Public housing in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Housing Authority was formed in 1954, soon after a major file in Shek Kip Mei left 53000 people homeless on christmas day of 1953. Shek Kip Mei Estate, the first public housing estate, was ready in 1954. The “flats” were just one room of 120 square feet, kitchen and bathrooms were communal, shared …

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Private housing in Hong Kong

Private housing in Hong Kong include tenement buildings, stand-alone buildings, private housing estates, villas and village houses. Looking for private housing floor plans? Look on, it shows floorplans of almost all estates, also shows floorplans of most estates as well as villas. Note that in Hong Kong the term “condominium” is never used, do not search “hong kong condo …

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Housing database

Data sourced from and, compiled in Excel for easy use for researchers and businesses. Price in Singapore Dollar (1 SGD = 0.7 USD = 60 HKD). Simple, estates database Region, district, estate, age, total units, transacted prices per sq ft. Updated May 2018 Free SAMPLE Detailed, buildings database Region, district, estate, phase, block, …

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Gross floor area, Saleable floor area, and efficiency explained

Hong Kong use an unique system where Gross floor area include a sharepart of common spaces, thus two blocks with identical apartment units but with different number of units per floor had different gross floor area stated for each apartment, because in the block with fewer apartments per floor the common areas were divided to …

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Housing statistics

Overall statistics: Per total, 53% of housing are owner-occupied. Is hardly for me to make estimation about the average apartment size in Hong Kong or about the ratio sqm per person, due to lack of detailed statistics about housing system, high income inequality, many people living in extremely small 1-room apartments, illegally-divided apartments, as well …

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Kowloon Walled City

A political loophole between China and Hong Kong created a 2.6 hectare Chinese enclave in Kowloon where Hong Kong authorities had no rights and Chinese authorities refused to take care. Originally a military fort, it developed in a city for refugees, criminals, illegal businesses, drug dealers, unlicensed doctors and dentists, who could operate there without …

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Panoramic views

Enjoy breathtaking panoramas over Hong Kong towers! Selection of photos found via Google Earth on Panoramio in 2011. More photos to be added… when I have time to dig for more photos. Hong Kong Island     Kowloon   Tuen Mun New Town Tai Po New Town Tseun Wan New Town Shatin New Town