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Non-serious customers @ architecture

I am posting these chats to ask friends to review them hoping to get an explanation for the failed deals, and improve the customer service in the future.

He was browsing website for more than 30 min, then engaged me on chat, after 20 min said THANKS and he went away!
Was he tankful to the sketch provided? Or I made any mistake which turned him away?

Friday, 14 Feb, 2014
Country: Rwanda
Landing page URL:

Current page URL:
[18:05] customer service @ (trigger): Hello from website admin! Here I also offer ideas and design services… can I help you with anything? Just drop here a message!
[18:07] (trigger): Hello from website admin! If you need any help or just wanna chat, just drop here a message!
[18:35] Visitor: Hi, I am looking for 2 room studio 40sqm plan
[18:35] Teoalida has joined the conversation
[18:35] Teoalida: are you building apartment block?
[18:35] Visitor: yes am planning to build one and Am looking for ideas
[18:36] Teoalida: studio = 1-room… usually
[18:36] Teoalida: or you want both studios and 2-room?
[18:36] Teoalida: anyway give me more details
[18:36] Teoalida: land size, etc
[18:36] Visitor: Yes both
[18:36] Visitor: land size: 30 X 40 M
[18:36] Teoalida: and what are setback requirements?
[18:37] Visitor: What do you mean?
[18:37] Teoalida: distance from building facade to road and lot boundary
[18:37] Visitor: Am not knowlegeable in building
[18:38] Visitor: Ah it must be 5 m
[18:38] Teoalida: for example in Singapore you are required to keep empty 2m in sides and back, 7.4m in front
[18:38] Teoalida: this for landed houses
[18:38] Visitor: Ah I understand
[18:39] Teoalida: for tall blocks you need to keep 1 meter for each floor… or something like
[18:39] Teoalida: so from 30x40m you can build 20x30m ?
[18:39] Visitor: in Rwanda, it is 3 m in sides and 6 m in front
[18:39] Teoalida: so 21x34m
[18:39] Visitor: ok..
[18:40] Teoalida: and how many units will fit on one floor?
[18:40] Teoalida: I think about 12
[18:40] Visitor: for a 3 storey building of 1 broom studios
[18:40] Visitor: What should be the total number of units?
[18:40] Teoalida: bathroom window required?
[18:40] Visitor: yes
[18:41] Teoalida: I was thinking at this… 1-bedroom units, placed on both sides of corridor… BUT bathroom will no longer have window
[18:41] Visitor: Ok and how does it look? any design?
[18:41] Teoalida: hmm what is best thing to do?
[18:42] Teoalida: A rectangular block with holes at bathrooms or a U-shaped block?
[18:42] Teoalida: Thanks for challenge
[18:43] Visitor: U shape?
[18:44] Teoalida: for purpose of ventilating bathrooms
[18:44] Visitor: OK
[18:44] Visitor: And will it have parking space?
[18:45] Teoalida: I was going to ask you this
[18:45] Teoalida: are you using ground floor for parking? or just the space in front of block?
[18:46] Visitor: The space within the U shape
[18:46] Visitor: between the 3 blocks
[18:46] Teoalida: no, the U-shape I was thinking for you was small
[18:46] Teoalida: something like 10x10m in which staircase need to be placed
[18:46] Visitor: What would you suggest?
[18:47] Teoalida: not sure yet
[18:47] Teoalida: I’m gonna edit one of my drawings
[18:47] Visitor: Ok thanks
[18:48] Visitor: Do you mind sharing 1 bedroom studio plan,
[18:48] Teoalida: I already sent you a link
[18:49] Teoalida: and here is another variant
[18:49] Visitor: Thanks a lot
[18:52] Teoalida: can you leave an email to prevent losing contact?
[18:53] Teoalida: See this test
[18:53] Teoalida: the problem is bathroom windows
[18:55] Visitor: Thanks a lot
[18:55] Visitor: Thanks for taking time for me
[18:55] Teoalida: but this is my job
[18:55] Teoalida: I’m gonna try a second version
[18:56] Visitor has left the conversation
[18:56] Teoalida: don’t worry, this was just a little part of all the time required to do a project
[18:56] * You are not in a chat *

The following guy sounded like being actually interested in my design services. He clicked Apartment Design page when I told him, but did not clicked any of my apartment designs, instead he returned after 5 min in Singapore HDB Floor plans page and kept clicking these floorplans, then suddenly quit.

