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Chestnut Ridge

Chestnut RidgeChestnut Ridge is a world included in The Sims 4: Horse Ranch expansion pack. In this town resides an equestrian community that is known for its expertise in horse training and nectar making. All neighborhoods have open spaces and long roads perfect for horse riding. There are also many jumping hurdles and barrels located in public spaces. At the town center, there is a clothing store, grocery, and an equestrian center for horse competitions.

Neighborhoods & lots

Chestnut Ridge consists of three neighborhoods.

There are 13 lots in total; 9 residential lots, 1 rental lot, and 3 community lots in Chestnut Ridge.

Neighborhood Lot Lot type Lot size Value Price per day Occupants
New Appaloosa New Appaloosa Champion’s Grove Residential 30×20 §59,493 Sienna & Flapjack household
New Appaloosa The Cozy Corner House Residential 30×20 §17,283
New Appaloosa The Oak Barrel Bar 30×20 §86,755
New Appaloosa The Rusty Horseshoe Nightclub 30×20 §33,559
New Appaloosa Duke’s Hall Park 40×30 §74,019
Riders’ Glen Biscuit’s Bastion Residential 40×30 §76,557 The Grove Family household
Riders’ Glen Sweet Nectar Glade Residential 30×20 §89,754 The Nectar Making Duo household
Riders’ Glen Canter Cottage Residential 30×30 §22,807
Riders’ Glen Grapevine Terrace Residential 30×20 §89,452
Riders’ Glen Red Roan Field Residential 64×64 §9,987
Galloping Gulch Canyon Crossing Residential 20×20 §22,780 Gooseman household
Galloping Gulch Palomino Junction Residential 50×50 §19,492
Galloping Gulch Big Sky Reach Rental 20×15 §40,494 §390


Family Funds Members
Gooseman household §20,000 Don Gooseman, Duke Gooseman
The Nectar Making Duo household §20,000 Marissa Tracey, Dani Davila
The Grove Family household §20,000 Umber Grove, Juniper Grove, Wren Grove, Luna, Starbrite
Sienna & Flapjack household §20,000 Sienna Grove, Flapjack

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