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Here lives Teoalida

Page made for local friends to know where to visit me, and for foreigners to test their ability to recognize-guess my country!

Plan of my former apartment
(where I lived with my parents)

Plan of my current block (I am the lucky owner of the corner apartment, 2-room apartments with 270 degree view are RARE)

North-East view

South-East view

North-West view

Balcony view

Typical traffic at 7-8:00 AM
Average speed: <5 km per hour. Parked cars are even on sidewalk, bus station and cycling path

Narrowed avenue in winter
The blue car is actually parked, the black SUV is towing the red car, the black minivan is stucked with its floor on snow and waits to be towed, the 4-lane avenue became 2-lane

Best photo made by me from home!!

All above photos are from 2009

2012 disaster

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