Mobile phones database

If you are looking for a database of mobile phones specifications in Excel format to create a website, use in a GSM shop or anything similar, I created this Excel database for you.

Download free SAMPLE: Mobile Phones Database.xlsx.
Alternative formats: LITE version.xlsx, CSV and SQL.

Buy complete database:

I started this database in 2016 by making a script to extract data from

I offer FREE monthly updates for 1 year (around 1st day of month – see changelog) and weekly updates (CSV only, full specs) for extra $100/year since July 2019 when a customer asked me if I can update weekly for extra $, and add number of hits and likes so he can track phones popularity every week. We agreed to provide updates every Wednesday.

Don’t forget to check other databases made by me (100+ databases), including laptop and desktop computers, digital cameras, TVs and other electronics. Feel free to suggest websites where I can extract data and create new databases!

DO NOT ask for phone numbers database. I do not support telemarketing / SMS spamming. Please check above sample Excel file and watch video to understand what I sell before wasting my time asking things that I don’t sell (like this guy).

Mobile phone database coverage

The mobile phone specification database include classic cell phones and smartphones, tablets and smartwatches, from most popular phone brands in western world. There may be missing brands especially from China which have a lot of brands totally unknown outside their domestic market.

Earliest phones included are Ericsson models launched in 1994, but I guess that some early phone models are missing, as number of gadgets launched per year is significant only after 2003.

116 mobile phone brands included

Acer, alcatel, Allview, Amazon, Amoi, Apple, Archos, Asus, AT&T, Benefon, BenQ, BenQ-Siemens, Bird, BlackBerry, Blackview, BLU, Bosch, BQ, Casio, Cat, Celkon, Chea, Coolpad, Dell, Emporia, Energizer, Ericsson, Eten, Fujitsu Siemens, Garmin-Asus, Gigabyte, Gionee, Google, Haier, Honor, HP, HTC, Huawei, Icemobile, i-mate, i-mobile, Infinix, Innostream, iNQ, Intex, Jolla, Karbonn, Kyocera, Lava, LeEco, Lenovo, LG, Maxon, Maxwest, Meizu, Micromax, Microsoft, Mitac, Mitsubishi, Modu, Motorola, MWg, NEC, Neonode, NIU, Nokia, Nvidia, O2, OnePlus, Oppo, Orange, Palm, Panasonic, Pantech, Parla, Philips, Plum, Posh, Prestigio, QMobile, Qtek, Razer, Realme, Sagem, Samsung, Sendo, Sewon, Sharp, Siemens, Sonim, Sony, Sony Ericsson, Spice, TCL, TECNO, Tel.Me., Telit, Thuraya, T-Mobile, Toshiba, Ulefone, Unnecto, Vertu, verykool, vivo, VK Mobile, Vodafone, Wiko, WND, XCute, Xiaomi, XOLO, Yezz, Yota, YU, ZTE.

86 mobile phone specifications included

Naming: ID 100%, Brand 100%, Phone 100%, Notes 34.81%;

Images: Picture URL small 100%, Picture URL big 80.09%, Fans 100%, Hits 100%, Hits % 100%;

Network: Technology 100%, 2G bands 100%, 3G bands 61.76%, 4G bands 28.20%, 5G bands, 0.42%, Speed 62.04%, GPRS 40.69%, Edge 40.69%;

Launch: Announced 100%, Status 100%;

Body: Dimensions 100%, Weight 100%, Build 10.27%, Keyboard 7.06%, SIM 100%, Other 12.89%;

Display: Type 100%, Size 100%, Resolution 100%, Multitouch 0.00%, Protection 19.13%, Other 29.51%;

Platform: OS 62.39%, Chipset 49.67%, CPU 61.65%, GPU 48.56%;

Memory: Card slot 100%, Phonebook 37.61%, Internal 82.39%, Call records 37.61%;

Main Camera: Single 80.38%, Dual 4.70%, Triple 1.84%, Four, 0.67%, Features 53.70%, Video 87.65%;

Selfie Camera: Single 52.70%, Dual 1.03%, Triple, 0.05%, Four, 0.00%, Features 10.62%, Video 53.80%;

Sound: Alert types 24.69%, Loudspeaker 100%, 3.5mm jack 99.32%, unnamed 8.17%;

Comms: WLAN 100%, Bluetooth 100%, GPS 100%, NFC 12.25%, Radio 99.24%, USB 100%;

Features: Sensors 100%, Messaging 37.61%, Browser 39.53%, Clock 4.88%, Alarm 4.88%, Games 37.61%, Languages 2.79%, Java 37.61%, Other 57.10%;

Battery: Battery 100%, Charging 10.68%, Stand by 68.79%, Talk time 71.69%, Music play 7.59%;

Misc: Colors 100%, Models 20.28%, SAR US 21.83%, SAR EU 25.11%, Price group 61.10% (most phones have prices in EUR but some have up to 4 currencies: EUR, USD, GBP, INR;

Tests: Performance 4.68%, Display 6.74%, Camera 8.16%, Loudspeaker 9.53%, Audio quality 8.68%, Battery life 6.54%.

Percentages calculated at 28 January 2020 update (10001 phone models)


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    1. For some reasons, I need to compare every smartphone’s dimensions one by one. About a month overwhelmed by the endless number of smartphones, I met this website. No reason not to buy from it.

      Actually, is perfect reference that this data is of high quality because I compared almost every smartphone related website and found this is the best. The problem was I had to search for each models. Teoalida solved the problem by creating this amazing database. Again, thanks for this amazing service.

      I was thinking what options would be the best for me because I needed only just a few columns with tight budget.
      And there, Teoalida helped me make a clear decision comparing the real benefit I can get by each options.
      I didn’t need to hesitate and just purchase for the full option. The purchase procedure can never be easier than this as well. Just click some buttons, pay and get download button. Very easy and reliable.

    1. There are many FREE convertors available, just google “convert CSV to JSON” but based on what we talked via live chat, you need a differently formatted JSON and in this case my programmer partner can make a custom convertor for $50.

  1. I don’t understand why do you said that NEED phones database and gone away without purchasing….

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    (7:50:41 PM) Visitor 14630621: 6000 rows atleast
    (7:51:05 PM) Teoalida: as you can see database have 9891 rows in last update
    (7:51:27 PM) Teoalida: probably will exceed 10000 rows during january
    (7:52:20 PM) Visitor 14630621: 9000 data rows will work well for mr
    (7:52:59 PM) Teoalida: feel free to buy it, how often do you want updates in the future?
    (7:53:30 PM) Visitor 14630621: i want it for one time juse
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