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Evergreen HarborHenford-on-Bagley is a world featured in The Sims 4: Cottage Living. The town is full of water holes and ponds for Sims to swim in, and each week a farm festival is attended by the town residents. Every lot by default has the Wild Foxes lot challenge enabled, making foxes naturally appear. Wild animals such as birds and rabbits also roam the world.

Henford-on-Bagley is famous for rolling hillsides, fresh farm produce and stonecarving which locals have been doing for hundreds of years. Princess Cordelia visited Henford-on-Bagley as one of first places after the Great Sloth Invasion.[3]

The world was announced via a postcard, and also by an announcement post on the forums at


Henford-on-Bagley is a rural farm world based on villages on the English countryside, more specifically the Cotswolds.


Climate in Henford-on-Bagley is mostly cool, cloudy and mild, with partially cloudy, cloudy and rainy weather dominating throughout the year and any occurence of extreme weather events are quite rare or uncommon.


There are three neighborhoods in this world:

Finchwick is a small town that prides itself as a historically bustling and tight-knit community. It is home to various shops and grocers owned by the locals, and it also hosts the weekly Finchwick Fair.

Old New Henford
This part of Henford is known for its lush estates, rolling hills, and small community garden. It used to be one giant property owned by The Watson Family, who sold plots of it over the years. They still own a sizable estate on one of the hills. Old New Henford is also home to many wild animals that roam the countryside.

The Bramblewood
The wooded area on the outskirts of Henford has a storybook-like feel and is where the most wild animals can be found, such as wild birds, bunnies, and foxes. It is considered the most romantic part of Henford, with many places to explore. It is rich in history, and plenty of ruins to discover, that were once home to Lord Volpe. It also includes a swimmable lake.


There are 12 lots in Henford-on-Bagley, each separated into three neighborhoods. There is also a 64×64 lot.

Neighborhood Lot Lot type Lot size Value Price per day Occupants
Finchwick The Gnome’s Arms Bar 20×15 §70,093
Finchwick 1 Cobblebottom Street Residential 20×15 §31,360
Finchwick 3 Cobblebottom Street Residential 20×20 §62,623 Scott family
Finchwick 5 Cobblebottom Street Residential 30×20 §19,829
Old New Henford 4 Olde Mill Lane Residential 30×20 §55,329 New Start
Old New Henford 2 Olde Mill Lane Residential 50×40 §6,055
Old New Henford 3 Olde Mill Lane Residential 50×40 §103,835
Old New Henford Olde Mill Hill Residential 64×64 §132,171 Watson Family
The Bramblewood 13 Nettle Lane Rental 30×20 §71,370 §689
The Bramblewood Cordelia’s Secret Cottage Residential 30×20 §19,330
The Bramblewood 14 Nettle Lane Residential 40×30 §114,788 Moody & McMillan
The Bramblewood Isle of Volpe Park National Park 50×40 §12,915


Family Funds Members
A New Start household §20,000 Cecilia Kang
Moody & McMillan family §22,000 Derek McMillan, Ian Moody
Scott family §22,000 Simon Scott, Sara Scott
Watson family §28,000 Thomas Watson, Rahmi Watson, Rashidah Watson, Imran Watson, Maira Watson
Chopra family §22,000 Lavina Chopra, Rahul Chopra
Crumplebottom family Agatha Crumplebottom, Agnes Crumplebottom

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