About Teoalida as The Sims player

The Sims 2 is my favorite game, and I love architecture, I built over 50 houses which I offer for free download on this website. I also built several houses in The Sims 3. Beside playing the game as it was intended, I also practiced urban planning building large cities with apartment-like blocks.

Read here about my other hobbies. I also design real life houses and apartment blocks (architectural design services) in AutoCAD. See http://www.teoalida.com/design/houseplans/.

My story as The Sims player

My journal in Sims began in 2003 when I received original The Sims game from a friend. I did not enjoyed it much.

In 2004 I connected to neighborhood LAN and later to internet and was able to download The Sims 2, but low-specs computer did not allowed me to play it properly. I started playing The Sims 2 in mid-2005 when my dad bought a more powerful video card, and it became my favorite game.

I built several houses in The Sims 2 and played with families in it, the houses were not great in terms of architecture, most of my early houses had a single room for living, dining, kitchen and at upper floor had 2 bedrooms and 3 double beds (because I was playing a family of 6 sims), example L-Shaped House 2008.

But the really impressive were the neighborhoods with decorative apartment blocks, IslaSegundo (2006), Pleasantview (2007), StarlingSprings (2008).


In 2008 I started designing realistic buildings in AutoCAD and left the gaming world.

In 2009 I started my first website, featuring my portfolio of AutoCAD building designs and articles about housing in various countries, but it also had a page for The Sims 2 houses.

I returned in The Sims 2 in late 2011. In December 2011 I made a poll, to decide the size of my future houses: How big is the family that you usually play? 75% voted for 3-4 sims, rest of votes being for 1-2, 5-6, 7-8 Sims.

In 2012 after discovering live chat widgets for websites I got first major feedback about my houses:

  • Critics about messy floor plans. So I try to make rooms rectangular, for realism and beautifulness.
  • Critics about unrealistic houses with too few rooms. So I kept building houses with 3-4 rooms but not all are used as bedrooms. If you have only 4 Sims, feel free to delete beds and reuse the room for other purposes (example Federal Fortress have 6 rooms!).
  • Critics about lack of diversity. Indeed I had many similar houses in 2012, but today I build a variety of house sizes, from Starter Home 1×1 (67 squares) to Palace Trianon Floresti 5×5 (672 squares), decorated in a variety of styles.
  • Critics about decorative. I admit, I pay attention to architecture and functionality according Sims rules, rather than decorating realistically.

I compiled the following neighborhood using all the The Sims 2 houses built by me (plus few downloaded houses). NO housing lot has been rotated, because rotating them will rotate lighting direction too, and will look really messy.

All Maxis-made neighborhoods of The Sims 2 sucks except Pleasant View. Others have roads too far away and sloped roads. I need a neighborhood with many roads at 5 tiles apart. So I downloaded some from modthesims.info, which again, most sucks. The only somewhat appealing was Mountainside Village and used it for about 1 year until I ran out of space (some houses are multiplied to fill all the space, but I ran out of space in terms of space for certain lot sizes).


So since 2013 I switched to Lake Crossing downloaded from gethanesims.prismbaby.com, this map is split in 3 quarters by lakes and at this moment I have built only 1 quarter.

If you wonder why there is no Sims population: in this neighborhood I only place my houses to create a nice-looking city, such big city takes several minutes to load which would make playing difficult. So, when I play with Sims families, I use another neighborhood with just few houses.


I started playing The Sims 3 in January 2013, but I didn’t enjoyed it like The Sims 2. The growing business forced me to stop playing all games in late 2013.

I played The Sims 4 when Origin allowed us to play for 48 hours for free, and did not believed what piece of shit it is. Reminds me of The Sims 1.

My online business reached an income that allow me to be independent from my family while working less, so I can play games again occasionally. But The Sims 2 did not worked well on Windows 10 so I had to plug in my old desktop with Windows XP every time I wanted to play game. I resumed working at StarlingSprings megacity in 2016 and finished it in 2017 and also built a couple of new houses.


In August 2018 I bought an used laptop HP Elitebook 8540w ($250) purposely because it is one of the latest models that offer support for Windows XP and have resolution 1920×1080, this allow me to play The Sims 2 while doing my professional work on my desktop. I copy houses on desktop computer where I take screenshots in 4K resolution (3840×2160), a $600 monitor bought in July 2018.

