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Evergreen HarborTartosa is a world featured in The Sims 4: My Wedding Stories.


Tartosa is based on various locations in the Mediterranean.[1] Those locations include coastal Italy, Croatia, Southeastern coastal Spain, Southern France, etc.


Tartosa has a warm climate fitting its beachy, Mediterranean inspiration.

Neighborhoods & lts

There are two neighborhoods in this world.

There are 6 residential lots, 1 rental lot and 2 community lots in Tartosa.

Neighborhood Lot Lot type Lot size Value Occupants
Porto Luminoso Piccola Luce Residential 20×20
Porto Luminoso Villa Vigna Rental 20×30
Porto Luminoso Thebe Estate Lounge 50×40
Porto Luminoso Celebrazione d’Amore Residential ? Markovic family ?
Porto Luminoso Baia dell’Amore Residential 40×20
Terra Amorosa Rifugio dei Pirati Residential 30×20
Terra Amorosa The Old Wood Nectary Residential 40×30 Markovic family ?
Terra Amorosa La Coppia Serena Wedding venue 50×40
Terra Amorosa Via Romanza Residential 30×20


Family Funds Members
Laurent family §20,000 Arnessa Thebe, Hector Laurent, Hilary Laurent, Greta Laurent, Jace Laurent
Markovic family §20,000 Lucia Markovic, Mateo Markovic, Tomi Markovic
Soto family §20,000 Camille Soto, Dominique Soto
Jaleel household §20,000 Faiz Jaleel

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