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Funny moments

Remote Control Car sick

Funny screenshots

Some The Sims 2 fans are writing web journals with everything that happens with their virtual families. Who the fuck would be interested in that? Personally I post only the best pictures and funny moments.

Fire when nobody is home

Fun with fire

A sim called taxi while another sim was cooking, leaving the food on stove which burned. Firetruck arrived right when all family left home. After several days spent on community lots, my family returned home with taxi and found the firefighter still at home going to extinguish the fire (this is normal in The Sims 2, the lot is saved when sims go to community lot, this cannot be done in The Sims 3).

Two firemen

Fun with emergency line

I started making prank calls to police and fire services. Normally they would fine me with $500 for calling when there is no emergency, but I was curious… what does happen if I do not have money?