My past house design were a mess, some having white fence, some brown fence, some hedges all around lot, etc. I started to renovate most important houses built over years to standardize several architectural styles and compile a new neighborhood with all them:

  • Starter homes: black roof tiles (default color), simple walls.
  • Ranch-style: gray roof tiles, walls with siding cover in various colors, white windows.
  • Mansion-style houses: red roof tiles, walls with white bricks or siding, dark or light wood windows.
  • Modern houses: flat roof, walls in various colors, black windows.
  • Special houses: few houses do not follow above standards.

Here are new screenshots of my houses on AutumnBay neighborhood… notice the 4K resolution!

Excel databases

I also love working in Excel, making databases, statistics and data analysis. In 2012 I made an Excel file with list of items in The Sims 2. In 2013 I made an Excel file with list of lots in each world of The Sims 3, I feel this necessary because in The Sims 3 the lots are fixed on map and cannot be edited like in The Sims 2.

In November 2018 I got idea to make pages for each of the 23 worlds in The Sims 3, and post list of lots directly on website, this doubled/tripled website traffic and made me to create similar table with list of lots for The Sims 1 (December 2018) and The Sims 2 (April 2019) too.

List of houses built by Teoalida

I designed and built too many houses in The Sims 2 & 3, some people ask me “please give me a 3-bedroom home” or “which sims homes have 4 bedrooms?” So made this table to sort things out!

U/C = under construction, houses built but unhappy of results so I may rebuild them later.
Bath 2h/4h = half baths one for toilet and one for bathtub, more efficient use by multiple sims.
Facing (The Sims 2 only) = I define default lot orientation as North, thus in the lot view, South-facing lots are those with sun lighting street side and right side. In neighborhood view the sun is on opposite direction.
I do not enjoy rotating lots because this will rotate sun direction too.

I usually design symmetrical homes on south/north facing lots and asymmetrical homes on east/west facing lots. I usually choose the orientation based by pool position (south/east facing for houses with pool in front yard, north/west facing for houses with pool in back yard).

Terms and conditions

  • Feel free to download my houses and use them for your Sims (download buttons at bottom of each house’s page).
  • Feel free to alter walls, furniture, decorative items, etc. to suit your Sims.
  • DO NOT post my houses on any other website, without my approval.

List of The Sims 2 houses made by me

Building name Lot
Facing EP required Date
Starter houses
Lots contain basic furniture, minimum to be livable: cheapest possible wall paint, doors, windows, tables, counters, and best possible functional items such as sofa, TV, chairs, beds, etc, while keeping price under $20,000 (budget of starter families). Purely decorative items such as lights and windows curtains does not exist.
Starter Home 1×2
aka Best Starter Home
1×2 $19,989 84 2 2h 4 North base 2011
Starter Home 2×2 2×2 $19,985 80 2 1 4 North base Apr 2013
a Starter Home 1×1 1×1 $19,970 67 1 1 2 South base July 2012
Shotgun Starter Home 1×2 1×2 $20,000 88 2 1 4 North base Sep 2013
Normal houses

All houses build with top-end furnishing to maximize comfort for your sims. Beside basic furnishing, most houses also contain swimming pool, computers, easel, piano, lights, window curtains, etc. Due to this reason, all houses have comparable price $100,000 – $150,000 nearly proportional with floor area.

Excessive use of decorative items is avoided (expensive paintings and statues), they can be found only in high-end buildings such as Palace Trianon Floresti and Savarsin Castle.

