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Teoalida’s Store – buy products “Made by Teoalida”

INSTANT DOWNLOAD: pay via PayPal or credit card and receive automatically an email with download link (example email). No instant download for HDB brochures, due to their size they cannot be stored on server. I will send you manually via

For databases: price is the number of rows multiplied with a certain value to create a price that reflect the complexity and amount of time spent compiling the data. Looking for a database not listed there? I can do new research, data mining, web scraping services, etc. Contact me and specify what data do you need.

For AutoCAD DWG files: I designed dozens of houses and apartments, 2D plans and 3D models, you may want to purchase DWG files not listed here, or multiple DWG files, case in which you are eligible for discount. Contact me, specify what drawings do you want to purchase, to make a ZIP archive with all them and post for sale as single product. Don’t forget that I can design custom house floor plans and not just sell ready-made floor plans.

AutoCAD drawings

Hong Kong International Series

Hong Kong Series II

Hong Kong Series I

Small apartment blocks

Segmented 4/5 Room

Segmented 2/3 Room

Low-Cost Corridor & Segmented

Linear 2-3 Room

Triangle Tower

Trapezoid Tower

Square Tower

Rectangle Large Tower

Rectangle Small Tower


Triangular blocks

Segmented 4½ room

Segmented 3-4 Room

Corridor Maisonette

Corridor 4-5 Room

Corridor 3-4 Room

Linear Maisonette

Linear Large

Linear Small

HDB flat size comparison 1980s vs present

HDB floor plans > AutoCAD .DWG

3-bedroom house plan DWG file
(designed for a customer in Lithuania)

Databases for Singapore

No Downloads found

Databases for Hong Kong

No Downloads found

Databases for whole world

No Downloads found


No Downloads found


  1. I have paid but not received my dbase:

    Shopping Cart Payment Sent (Unique Transaction ID #7W739151GV642915S)

    Original Transaction
    Date Type Status Details Amount
    Jun 16, 2013 Payment To Teoalida Teoalida Completed … -$72.85 USD

    Related Transactions
    Date Type Status Details Amount
    Jun 16, 2013 Currency Conversion Completed Details -$76.13 CAD
    Jun 16, 2013 Currency Conversion Completed Details $72.85 USD

    Teoalida Teoalida (The recipient of this payment is Non-U.S. – Verified)
    [email protected]

    Shopping Cart Contents

    Qty Item Options Price
    1 Car Database Body Specs
    Item # 9 $72.85 USD
    Amount $72.85 USD

    1. I emailed you manually the file. Sorry for this.
      From about 3 months ago this store got bugged did no longer send emails, meantime the Car Database’s Store works fine, which is very dubious since is the same plugin. I tried to copy all the plugin files from one to another but seems that didn’t solved. If you can recommend me a better WordPress eCommerce plugin I will appreciate.

    2. Today 22 June I simply deleted my website and reinstalled WordPress and everything from scratch.
      Did 3 test purchases and seems that the Store problem is solved now. I received the email with download link twice in 1 min and once after 6 minutes.
      Additional 2 more bugs were solved as well: hidden pages supposedly accessible only via direct link, blocked from Google and WordPress search, were appearing in the results of WordPress search, and the main page TITLE no longer took in consideration the description… causing a very short title in Google Search which leaded to lose traffic since 2 months ago.

  2. Hi. Do you have any floor plan for Nov 2013 sale of balance flat at AMK?

    I am considering to take the balance flat. Thanks! I need it urgently and hope you can help.

    1. Floor plans for SOBF flats are available about 2 months after SOBF launch date.
      But if you give me block number I can give you a PDF from previous SOBF (if available) or if is in the original 1970s blocks, the floor plan should be one of those posted in HDB Floor Plans page.

    1. Personally I collect HDB floor plans only… in case of condos each developer can publish different floor plans or don’t publish floor plans at all, so there’s impossible to mane a complete collection.
      i know someone selling brochures and floor plans of individual condos…

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