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TomarangTomarang is a world included in The Sims 4: For Rent expansion pack. It is a luscious world with dense housing and lots of business, paired with local culture and traditions.

Neighborhoods & lots

Tomarang has two Neighborhoods. If Eco Lifestyle is installed, all Lots and Neighborhoods will start with a Green Eco footprint.

There are 9 lots in total in Tomarang; 5 residential lots, 2 residential rental lots, and 2 community lots.

Neighborhood Lot Lot type Lot size Value Price per day Occupants
Morensong Ro Kaya Rockside Residential 40×30 §2,870
Morensong Taka Soi 15 Residential Rental 20×20 Cahyaputri family
Morensong 08 Taka Soi 15 Vacant 78 tiles §7,925 §65
Morensong 09 Taka Soi 15 Occupied 110 tiles Cahyaputri family
Morensong Chee-wit Chee-waa Kanto Residential 20×15 §18,900
Morensong ZoSul Taman Botani Park National Park 30×30 §33,045
Koh Sahpa Isda Riverfront Residential 20×20 §1,370
Koh Sahpa Sungai Point Residential Rental 30×20
Koh Sahpa 11A Sungai Point 270 tiles §46,588 §180 Linh-Sadya family
Koh Sahpa 11B Sungai Point 101 tiles §21,315 §65 Thi Linh
Koh Sahpa 11C Sungai Point 129 tiles §15,755 §65
Koh Sahpa The Screaming Gecko Longue 20×20 §41,467
Koh Sahpa Tam Nang Sands Residential 30×20 §2,070
Koh Sahpa Hothotok Shore Residential 20×15 §40,238 Bun Ma family


Family Funds Members
Cahyaputri family §20,000 Vanesha Cahyaputri, Zhafira Cahyaputri
Linh-Sadya family §20,000 Chánh Linh, Arturo Linh, Liên Sadya, Alon Sadya, Cam Sadya
Linh household §20,000 Thi Linh
Bun Ma family §20,000 Bua Bun Ma, Kasem Bun Ma, Nin Bun Ma, Sud Bun Ma

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