American Single-Story 2×2 $96,142 131 28 2 1 3-4 East NL Aug 2012
American Two-Story 2×2 $129,744 218 28 3 3 4-6 East NL Oct 2012
DELETED Asymmetrical House I 2×2 $126,428 212 28 2-3 2 4-6 South base Feb 2012
DELETED Asymmetrical House II 2×2 $125,335 172 48 2 2 4 West base Sep 2012
Asymmetrical House III 2×3 $143,805 248 35 3-4 3 6-8 East NL April 2013
Asymmetrical House IV 2×2 $126,392 204 28 2-4 2 6 North base July 2013
Federal Fortress
(Maxis Makeover)
3×3 $259,942 452 100 4-6 5 8+ North base July 2012
Helluva Hacienda
(Maxis Inspired)
3×3 $169,604 212 72 2 2 4-8 West base July 2012
Home Alone House
(real building)
3×3 $213,845 396 72 3-4 3 6-8 South NL Sep 2012
House on a Tiny Lot I 1×2 ~$100,000 164 2 2 6 South base 2011
House on a Tiny Lot II 1×2 $90,410 128 18 2 2 4 North base July 2012
House on a Tiny Lot III
(Large house on a tiny lot)
1×2 $113,743 188 20 3 2 6 North base Oct 2012
House on a Tiny Lot IV 1×2 U/C 138 18 2-3 2 4 North base mid-2013
House 1×2 lot Rectangle 8×12 1×2 $141,521 188 20 3 2 6 North base Oct 2018
House 1×2 lot Z-shaped 6×12 1×2 $92,674 128 18 2-3 2 4 North base Oct 2018
House 1×2 lot Rectangle 6×12 1×2 $92,851 138 18 2-3 2 4 North base Oct 2018
L-House edition 2008 2×2 ~$110,000 224 ? 2 2 6 South base 2008
Modern Symmetry 2×3 $162,099 260 42 4 3 8 North OFB Oct 2012
Nazi House 3×4 $182,512 272 68 2 4h 8 South NL Aug 2012
Palace I Trianon Floresti
(real building)
5×5 $368,871 586 206 2 4 8+ North UL, NL 2009
Palace II 3×4 $286,486 472 166 4 3 8 North UL, NL 2012
Palace III Trianon Floresti
(real building)
5×5 $533,939 672 234 4 4 8+ South UL, NL,
Apr 2013
TBA Palace IV 3×4 abandoned ? 4 4 8 ? 2013
Pyramid House 3×3 $138,048 268 4 3 6-8 West base Oct 2018
Săvârşin Castle
(real building)
3×3 $370,229 451 68 4-5 4 8 North NL, AL Sep 2018
Symmetrical House Brick 2×2 $128,047 232 35 3 2 4-6 South base 2012
Symmetrical House Palace 2×2 $176,992 244 30 4 3 8 South base 2012
Symmetrical House Rustic 2×2 $95,324 156 35 2 2 4-6 South base 2012
Symmetrical House Siding 2×2 $113,151 200 35 2 2 4-6 South base 2012
Terrace House 1×1 1×1 $72,738 122 2 2 4 South base Oct 2012
Terrace Classic 1×2 $110,390 196 2 2 4-6 South base Early 2012
Terrace Modern 1×2 $103,502 188 2 2 4-6 North base Early 2012
The Cube of Glass I 2×2 ~$128,000 256 104 open
4h 8 West OFB June 2012
The Cube of Glass II 2×3 ~$160,000 188 72 open
4h 8 West OFB July 2012
DELETED Wood house 2×2 ~$100,000 172 2 2 6 South base 2009
Apartment lots

Like normal houses, they are also furnished with high-end furniture.

First Apartment 3×3 ~$525,000 288×4 ? 3 3 6-8 South AL Dec 2011
Second Apartment 2×3 ~$360,000 166×4 ? 2 2 4 West AL Jul 2012
Third Apartment 3×3 $516,355 204×4 ? 3 3 6 South AL Sep 2012
Realistic Apartment Block 3×2 ? 107×4 2-3 2 4 South AL Apr 2013
to be added Palace of Culture
(real building)
4×3 U/C ? ? 2 2 4 South AL 2013
to be added Housing Complex 3×3 U/C ? ? 2 2 4 North AL 2013
Semi-Detached with garage 4×3 unfinished 210×4 30×4 2 2 4 East AL 2012
Apartment block U-shaped 3×3 425,975
154×4 68 3 2 4-6 North AL Oct 2018
Decorative buildings

Lots built purely for neighborhood decoration or to showcase my architectural design skills. Some buildings are calculated to be the biggest possible within the limit of 2100 wall segments and 15 floors. Their interiors does not contains rooms, stairs, or any furniture, but just lights to take night screenshots.

