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CopperdaleCopperdale is a world included in The Sims 4: High School Years expansion pack.


Copperdale consists of three neighborhoods.

Rockridge Heights
Prescott Square
Plumbite Cove


There are 12 lots in Copperdale.

Residential lots

Water Tower Way, owned by Harjo (20×15)
Golden Peak, owned by Prescott (30×30)
BridgeCreek Drive, owned by Price (30×30)

Town Square Terrace (20×15)
LaSuli Point (20×15)

Empty lots
Little Falls Nook (20×20)

Rental lots
Hillside Haven (30×20)

Community lots
Copperdale High School – High school (64×64)
Auditorium – Auditorium (30×20)
ThrifTea – Thrift and bubble tea store (20×15)
Lakeview Library – Library (20×20)
Totter Park – Park (50×40)


Harjo household
Ava Harjo, Lucha Harjo, Noah Kane, Ash Harjo

Brought together by their mutual obsession over food, Ava and Lucha fell in love. Ava was recently hired at the High School to work in the cafeteria, and with her expert cooking skills, the food has never been better! Lucha, still learning some chops, was promoted to Head Dishwasher and couldn’t be happier. Ash has decided to fully commit to a life of fashion, diving into the Simfluencer lifestyle and spending loads of time on Trendi. Noah, a bit of a prankster, spends his time training for football and daydreaming about his secret crush, Sidney Price. With teens to raise and recipes to create, the Harjos are in for some wild adventures.

Prescott household
Tai Lum, Mei Prescott, Molly Prescott, Amy Prescott

After her husband’s passing, Mei put all her efforts into protecting her girls and showering them with affection. Often times to an embarrassing degree. Molly is a star student with a secret passion for music. Taking a page from her troublemaker sister Amy, she’s learning to embrace her more rebellious side. Tai enjoys time with his grandchildren, especially the extra moments he has with Molly when working at the school as a janitor.

Price household
Marcel Price, Janae Price, Kevin Puri, Sidney Price, Savannah Price, Jayden Price

High School sweethearts and Copperdale alumni Janae and Marcel Price have returned, moving back into their old neighborhood with their three children, Sidney, Savannah, and Jayden. They also welcomed Kevin, a foreign exchange student, into their lively home. It’s a busy household stirring with activity and thriving pursuits. While Marcel works on his latest novel, Janae works full-time as a regional manager. The twins, Savannah and Sidney, each enjoy their own interest while trying to keep up good grades. Jayden looks up to his siblings a lot and can’t wait to be just like them, his buddy Kevin included. Life can certainly get away from them, but they know they can always depend on one another.

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