receive after payment), you can also convert Excel files to SQL, JSON and other formats needed for your commercial website, software, mobile app, etc. For example to make a drop-down box and display data for each car model.

If you are web designer offering services for other people, you are allowed to use the database for multiple websites but should purchase once for each website, since each website is a different end-user. You are advised to inform end-customer to put his email address at me so he can receive notifications when database is updated, and instruct him how to import database into his website after each update.

For other website-related usages please ask.

You are allowed to manipulate database and add your own data in addition of what is provided by me. If you alter the database format you are are advised to send me back the database after manipulation (1-make sample is enough) to help me offering more suitable data structure in the future, and also for your benefits, to send you updates in your preferred layout (if possible) and save (part of) your time re-manipulating it.

Individuals using database non-commercially, for example to decide what car to buy, students doing school projects and teachers giving students a quiz, can also purchase database (if you can afford my prices) should keep database only for their personal use and not sell or distribute to anyone else.

I am sorry for students asking discounts motivating academic use, but I cannot set different prices for different usage. Would be easy for people to ask discounts and lie that are students but actually run businesses. What I can do is to sell partial database for people who do not need full data. For example if you think that my database may help you deciding what SUV to buy from used market, I can sell you a filtered database with only SUV produced last 5-10 years at discounted price.

You are NOT allowed

You are NOT allowed to redistribute / resell FULL databases purchased from me, to people outside your company, or publish them on other websites (except SAMPLE databases that can be freely downloaded from my website). If a friend want to use same database like you in his own business, tell him to buy FULL database from me on his behalf.

Customizing database does not mean that the work is yours and no longer need to obey my terms. Adding more data or converting Excel files to SQL or other formats, and integrating in a software made yourself, for purpose of reselling to other business entities, is also NOT allowed without rewarding me a reseller commission (exception in case of mobile apps that does not target business entities, but ordinary people, and are given free, ads-supported).

If you want to resell my database integrated in a software or mobile app, API or other paid service to other business entities, we should make a reseller agreement to pay me a small percentage of the sales you do (reseller fee).

Terms for HDB brochures

Please consider the money as a fee for my efforts collecting the brochures (took me 10-20 hours to save each PDF at every SOBF launch. 10 hours may equal with $200 for an average worker), plus a form of donation for maintaining such great website. No copyright intended. Also I am NOT intending to make high profits by selling HDB works.

Feel free to give few PDFs to your friends but please do not give redistribute collection of PDF brochures. For commercial use, you may want to ask HDB for permission instead of me.

Terms for AutoCAD & architectural design

If you are looking for FREE ideas, feel free to browse my past designs in House plans and Apartment plans pages, as well as other websites. Do not disturb me unnecessarily except for few minutes of consultation. DO NOT ask me to make new designs for free! If you want one of my past designs in editable DWG format, to customize a floor plan or to design a new floor plan according your requirements, I have the right to charge money.

If you are PAYING, I or my partners can make a new design according your requirements.

Anyway, for me architecture is a waste of time. Very few people are willing to pay for designs, and even best paying customers give me a hourly income less than average hourly income from my “second job” of databases. Due to this reason I decided in 2016 to NOT make any new designs. I choose to keep my past designs on website and sell DWG files, but if you want a new design I will connect you with my partner architects who do not have “second job” like me.

You are allowed to download sample floor plans and 3D renders posted on website, use them in your projects for university, show them to friends who dream to build a house, or other non-commercial purposes.

If you are land owner and want to build something using my designs but choose to pay another architect for detailed drawings, or if you are architect and want to use my designs for your customers, you should purchase AutoCAD DWG files from me, and you should NOT resell or distribute to other architects or upload my AutoCAD DWG files on other websites.

Lots of students ask me how to download my AutoCAD DWG files. I understand that you as student have no money to purchase, but NO professional architect is giving his work in editable format for free. Even if myself I am not a professional architect, this does NOT mean that you should waste my time and not pay, when I am busy making databases for paying customers. Some architects may lie that are students but there are also students who beside doing university projects, they are hired by architects and get paid.

Unfortunately, this rule is very difficult to enforce. Every day lots of students visit my website and they choose to re-draw my floor plans in AutoCAD themselves instead of buying my AutoCAD files. There are also teachers who use my floor plans to ask students to re-draw them in AutoCAD or make 3D based on them. (I have seen on Facebook few students posting drawings that were an accurate replica of my floor plans, all dimensions were matching, only colors and furniture symbols were different).


  1. First, I am a big fan of your creative designs! I own some land where I think the CentralLiving Triangle would fit. Your design when built will be a landmark in our town! I will buy the Autocad and would like to know the upcharge to also send it in DWG format incase I need to make any minor adjustments due to setbacks of neighboring land.
    Also any cost to provide this in 3 storeys and in feet rather than metric.

    1. Clicking your name show me that you’re from USA, which have very different laws and lifestyle compared with countries where I made most projects in. I am in doubt that you can use any of my drawings with small changes, most likely need to make a new design from scratch according your requirements but keep triangle shape if you like it. I hope that you are OK to have this done by someone else from my team who is less busy than me.

      Contact me via live chat in lower-right corner of screen so we can discuss project details.

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