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Total number of tagged HDB buildings in database: 13773 (as 23 July 2015).
Building type tag breakdown:
Residential flats: 10305 + 1298 demolished (including shophouses or combo blocks flats+MSCP).
Multi-storey carparks (MSCP): 993 + 3 demolished.
Pavilions: 698 + 5 demolished.
Other buildings: 389 + 82 demolished.

Database include also few hundred non-HDB buildings (not tagged, not included in above count).

Number of units is available for for 9503 blocks (the rest up to 10299 are under construction or shophouses), not available for blocks demolished before 2010. Total: 980108 units, averaging 103 units per block. 940871 dwelling units are in use according Annual Report 2014. My database figure is higher because include flats completed after 31 March 2014 and also some demolished flats. Every year, few blocks are completed or demolished, keeping this figure up-to-date is difficult.

Accuracy guaranteed for block numbers, street addresses, postal codes, lease year, number of units.
Not guaranteed for number of floors and units per floor, and for building type tag. Some 2-storey shophouses may be tagged incorrectly as residential. Some recently demolished blocks may have demolished tag missing and counted as standing blocks.