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Evergreen HarborTartosa is a world featured in The Sims 4: My Wedding Stories. It is a coastal, Italian-inspired beach world. The town used to, or still has it’s own royalty.


There are two neighborhoods in this world:
Porto Luminoso
Terra Amorosa


There are 6 residential lots, 1 rental lot and 2 community lots in Tartosa.

Residential lots
Thebe Estate, owned by Laurent
The Old Wood Nectary, owned by Markovic

Piccola Luce (20×20)
Rifugio dei Pirati (30×20)

Empty lots
Baia dell’Amore (40×20)
Via Romanza (30×30)

Rental lots
Villa Vigna (30×20)

Community lots
Celebrazioni d’Amore – Lounge (50×40)
La Coppia Serena – Wedding venue (50×40)


New families

Laurent family
Thebe Estate
Arnessa Thebe, Hector Laurent, Hilary Laurent, Greta Laurent, Jace Laurent
“Laurent” may be a newer name in the area, but the family certainly isn’t. For generations, they’ve owned the local wedding venue, the cornerstone of the wedding industry in the area. And Hilary’s family opened the first food stall in the village square back when they first moved to the area. Now she’s a chef in her parent’s restaurant, and the local food market has flourished. Together, this family forms a wedding-industry powerhouse.

Markovic family
The Old Wood Nectary
Lucia Markovic, Mateo Markovic, Tomi Markovic
The Markovic family are locally-renowned for their contribution to the musical-side of the wedding industry, despite having put off their own wedding time and time again. This is no small part due to relations between them and the Laurent family being rather strained. Mateo believes the Laurents have a stronghold on local wedding business and works hard to retain relevance. While Lucia’s animosity is directed at Hector, a former lover, all the drama and work has kept them busy and unwed!

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