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Medium houses

Houses built by Teoalida in The Sims 2 & 3 with floor area between 150 and 300 squares

Modern Symmetry

Modern Symmetry 2×3 N 260

    My second Modern House, a more realistic version of The Cube of Glass, now having internal walls instead of open floor plan. This home contains four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and plenty of unused space should be enough even for a family of eight Sims. Made in October 2012.

    Teoalida First House

    My first The Sims 3 house

    In April 2013, after several dozens hours of extensive studying of Sims behavior on 3 experimental houses made by me, using two families of 2 and 8 sims, plus the pre-made ones, I made my first (final) house in The Sims 3.

    American Home

    American Home 2×2 E 218

      The larger version of American single-story home. Designed in October 2012 for a family of 6 Sims, in American Style: asymmetrical, siding wall cover, front porch and carport. Improved September 2018 changing furniture and removing fences.

      Terraced Houses

      Terraced Houses 1×2

      Do you thought that is impossible to built terraced houses aka townhomes in The Sims 2? These houses were built on larger lots then the lot was shrunk using Lot Adjuster, which allows reducing the non-buildable area with 1 square. You cannot built walls on lot limits, but you can make buildings that apparently continue from one lot to another. Looks nice in neighborhood view!

      Asymmetrical House

      Asymmetrical House 2×2

        Third edition of Asymmetrical House, made in July 2013, improved with better interior layout and more rooms, it is one of the most efficient house layouts made by me. Living, dining, kitchen, 4 bedrooms upstairs and 2 bathrooms. Every room have 2 doors to prevent traffic jams. Originally intended for families of 4 sims, it proved enough spacious so I added an extra bed, for 6 sims.

        Asymmetrical House

        Asymmetrical House 2×3

        This home is a spontaneous idea (house built without any pre-planning) made after a friend criticized my The Sims homes for being unrealistic, too much symmetry, too bright colors, told me to use brick. There are 5 rooms in the house, which may be used as 3 bedrooms, 1 den, 1 disco room. Made in April 2013. Redesigned in September 2018 to remove fences and dark green grass and replace bricks with siding.

        L-Shaped House

        L-Shaped House

          L-Shaped houses were standard homes for my sims during early years of playing The Sims 2. Here is the The Sims 3 version. Ground floor is composed by living, dining, kitchen, hobby rooms and one bath, while second floor is composed by 3 bedrooms, family room and 2 baths. Designed for families of 4-6 sims. Built in November 2015.

          Tiny Large House

          House on a Tiny 1×2 Lot III

            On a tiny 1×2 lot I built a large, extremely fat and cubish house, completed with pool and hot tub. A good home for a family with 6 sims with a possibility to add 2 extra single beds, but there are not enough bathrooms for 8 sims.

            Symmetrical House

            Symmetrical House 2×2 Palace

              Part of the series of 2×2 symmetrical houses, this one is the largest. A small 2×2 lot can fit a large house for families of 8 Sims, plus pool and garage.

              Symmetrical House

              Symmetrical House 2×2 Brick

                Part of the series of 2×2 symmetrical houses, this one with marble walls. Designed for a family of 4-6 Sims. Upper floor is composed by 5 rooms.

                Symmetrical House

                Symmetrical House 2×2 Siding

                  Part of the series of 2×2 symmetrical houses, this one in american style with siding wall covers. Designed for a family of 4-6 Sims.

                  Helluva Hacienda

                  Helluva Hacienda 3×3 W 236 (Maxis inspired)

                    This is not a makeover, it is inspired… I made a home similar with Maxis-made Helluva Hacienda from The Sims 2 house bin, in terms of U-Shaped and architecture style, but different building size and different pool position. Made in July 2012.

                    Glass House

                    The Cube of Glass

                      How about a house with glass walls and open floor plan? A simple home with one noisy lower floor and one quiet upper floor, made with Open for Business.

                      L-Shaped House 2008

                      L-Shaped house – Edition 2008

                        Since The Sims 1 era, the L-shaped houses were the basic accommodation for my family of 6 sims (I was playing 1 family all time), with pool, stairway leading to balcony, and I loved to fill entire courtyard with flowers.

                        My first The Sims 2 house

                        My first The Sims 2 house

                          I found these pictures while browsing old folders in my computer. They date back from 2005, taken with in-game camera so no high resolution available and no download link.