I design house plans, apartment blocks, realistic 3D models, interior design, as well as cars and mechanical... everything that can be designed in AutoCAD! I also offer paper-to-CAD redrafting service at low price!

Dec 20

HDB floor plans > AutoCAD .DWG

I can provide DWG file, 2D or 3D model of your HDB flat for only $20! And not just HDB floor plans. I can also design condo floor plans, house plans, etc. Contact me for anything that can be drafted in AutoCAD! I am writing this page in 2013 after being hired by a Malaysian architect to draw …

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Oct 20

Architecture – House models designed by me

What would be better for YOU than a house designed specially for YOU? I design custom floor plans according your needs starting at $20 per room! People from all countries are welcome! But there is a note for India customers. Since 2010 I designed few hundred houses from personal interest or at customer request. This page display some …

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Oct 18

Architecture – Apartment models designed by me

Are you architect or real estate builder / developer and need custom floor plans, elevations, 3D perspective, etc? I offer design services via internet for anyone in the world! Provide your project requirements via LIVE CHAT or leave a comment and let me do the best floor plan for you. Are you student? Get inspired from my projects and contact …

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Oct 16

Furniture & interior design

Feel free to contact me if you need 3D home plans with basic furniture, or furniture design itself. I am using AutoCAD so the drawings will be more technical than photo-realistic as professional interior designers are doing in 3D Studio Max. I do NOT have enough knowledge to make detailed “working drawings” for contractors to renovate apartments. I am specialized in architectural design, making floor …

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Oct 14

Architecture – Housing Design history

From a child play in AutoCAD to architecture business… I started designing buildings in 2008, “Teoalida’s Virtual City”, originally a hobby of graphic design and 3D modelling in AutoCAD, but a fully functional housing system (virtual city – because I am not a developer, I do not have capital to build what I design). Dozens of apartment block models, constantly …

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Oct 12

Architecture – Rules for an ideal city

My biggest passion, started in 2008, designing buildings for “Teoalida’s Virtual City”, since 2009 I wrote this page with the rules of an utopian IDEAL CITY. These rules apply for projects designed for myself as hobby. When I design for customers, I follow the laws of their country. I love collecting BUILDING CODES of various countries If …

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Oct 10

Cars 3D design

Before moving into architecture design in 2008, I also modeled few cars in AutoCAD. Interested to download AutoCAD .DWG 3D model file? Contact me and make a price offer! You may say that these are Very Old Looking Vehicular Objects (VOLVO). Making curvy surfaces in AutoCAD is difficult, a lot or vertexes were manually calculated at the joints of curvy surfaces, the …

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Oct 08

Palace Trianon 3D design

This palace is one of the most beautiful 3D modelling works that I ever designed in AutoCAD. Many people were impressed not only by the beautiful 3D renders, but also for excellent model geometry that makes it to look like 18-19th century neoclassic architecture. Some people asked me how I got the idea to design such …

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Oct 06

Paper to CAD drawing conversion services

Most AutoCAD designers offering paper-to-CAD conversion simply put the scanned JPG and draw over it every line, often making various identical drawing elements at different dimensions, aka low-quality CAD drawing. Personally I offer quality paper-to-CAD conversion services, taking care to make every element of drawing a rounded dimension, and in case of floor plans of various buildings, I will …

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Oct 04

Web Design

If you need a little help how to create, improve or optimize a website, feel free to contact me! If you need someone to create a website from scratch and maintain it full-time in your place, then I am NOT the right person. I am writing this page in 2013 because some people attempted to hire me to design websites …

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