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  1. well, if you indicate pay and download I was expecting it to be so. I wrote exactly what happened when I paid. it stated clearly no file to download. I have chatted privately with you after my comment and you sent me a link to the same drawing everybody sees online without paying. why will I pay for something that is free to see online?

    undoubtedly you have very good designs but if I am not satisfied with a service I guess I can say it and get a refund.
    It’s never RUDE to try to get my money back through the same process I paid if I am not satisfied with a “product”.
    Thank you for responding to my chat however, I will need my refund.

    1. What do you need to be “satisfied”? Hard to satisfy customers are one of reasons for which I left architecture for IT industry and outsource architectural design services to other architects who do not have “other jobs”.

      why will I pay for something that is free to see online?” Over years I have been contacted by numerous people asking me how to download drawings, they were referring at editable AutoCAD DWG files because what you can see on website for FREE cannot be edited. In 2017 I wrote at top of page “contact me if you want to purchase AutoCAD drawings” and after 2 years in which I done few sales emailing files manually, I realized that most buyers are STUDENTS I added buttons to pay and download instantly at a price affordable for students.

      I started adding purchase buttons on 1 November and estimated to take 1 month to do for all 100+ floor plans I made, and on 9 November 2019 I received a strange email from a purported law company threatening me that if I do not remove all AutoCAD drawings from website in 3 days they will start a lawsuit against me I immediately hide all purchase buttons and re-published all them a month later without checking which ones I configured download links and which ones I was yet to do. That’s why you initially got “no downloadable files found”. By today I am still not sure if that email was real or prank / scam.

      You said that you are developer, you should have contacted and explained project requirements as stated in (and specify if you need a floor plan for ideas or also elevations, sections, plumbing, electrical, bill of materials, etc) so I can recommend BEST solution for you, probably a custom design according your needs, instead of buying a ready-made floor plan and ask for money back because it does not suit your needs.

      In these hard times of Coronavirus only IT businesses are prosperous (including me) while my partner architects lost jobs and homes and are desperately looking for work. Give us a chance to work for you!

  2. Indian & Pakistani styled houses – 6 x 12 m, one floor, 1 bedroom, 54 sqm (2 versions)
    No downloadable files found.

    1. I emailed you editable AutoCAD DWG file, out of 100+ floor plans made by me, there are about 20-30 floor plans yet to be updated and posted on website for automatic download IF someone is interested to purchase them, or WHEN I have sufficient free time. Currently too busy with Excel databases.

      1. I am glad to announce that TODAY I finished the process started in November 2019 to update all AutoCAD DWG floor plans to current quality standards and make them available for immediate download after payment (like Excel databases) so I will no longer required to email DWG files manually as I did over last few years.

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