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DISCLAIMER for Singaporeans buying HDB brochures and floor plans:

Please consider the money as a fee for my time spent collecting the brochures (took me 10-20 hours to save each PDF at every SOBF launch. 10 hours may equal with $200 for an average worker), plus a form of donation for maintaining the website as whole. No copyright intended. Also I am NOT intending to make high profits by selling HDB stuff.
Originally I was offering for sale the past sales which were no longer offered by HDB, however people asked me if I have brochures of the latest sale, as they were intending to buy from me, probably due to lack of time to download themselves.

HDB itself sell floor plans for $5, which looks to be the fee of the worker’s time to find, package and mail the right floor plan, not the cost of floor plan itself.

The hosting of my website cost $60 per year and the chat itself cost me $134 per yearproof.
I use my time to chat with website visitors and help numerous people finding HDB floor plans and give advices for various real estate enquirers. Researching HDB, searching for floor plans and maintaining this website takes time.


Contact me if you are interested in March 2012 SOBF brochures. They may be still available on HDB website BUT took me 15-20 hours to save them in fastest-possible way with Google Chrome, 1686 files in total. How much $ does 15-20 hours worth for you? You will can download all 1686 files in 5 min, just make an offer!
If someone buy March 2012 SOBF, I will waste another 10-20 hours to download and put on sale the Sep 2012 SOBF too.

I have posted the March 2012 SOBF in November 2012 despite that nobody made me any offer. I waited to see if someone will buy them then decide if worth to spend time saving Sep 2012 SOBF brochures. Some peiople asked me if I have the Sep 2013 SOBF.
A buyer for March 2012 SOBF came in Feb 2013… I was very busy in Jan-March and when I was free in April, I started saving the brochures of Sep 2012 SOBF. HDB made brochures unavailable before being able to save all of them (I haven’t expected that – for the first time, when all flats are selected, it display “there are no flats available” instead of list of flats so I could no longer access the brochures, even if the brochures are still hosted on their servers, while the March 2012 ones are still accessible). I am very SORRY!
Seems that people are willing to pay for free things to save their own time! The key to recover the time invested, is to save them and offer for sale as soon as I can, instead of waiting until they will be no longer offered by HDB itself.
OK, at May 2013 SOBF I will spend 20 hours saving all of them and post here as soon as HDB releases them. Stay in touch!

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