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Customer blame my attitude for no reason

I installed a chat on website and soon realized that I have NO TRAINING in how to have a nice attitude over chat with visitors. In early months about 10% of chats dropped. Fortunately, these cases are now rare and I learned from my mistakes.
This time I really don’t understand what I did wrong! Can someone explain me?

Thursday, 7 Mar, 2013
Country: United States
Page URL:
[21:26] Teoalida (trigger): Hello from website admin! What type of database are you looking for? I am glad to help you…
[21:26] Visitor: Car Make / Model / Year… don’t really need anything else. SQL format preferable.
[21:26] Visitor: And colors
[21:26] Teoalida has joined the conversation
[21:26] Visitor: The best thing would be a VIN number
[21:27] Teoalida: Does my Car Models List suit you?
[21:27] Teoalida: XLS can be converted in MySQL
[21:27] Teoalida: Colors? what do you mean?
[21:27] Visitor: Eh, a standard list of vehicle colors. That’d be easy though.
[21:27] Visitor: How much is this list?
[21:28] Teoalida: In case you didn’t noticed…
[21:28] Teoalida: VIN is per model or per version/trim ?
[21:31] Teoalida: ?
[21:37] Visitor: VIN is being able to scan a VIN and decodes it into make model, etc.
[21:38] Teoalida: How I can have the VIN? past month someone else asked me for same thing, I would like to compile such database
[21:39] Visitor: Well, a VIN consists of a large number: 1HGCM82633A004352
[21:39] Teoalida: I know
[21:39] Visitor: Each letter/number corresponds to a specific vehicle.. every vin is unique. There are sites out there that decode a VIN
[21:39] Visitor: You can extract everything from color, trim, make, model, year, even the location it was manufactured from.
[21:40] Teoalida: different VIN due of car color?
[21:40] Teoalida: and what if the owner repaint the car? change the VIN?
[21:41] Visitor: The color that it came from the factory. If you are going to be a dick then I won’t be interested in your software.
[21:41] Teoalida: Someone asked me for car colors and I asked him what colors, how would be possible to include colors in a database… he immediately closed the chat
[21:41] Teoalida: I am a dick? why?
[21:42] Teoalida: You can tell me if my database suit your needs
[21:42] Teoalida: because I have no VIN… I offer technical data
[21:43] Visitor: I was interested in purchasing your list.. I’m no longer interested due to your attitude. I’ll go somewhere else.
[21:43] Teoalida: Can you say exactly what part of my chat is wrong attitude?
[21:43] Visitor has left the conversation

Car Database page is often visited by high-skilled people, company managers, etc, this require extra care in attitude. Also americans are sensible at any spelling mistakes, but as you can see, I typed all words correctly in the above chat.
Probably he expected to talk with an employee of car company  not with a private person who don’t know what is VIN…
Actually my problem is not knowing what is VIN, but how to include VIN in my database.
He is not the first one who want a VIN database, I want to offer such thing so that’s why I asked him several questions that may give image of lacking knowledge.
But he do not blame lack of knowledge, he blame the attitude.

What was wrong at my attitude?

4 thoughts on “Customer blame my attitude for no reason”

  1. Poor sales communication. The problem is not your attitude, its just the way it is…”chatting”, chatting is the worst type of sale communication, the good communication is meet the customers, looking at the eyes and talk, if not, through phone.

    1. You told me on chat that you are real estate salesperson, I understand that you are contacted via phone by customers, but in my case… how I could phonecall every visitor of website?
      In my website, some visitors contact me, but for those who do not contact me, the chat widget automatically greet and engage visitors in chatting, I have done several extra sales in this way, but the above visitor is the FIRST one blaming my attitude.

  2. 2 things to comment
    1st. A VIN can be decoded to show all these things. Only the last few numbers are unique. The rest show original color, make model, style, year, where made, etc…
    2nd. Unfortunately, another example of an idiot american

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