I love exploring the world via Google Earth, Street View, and various websites, doing case studies, reviewing countries and comparison, paying most attention to living conditions, real estate market, housing and apartment buildings, infrastructure and public transport.

Aug 30

Greatest Cities in the World

Rules: – ONE city per country, is not mandatory to be the capital or the largest city. – City should have at least 1 million people, never mind of Venice. – Should be taken in consideration as many points is possible, but biggest point is for the living conditions. This ranking is like “Best cities …

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Aug 28

Housing in North America

United States, despite of being one of the wealthiest countries of the world, have one of the highest costs of living in the world, big income inequality and a lot of people living under poverty line. Canada may be a little better. Same thing in Australia and New Zeeland. Greenlivingpedia shows the average sizes of …

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Aug 26

Housing in North Korea

North Korea is widely considered the worst place to live in the world. In reality, it is not that worse, living there is just… different than the rest of world, life can be good as long you do what the government wants and obey stupid laws. Government controls everything and you have NO freedom in choosing …

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Aug 24

Housing in South Korea

I studied Korean housing since 2009 in the same time with other countries, however the most of study has been done during 2012 since Google Street View has been launched in Seoul and Busan. I am still UNDER STUDYING… the page may be updated anytime as my study progress! What else would you like to …

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Aug 22

Housing in Hong Kong & Macao

A lot of people consider Hong Kong to be the greatest cities of the world, but most are looking only as tourist point of view and they do not know the living conditions. Even some singaporeans think that living in Hong Kong is better, while some (more) hongkongers think that living in Singapore is better. Is Hong …

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Aug 20

Housing in Singapore

Singapore is one of best places to live, it is known worldwide as the best planned city of the world, with the most successful public housing of the world, one of the highest standards of living, but also most expensive places to live! Singapore area was 581.5 sq km in 1960, but due to land reclamation …

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Aug 18

Housing in Malaysia

Building a house in Malaysia? See sample house plans or contact me to design a new house for you! Some westerns view Malaysia as being a third-world country. This is WRONG, Malaysia is a fast-growing economy, like Singapore, population doubled in last 25 years due to immigration. From 1960s kampung, it transformed into a country with modern landed housing and high-rise …

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Aug 16

Housing in Japan

Can anyone tell me what is better in Japan compared with nearby Asian countries? I love Korea much more than Japan, especially for housing. Japan economy boomed after World War II but since 1990s the rising was very slow, is still one of the most advanced economies in the world, highest standard of living, where everything …

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Aug 14

Housing in Latin America

Latin american cities are more denser and the life is cheaper compared with North American cities, but due to rapid and unplanned urbanization, infrastructure is worse, parks and green spaces are scarce. Same problems like in US, lack of public transport, pollution, crimes, corruption and gang life (especially in Mexico). GDP per capita comparison. Although certain countries in …

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Aug 12

Housing in Africa

Africa is the least studied region of world by me. Known for poverty and civil wars, I though that is nothing interesting there, until recently… Africa does have interesting architecture that worth studying! Most beautiful city in Africa is Luanda. with many modern housing complexes built after 2000. Impressive for such an African country. The biggest housing complex, Kilamba New Town was built in …

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