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Category: How to, tips & tricks

The Sims 2 tips and tricks, cheats, and other how to do various stuff

How to build taller than 5 floors

Original version of The Sims 2 allow you to built up to 5 levels. This means houses like basement + 3 floors + roof or terrace. You can eliminate the basement, or built an underground floor inside basement. There is a TRICK that allow building 6 levels: put a dormer on the highest level, but this will …

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Best strategy to play The Sims without cheating

This strategy is designed for The Sims 2 but can work approximately same way in The Sims 1 and 3 too. This is NOT really best strategy, but usually give nearly best results, maybe it can be improved a little… if you have more time for gaming than me to test variations of strategy. Starting strategy Create a family with 4-8 adult Sims. More …

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Cannot build walls? You reached the wall limit!

I was not aware that The Sims 2 hav e a strange limit of number of wall segments when you cannot build more walls… until I built The Condominium. During building the 6th floor, I encountered the bug, so I had to replan the blocks thinner and simpler, to reach desired height of 7/8 floors. The limit is …

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Tips and Tricks

Looking for a trick not listed in this page? Ask me! Leave a comment… and I may add it! Build mode not working, cannot build anything! That because you have the base game with a no-CD cracked .exe. I never found a working crack able to use build mode, so you can play the game with …

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Starter Homes tips

Always built houses THEN move family in them. NEVER move family to an empty lot then build the house, because only 80% of Build Mode costs are added to home value. The loss of money will be even bigger if you build, demolish and rebuild. A way to have a even better furniture in less than …

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The Sims 2 list of CHEATS

Miscellaneous Cheats help help [cheatname] exit expand autoPatch -on/off setLotLightingFile [filename] Nightlife and newer bugJarTimeDecay [on|off] Seasons (only?) Neighborhood Cheats changeLotZoning [residential | community | greek | dorm | secretsocietylot] University only terrainType [desert | concrete | temperate | dirt] Nightlife and newer changeLotZoning [residential | community | hotel | secretvacationlot] Bon Voyage only modifyNeighborhoodTerrain …

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