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Hardest language

Romanian language = the hardest language in Europe?
First, romanian language uses 5 letters not found in english: Ă Â Î Ş Ţ, on internet most people are not using them, writing regular A I S T, some people uses sh=Ş and tz=Ţ. Humans can understand but Google Translator fail. Second, what in english is adding THE word, in romanian is replacing Ă with A for feminine words and adding -LE for masculine words. Third, there’s a lot of words with double and triple meanings and irregulated word derivations. The grammar is also hard and even romanian natives make mistakes, most common mistakes are fi/fii or wrong hyphenated words. Guess what can be harder than this? Look, the HARDEST example:
Fată = a girl
Fata = the girl
Faţă = a face / front
Faţa = the face / the front side
(these 4 romanian words with 6 possible translations are written in the same way on internet, really confusing Google Translator)

Today romanian is invaded by english words, the problem is that some words are written in same way but have different meanings, and today people are using them with english meaning in romanian talking. To teach the idiots:
Crime (romanian) = murders, while infracţuni = crime
Magazine (romanian) = shops, while revistă = magazine
Excitat (romanian) = horny, while excited in english means something else?
Library (english) = bibliotecă, NOT librărie (which means book store)
Advertisement (english) = reclamă, NOT avertisment (which means warning)
Reclamation (english) = redobândire, NOT reclamţie (which means (report/complaint)
Character (english) = personaj, NOT caracter (which means probably personality)
Any more examples?

In my opinion, Spanish is the easiest language. All feminine words finishes in -A and all masculine words finishes in -O, plular words in -AS and -OS… simple? THE word to be added before next word: LA for feminine and EL for masculine. Spanish also uses letters non-existent in english: É Í Ó Ñ, but these don’t change word meaning if were omitted… like in romanian.

Which is the closest language to romanian? Probably portuguese in terms of identically written words and spanish or italian in terms of almost similar words. Most european languages borrowed words eachother, but not always have same meaning.

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