4 blocks
6×5 $424,322 5940 144 North AL Dec 2011
5 x 116
6×5 $493,962 ? ? North AL Sep
4 x 136
6×5 $502,094 4256 380 South AL Oct
Peles Castle
(real building)
6×5 unfinished 3000+ ? South AL 2007
Palace of the Parliament
(real building)
6×5 $449,179 2584 ? South AL May 2012
Palace of the Empire 6×5 $396,458 4746 North AL May
Biggest building 6×5 $446,950 10344 South AL May
World Trade Center 5×5 $141,813 ? East UL Jun
Empire State Building 3×3 $95,804 ? South UL Jun
The Empire Tower 3×3 $154,185 ? South UL Jun
The Imperial Tower 3×2 $100.339 ? North UL Jun
The Pinnacle Tower 3×3 ? ? North UL Jun
The Vertical Tower 3×2 $93.156 ? North UL Jun

List of The Sims 3 houses made by me


Building name Lot
Facing Require Date
My First The Sims 3 House 20×30 ~$170,000 258 45 3 3 6 base Apr 2013
Tiny House 16×18 $72,134 138 2 2 4 base Apr 2013
Starter Home 16×18 $19.103 80 2 1 4 base May 2013
Apartment block 30×30 ? 1120 base Oct 2013
L-shaped house 20×30 $149.388 280 35 3 3 6 base Nov 2015
abandoned Palace Trianon Floresti 50×50 U/C 500+ ? 4 4 8 ? 2013

General info

The houses made by Teoalida are designed with minimal or even NO expansion packs when possible, to maximize compatibility. I uninstalled all expansion packs to build basegame-only houses. Later I realized that was not necessary to uninstall, I could use AnyGameStarter to create mini-games with selected expansion packs.
I hate simmers who design simple starter homes using all 16 expansion and stuff packs.

NO Custom Content in my houses.
Because some simmers hate CC.

All my houses are fully furnished, except the ones built solo for decorative purposes.
Because most houses are small and designed to optimize furniture placements, without furniture I could not do design the house. If you want them unfurnished, just put a family in them then evict family, the furniture will gone.

Due to large number of houses made in 2012 and later, and limited time for games, I do not have time to playtest EVERY house. I have good eyes to assume that they are functional and do not miss any item not even the small ones like alarm clock, fire alarm, telephone, etc. If you download them and find errors, report them by leaving a comment on house page.

Review of houses built by other people:
I have spent many hours browsing other people’s content posted on www.modthesims.info trying to get inspiration. I see a lot of crappy houses getting positive comments from idiots praising unessential details. Houses with messy floor plans, oversized houses with bad furniture placements, even worse, no sofa facing TV, just two diagonal sofas that cannot be used for watching TV.

Apparently some people built the houses to look like (a bad) real life, rather than for playing Sims in them. You will NOT find such stupidities in my houses!

This is the KING of idiots:
I recently told myself I don’t need any more houses b/c my lots bin is full of houses I rarely use. But none of them are purple (it’s my favorite color). And my neighborhoods are sorely lacking in purple houses. (source).
He couldn’t repaint walls of any existing house!!??

Links to other The Sims fan sites

Do you have a The Sims blog / fan site and want to get more visitors?
Let’s do a link or banner exchange!

sales @ teoalida.com

Here are my banners: 400x100px and 240x60px banner (my preferred sizes)
and 88x31px (a stupid size banner that became common used along The Sims fans)
Send me your banner in any resolution up to 400x100px (I am not yet decided to a size) and I will post it there!
The Sims house downloads by Teoalida
The Sims house downloads by Teoalida
The Sims house downloads by Teoalida

Sites that posted my banner

Sites waiting to post my banner

If I do not find my banner on your website next time when I check all websites, I may remove your banner from there.

    My Sims 3 Blog
Parsimonious Fat Strawberry
Visit The Sims Zone!  

List of updates (changelog)

I made this The Sims 2 blog in 2009, originally as ONE page, its URL was teoalida.webs.com/thesims.htm.
Since August 2012 I made a new website www.teoalida.com to replace the crappy Webs.com one, and The Sims 2 section was a Category with 30+ pages.

After adding non-gaming stuff on teoalida.com in November-December 2012 , I decided in February 2013 to give to The Sims 2 a sub-website instead of a category, URL remained the same: www.teoalida.com/thesims!

The entire www.teoalida.com have a total traffic of 300 daily visitors in early 2013 and rising to 1000 daily visitors as May 2015. Of them, this The Sims sub-website contributed with about 20 daily visitors in 2013 (quite few) and even worse, started falling slowly due to lack of updates. It’s probably because of competition, there are too many The Sims 2 blogs on the internet and too few players searching on google willing to read blogs of other players.

During 2018 due to change in google algorithms, many subpages of my website jumped in traffic, and since I decided in November 2018 to publish list of lots in all The Sims 1, 2, 3 neighorhoods and worlds, the traffic on The Sims sub-website reached 100 daily visitors.

