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Do I speak too many languages?

Speaking too many languages can lead to a funny mix!

A romanian friend was in Portugal with a portuguese guy at computer, they had webcam on and laughing.
The problem was that none speaks english and me… I sucked at portuguese (the log dates back from 11 january 2011, that times I was quite bad).

Teoalida: por que voce rir?????
Dintosu: por que est feio
Teoalida: Parar de ver a minha foto e visite minha site
Dintosu: uitel
Dintosu: pe portugez
Teoalida: L-am vazut mereu
Dintosu: entao
Dintosu: cabrao
Teoalida: eu estoy bonito
Dintosu: que tu queres?
Dintosu: va mais po caralho
Dintosu: queres supar o meo caralho?
Teoalida: swearing?
Dintosu: ai butit ?
Dintosu: bha
Dintosu: asta al meu
Teoalida: Eu sou intelligente… look my website, my work
Dintosu: teai impiedicat in portughera?
Teoalida: aspectul conteaza mai putin la un baiat
Teoalida: I don’t know some words
Teoalida: Eu sou melhor em ingles e espanol
Dintosu: bha baiatule
Dintosu: eu am impresia ca tu esti bulangiu

Teoalida: Anybody hates my long hair?
Dintosu: scrie in romaneste bha
Dintosu: asta
Teoalida: alguen odeia o meu cabelo tempo
Teoalida: ???!!!
Dintosu: invata portugheza si duopaia scriemi mie
Teoalida: Quantas linguas voce conhecer?
Teoalida: Ai dreptate
Teoalida: sunt prea incepator la portugheza
Teoalida: fac greseli
Teoalida: Pai daca ma uit la emisiuni mexicane de 3 ani incoace?
Dintosu: :)))))
Teoalida: Better speak english!
Dintosu: ba baiatule
Dintosu: ori scri in germana ori in engleza
Teoalida: Eu amo combinar linguas
Dintosu: hai ca te las cu dinte ca nu imi pierd timpul cu incultii ca tine
Teoalida: Me encanta… que yo hablo quatro idiomas

I sent the above chatlog to David from Mexico to see how he will react, as he did not believed that I can speak…

David: haha
David: u dont speak spanish
Teoalida: I have a romanian friend in Portugal with a portuguese guy at computer… the problem is that none speaks english and me… I suck at portuguese
David: lol
Teoalida: Yo hablo mas espanol que portuguese
Teoalida: but I suck at spanish too
David: -.-
David: its the best lenguage
Teoalida: Por que dice eso?
Teoalida: Just because is your native language?
David: porque ni siquiera lo hablas bien
David: no sabes en realidad cuantas palabras y pronunciaciones tiene este idioma tan completo
David: translate that
David: 🙂
Teoalida: I agree, espanol es el mejor… pero ingles will became the world language
Teoalida: I have no training at writing :(((
David: lol
David: u speak some ”pocho”
David: u use english words and spanish words in the same phrase
Teoalida: pocho? not POCO ?
David: nope
Teoalida: Me encanta combinacions
Teoalida: I write faster at english
Teoalida: Too much thinking to find a spanish word
David: man
David: i leave u alone
David: i go to make my homework
Teoalida: No puedo parar de reír anyway…
David: lol
Teoalida: LOL “combinacions” … english ending
Teoalida: I laugh at my own errors

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