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Category: About me

About Teoalida as The Sims player

The Sims 2 is my favorite game, and I love architecture, I built over 50 houses which I offer for free download on this website. I also built several houses in The Sims 3. Beside playing the game as it was intended, I also practiced urban planning building large cities with apartment-like blocks. Read here about my other …

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List of houses built by Teoalida

I designed and built too many houses in The Sims 2 & 3, some people ask me “please give me a 3-bedroom home” or “which sims homes have 4 bedrooms?” So made this table to sort things out! U/C = under construction, houses built but unhappy of results so I may rebuild them later. Bath 2h/4h …

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Links to other The Sims fan sites

Do you have a The Sims blog / fan site and want to get more visitors? Let’s do a link or banner exchange! Here are my banners: 400x100px and 240x60px banner (my preferred sizes) and 88x31px (a stupid size banner that became common used along The Sims fans) Send me your banner in any resolution up to 400x100px (I am not …

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List of updates (changelog)

I made this The Sims 2 blog in 2009, originally as ONE page, its URL was teoalida.webs.com/thesims.htm. Since August 2012 I made a new website www.teoalida.com to replace the crappy Webs.com one, and The Sims 2 section was a Category with 30+ pages. After adding non-gaming stuff on teoalida.com in November-December 2012 , I decided in February 2013 to give to The Sims 2 a sub-website …

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