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Most Beautiful House contest (Philippines series)

Credits to Manila Design for these photos. I took the photos from from their listing (now the listing is expired). I am NOT related with that company. I posted their 3D photos here to ask my customers what architectural style they prefer. I do not have floor plan of these designs. You can see houses designed by me (floor plans and 3D models) in



  1. Hi T.
    I please to tell you how much I appreciated you for sending me all houses to take look at it.
    I am going to answer all your questions to make more easier to choose my dream house

    First I checked out the bungalows and as result I like : Cross floor area 112.00 sqm. net floor 104.58 sqm.
    Cross floor area 110.00 sqm, net 95.19.
    It was a difficult to make a choose from the draws.
    In addition from the Manila design photo my choice goes to the 9TH house from lelt to the right, and I definitely want that house.
    That is my final decision, and if you can tell me how many bedrooms the house plan specifications, then we go from
    there. So please tell me the architectural design, and the spcs.


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