List of updates and changes

April 2009
I started my personal website: teoalida.webs.com, a 10-page website of which ONE page was dedicated for The Sims 2. Beside the planned cities that I made in 2006-2008, I made in rush 3 houses: Small wood home, L-shaped medium house, The Palace, and presented all them on website.
The Sims 2 page had 8 paragraphs.

Little time dedicated to gaming.

November 2011
added 2 new houses: Best Starter Home and Tiny Lot house, both on 1×2 lots. Added game pros & cons.

December 2011
I installed Apartment Life, I added one functional apartment block, one decorative condo, Tips and Tricks.

February 2012
Added Guide for an efficient house, A different kind of house, Funny screenshots.

February-May 2012
Work, work, work… too busy to play any game.

June-July 2012
I dedicated some time for gaming, I installed all remaining expansion packs and planned to built about 6 more house downloads, beside the 8 existing houses.
I decided to post one new house per week, to please Google. However, until August I posted 8 house downloads and I had another 4 houses on waiting list, while the page already reached 25 paragraphs (of which 16 houses) and 60+ KB in size. Too much!
I had an idea to split it in at least 3 pages: TheSims2.htm for gaming review, TheSims2lots.htm, TheSims2tricks.htm.

Pleasing Google failed. The Sims 2 page got only 2-3 daily visitors.

Meantime the total number of visitors on my website reached 200+ daily visitors, too much for a Webs.com free hosting.

August 2012
I started a new website on teoalida.com using WordPress and paid hosting and decided to start testing it by posting The Sims 2 stuff, as it is the poorest-performing page in Google of the former 50-pages website teoalida.webs.com.

24 September 2012
teoalida.webs.com/thesims2.htm has been deleted! All content has been moved to www.teoalida.com!
Meantime I kept building new houses, as 24 September I have 40 posts scheduled to be published one per day until end of september, plus plans for even more houses!!

October 2012
INCREDIBLE! I have 53 posts in The Sims 2 category, of which 36 are houses made by me!

Nov 2012 – most of 2013
Work, work, work > no time for playing games.

February 2013
The Sims 2 fan page was converted into a separate blog (sub-website) instead of being a category on my main website www.teoalida.com which is now only about real-life housing. URL remained the same: www.teoalida.com/thesims. I will post more houses and useful stuff when I will have time.

March 2013
I started playing The Sims 3, which I installed since January but had no time to play. new houses will be posted on website SOON!

Growing business forced me to stop playing games, leaving several The Sims houses under construction, or finished but unpublished.

August-October 2013
All images, previously hosted on Photobucket to reduce bandwidth usage of extremely-limited bandwidth of the former website on Webs.com hosting, have been gradually re-uploaded to my own website’s hosting (www.teoalida.com/thesims/images/…).

Did not played any The Sims these years.

March 2015
I moved the website from Shared server to a Virtual Private Server.

May 2015
The move to VPS screwed Simple eCommerce plugin for WordPress which I was using in other websites to sell my works. I started looking for other plugins and found Easy Digital Downloads.
Then I came with idea to use Easy Digital Downloads also for The Sims section of website, even if the plugin is intended for paid downloads and personally I use it mostly for lot / house downloads for FREE (products with $0.00 price). This allow me better tracking of how many times each house is downloaded, but also if a person download multiple houses.
Previously I was tracking house downloads having the files uploaded in Hotfile.com, could see which are most downloaded but not who download them and if someone download multiple house (until Hotfile hosting service was suspended by US government for piracy), also tracking website visitors with Clicky, but since Clicky do not track .sims2pack files, I improvised something by uploading files on my old website (teoalida.webs.com) but since this hosting is limited to 80 MB storage, I uploaded all except 4 houses (biggest file sizes), and Clicky was tracking them as external links.

June 2016
After few years in which I focused on expanding my business, I returned in The Sims and built 6 skyscrapers and also re-started working at StarlingSprings apartment town.

June 2017
I finished StarlingSprings urban city!

November 2018
Published 23 pages with the list of lots from each world (previously available in Excel format only, for $23, made since 2013).

December 2018
I made a table with list of neighborhoods in The Sims 1 too.

March 2019
I made a table with list of neighborhoods in The Sims 2 too (14 neighborhoods).