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I hate telling where I live

Potential customer lost because…

And is not the first one. In the past I was answering directly and many said “OK bye” or “Thanks” and immediately quitted.

Again, potential customer lost because…

Another one, what he wants from me!!!???

Saturday, 14 Sep, 2013
Country: India
Page URL:

[12:27] (trigger): Hello from website admin! If you need any help or just wanna chat, just drop here a message!
[12:28] Visitor: can you please tell me where are you based ?
[12:28] Teoalida has joined the conversation
[12:28] Teoalida: why is this important?
[12:29] Teoalida: Actually… what are you looking for? just curious where I live?
[12:29] Visitor: do you have any problem to say?
[12:30] Teoalida: Born in Romania and planning to move in Singapore… happy now? Now tell me what are you looking for
[12:30] Teoalida: Can I help you with anything?
[12:30] Visitor: where is your company based ?
[12:31] Teoalida: I don’t have any company, I am solo worker (freelancer)
[12:31] Teoalida:
[12:31] Visitor: ok. Thank tou

[12:31] Teoalida: so?
[12:32] Teoalida: what’s next?
[12:33] Teoalida: btw, usual customers ask me “I am looking for…” or “Can you help me with….?”
[12:34] Visitor has left the conversation

I regret that I didn’t said “What company? I CLEARLY wrote in About Me page that I am a freelancer, I work in a BIG variety of activities with worldwide customers, so please clarify what are you looking for?” (but this info was visible in the linked photo)

This person came via direct link (not Google search) on main page then checked About Me page, without checking any architecture pages, any real estate, etc. So I really have no idea WHAT HE WANTED FROM ME. please don’t tell me that hewas a curious kid, but since he asked where is my company based, he seems to have professional interests.

CASE SOLVED 2 days later when same IP re-visited multiple times. We talked and realized that is a web design company, and he/they were NOT going to be my customer, instead were trying to turn me into customer for them. Even if today person deny that was author of the above chat, I am 100% sure that was a colleague, due to IP. Also, 3 hours before the chat occurred, I replied to a spam-promotional email regarding web design.

But the way he began the chat, is formal or rude?

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