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Spammy and useless comments from various pages of website are moved here

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  1. Hi

    I have 100 sq mtr lot located at pavia iloilo can u please help me on how to design a house which provides 3 bed rooms 1 toilet but on the master bedroom 1 toilet also need a simple house lng



    1. Without providing me LENGTH and WIDTH of the 120 sqm land, how I can help you with a custom house design? I emailed you but never received any reply.

  2. I want a design for two story and four units row house. I want plinth in 30 feet depth and 70 feet width. Including lower level one Hall kitchen and dining. Upper level three bedrooms. Please

    1. Instead of posting 4 comments in 20 minutes, can you click the chat bar in lower-right corner of screen so we can communicate properly?
      That design is 7 meters depth because is a SAMPLE design not made for you. I can make now a design specially for your requirements.
      Do you need detailed construction drawings (fully-dimensioned floorplan, elevations, sections, 3D design, etc), or just a schematic floorplan for ideas?

    1. “I am from India and I can’t able to pay you.” Is this a RULE? Indians never able to pay or are not allowed to make payments online? I am tired of indians because 90% are like you.
      How you can say that you’re not paying BUT posting so many comments aggressively soliciting me to serve you? Be patient, other people contact me as well via live chat and they are more serious than you!
      If you don’t pay there’s NO obligation to make new drawings or to make a complete floorplan with dimensions, but I made one now just to give you an idea of better land usage:

    1. People like YOU just make whole world to HATE India!
      if YOU say that you’re Indian and cannot pay me, why do you leave 8 comments AGGRESSIVELY demanding to make a design for you? Learn to be patient… you are not the only customers and others are more serious than you!

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