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Note: download links are also sent by email (example email). Check your email if you received it, usually Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo users receive it, but if you used a name@company email with custom spam filtering, you may not receive emails sent by WordPress so you will not be notified when updates are available. Please save the below download link in your computer and monitor website to see when updates are available and use your link to download latest updates. The link is valid 1 year.

Sorry, trouble retrieving payment receipt.


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  1. ASD


  2. Chee Koon Koh

    Dear Teo,

    I just purchase the HDB Database but i cannot download the file. Please email me the file as soon as possible.

    1. Teoalida (the k!ng)

      This happened because file name contained spaces. For unknown reasons the file URLs containing spaces works at some products but don’t work at other products. I changed now spaces to hyphens, you can download now from the link provided. Thanks for purchasing and reporting the problem.


    Dear Teo,

    I also just purchased this database, but can not download. The file I download from the URL is an empty file.

  4. Mukul

    Thanks, got the database.

  5. ben

    Received with thanks!

  6. Kelly

    Great info and format! You should be proud.

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