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San Sequoia

San SequoiaSan Sequoia is a world included in The Sims 4: Growing Together expansion pack.

Neighborhoods & lots

San Sequoia consists of three neighborhoods with four lots each.

There are a total of 9 residential lots, 1 rental lot, and 2 community lots in San Sequoia.

Neighborhood Lot Lot type Lot size Value Occupants
Anchorpoint Wharf Robles Point Residential 50×40 §111,892 Robles family
Anchorpoint Wharf Manzanita Terrace Residential 30×20 §2,245
Anchorpoint Wharf Anchorpoint Library Library 30×20 §113,958
Anchorpoint Wharf Anchorpoint Abode Rental 30×20 §99,554
Gilbert Gardens 13 Acacia Avenue Residential 40×30 §97,313
Gilbert Gardens Parkside Place Residential 30×20 §18,800
Gilbert Gardens 18 Celebration Way Residential 40×20 §2,685
Gilbert Gardens Celebration Center Recreation Center 64×64 §170,951
Hopewell Hills 7 Eucalyptus Lane Residential 50×40 §104,901 Michaelson family
Hopewell Hills 23 Eucalyptus Lane Residential 30×20 §2,290
Hopewell Hills 36 Bayani Place Residential 30×20 §73,308 Luna-Sullivan family
Hopewell Hills Sequoia Cottage Residential 30×20 §21,687


Family Funds Members
The Michaelson family §20,000 Celeste Michaelson, Christopher Michaelson, Atlas Michaelson, Orion Michaelson
The Robles family §20,000 Ignacio Robles, Bernice Robles, Ian Robles, Aurelio Robles
The Robles-Ruano family §20,000 Jay Robles, Doli Ruano, Tala Ruano
The Luna-Sullivan family §20,000 Xochitl Luna, Karmine Luna, Eleanor Sullivan
The Kyleson Family §20,000 Kyle Kyleson

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