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Moonwood Mill

Evergreen HarborMoonwood Mill is a world added in The Sims 4: Werewolves.

The world contains only a single neighborhood with five lots: two residential, one library, one bar, and an empty lot, nestled in the forest with a single river running through it, and around the center of the town remains a sizable mountain that has only one access area to the peak.


Moonwood Mill is a quiet forest town with a forest-industrial aesthetic, centered around the core theme of a disbanded lumber industry being overtaken by werewolves. The world is overrun with trees, foliage, and run-down mill buildings. The forest influence might mean its based on the Pacific Northwest of the United States, similarly to Granite Falls and Glimmerbrook.


With The Sims 4: Seasons installed, Moonwood Mill experiences snowstorms in winter. It has a cool to cold climate overall.


Neighborhood Lot Lot type Lot size Value Occupants
The Collective Cabin Residential 40×30 Volkov
New Moon Shack Residential 30×15
Prowler’s Patch Residential 30×30
The Grimtooth Bar & Bunker Bar 50×40
The Moonwood Mill Library Library 40×30


Family Funds Members
Volkov household §20,000 Kristopher Volkov, Jacob Volkov, Lily Zhu

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