What turned him away, does my personal works scary customers so they prefer looking at Singapore floor plans?

Saturday, 14 Jun, 2014
Country: Nigeria
Page URL:

[17:35] chat support @ Hello from website admin! If you need any help or just wanna chat, drop here a message!
[17:35] Visitor: yea
[17:36] Teoalida has joined the conversation
[17:36] Teoalida: ?
[17:36] Visitor: looking for a clustered studio flat floor plan for students accomodation
[17:36] Visitor: small sized ones
[17:37] Teoalida: Are you same person who contacted me few weeks ago about similar thing?
[17:37] Visitor: no
[17:37] Teoalida: Anyway I may help with a design
[17:37] Visitor: this is my first time
[17:38] Teoalida: How is student life there? does each student can have own bathroom, shared by 4 students in each room, shared by multiple rooms, or…?
[17:38] Visitor: each student to have own bathroom and a small kitchen
[17:39] Visitor: for the self catered flats
[17:39] Teoalida: Impressive
[17:40] Teoalida: First, see this
[17:41] Teoalida: Or may be better to use central staircase and studio units on both sides?
[17:41] Teoalida: btw, tell me land dimensions, I need to know how to plan it.
[17:42] Visitor: 100m by 100m
[17:42] Teoalida: exactly 100m?
[17:42] Teoalida: and how many units do you think that can fit there?
[17:43] Visitor: planning to compress 20 units down and 20 up
[17:43] Teoalida: 2 floors only?
[17:43] Visitor: yea
[17:44] Teoalida: I can tell you that space is enough for double number of units… at least
[17:44] Visitor: ok
[17:45] Teoalida: Btw see my past works if you didn’t saw already
[17:45] *** Visitor is now viewing ***
[17:46] Teoalida: Are you looking for floorplan ideas or aslo need fully-detailed drawings to be submitted to government and builders?
[17:46] Visitor: detail drawing to be submitted to builder
[17:46] Teoalida: Cool
[17:47] Teoalida: And how much would you pay for all these drawings?
[17:47] Visitor: you tell me
[17:47] Teoalida: Price is depending by amount of work
[17:47] Teoalida: But first let’s clarify the floorplans
[17:48] Teoalida: is OK with external coridors? or should use central hallway?
[17:48] Visitor: external corridors
[17:49] Teoalida: Then give me some comments about
[17:49] Teoalida: How to modify it to suit Nigeria style
[17:49] Teoalida: because this is for rental to families… not students
[17:50] Visitor: the toilets have access through the kitchen
[17:50] Visitor: not too good here in africa
[17:50] *** Visitor is now viewing ***
[17:51] Teoalida: True… this is typical in Singapore
[17:51] Visitor: ok
[17:51] *** Visitor is now viewing ***
[17:51] Teoalida: hmm… should put toilets on corridor side? and open kitchen?
[17:52] Teoalida: like but without separate bedroom?
[17:54] Visitor: separate bedroom and toilets
[17:54] Teoalida: hmm….?
[17:56] Teoalida: Can you make a sketch that you consider the best for you? to think about it and combine with my ideas?
[17:56] Visitor has left the conversation

Possibly he lost connection? I saw him again in visitors list after few minutes, messages him but he never replied.

[18:02] Visitor has joined the conversation
[18:02] Teoalida: what happened?
[18:03] Teoalida: I perefer to not rush into detailed drawings and do something that you don’t like… Can you make a sketch that you consider the best for you? to think about it and combine with my ideas?
[18:03] Teoalida: and please leave an email address to avoid losing contact
[18:06] Visitor has left the conversation

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