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Twikkii Island

Twikkii Island is a Tropical-themed sub-neighborhood that appears in The Sims 2: Bon Voyage as a vacation destination.

It contains 13 lots, of which 7 community lots, 4 lodging lots, 2 vacation homes, and 0 families living in.

Secret Vacation Lot: The Mysterious Hut, occupied by the Witch doctor.

Story: If you’ve never been to a beach then you definitely don’t want to miss spending your next vacation on Twikkii Island. You’ll be dazzled by the rolling waves, exciting culture, and the world famous Pirate Wreck. So come visit and take a break in a beach hammock, shop for some stylish local goods or get a soothing massage.

Ancient Ruins of Numchuck 4×3 Community Lot $148,100
Blossom Wood Hotel 3×3 Lodging $95,236
Brickstone Chateau 3×5 Vacation Home $56,978 $59,978
Brickstone Retreat 2×2 Vacation Home $19,167 $19,167
Double Palm Resort 4×3 Lodging $127,141
Fruitville Village 3×3 Community Lot $59,300
Majestic Ruins of Jumbok IV 4×4 Community Lot $70,000
Potterhouse Bungalows 5×5 Lodging $113,612
Seawater Beach Paradise 3×5 Community Lot $37,588
South End Beach 4×5 Community Lot $105,383
Twikkii Beach Boardwalk 5×5 Community Lot $92,004
Twikkii Beach Hotel 4×5 Lodging $174,104
Whitesand Hot Springs 3×3 Community Lot $65,773

Lot value: the value shown when you enter lot and click “Lot Information” in top-left corner, this is how I was able to get value for community lots and apartment lots.

Default value: the price shown in neighborhood view when you point mouse cursor on a lot. Available only for residential non-occupied houses. After you enter lot and return to neighborhood view, even without saving lot, the value changes the value shown in “Lot Information”.

Oasis Springs

Oasis Springs is a world that was shipped in The Sims 4 base game alongside Willow Creek. It is set in the middle of a desert. Its appearance is reminiscent of many locations in the desert portions of the Southwestern United States.

Story: An oasis nestled in the austere beauty of the western desert, this haven of eclectic culture is fringed by countless soaring palms, and lent vibrant color through impossibly lush landscaping. Oasis Springs offers relaxing retreats from the sun to any traveler who discovers it.


Oasis Springs consists of six neighborhoods with one secret lot, separated from other neighborhoods. Four neighborhoods have up to five residential lots each, with the fifth consisting of four community lots, while the sixth neighborhood is a large community park.

Bedrock Strait
Parched Prospect
Skyward Palms
Acquisition Butte
Oasis Springs Commercial District
Desert Bloom Park

Secret lot

Forgotten Grotto


There are a total of 16 residential lots and 5 community lots in Oasis Springs.

Affluista Mansion, owned by Landgraab
Cacti Casa, owned by Roomies
Slipshod Mesquite, owned by Zest
Sultry Springside, owned by Caliente

Agave Abode
Granada Place
Raffia Quinta
Rio Verde
Sandtrap Flat
Vista Quarry
Yuma Heights

Empty lots
Arid Ridge – 40×30
Dusty Turf – 30×20
Pebble Burrow – 30×20

Community lots
Burners & Builders – Gym
Desert Bloom – Park
The Futures Past – Museum
Rattlesnake Juice – Bar
The Solar Flare – Lounge

Three Lakes

Three Lakes is a mountain-themed sub-neighborhood that appears in Bon Voyage as a vacation destination.

It contains 12 lots, of which 6 community lots, 4 lodging lots, 2 vacation homes, and 0 families living in.

Secret Vacation Lot: Hidden Burrow, occupied by Bigfoot.

Story: Planning on roasting a marshmallow under the stars? Or are you looking to try your skills at log rolling or axe throwing? Three Lakes provides the perfect vacation destination for those who seek and enjoy the great outdoors. With fresh air and nature all around you it’s nearly impossible not to savor every second.

Axe Wood Campgrounds 5×5 Community Lot $62,778
Blau Hills Resort 4×5 Lodging $156,431
Copper Ranch Retreat 3×2 Vacation Home $30,443 $30,467
Hunter’s Bedrock Inn 3×3 Lodging $87,089
Lumber Mill Range 4×5 Community Lot $61,226
Sky Vista Hotel 5×4 Lodging $217,826
Smooth Rock Spa 3×3 Community Lot $68,227
Three Lakes Cabins 4×4 Lodging $89,550
Three Lakes Market 5×3 Community Lot $112,640
Three Lakes Plaza 2×4 Community Lot $81,062
Villa di Simoleon 4×3 Vacation Home $43,063 $43,063
Wallowa Park 3×3 Community Lot $62,467

Lot value: the value shown when you enter lot and click “Lot Information” in top-left corner, this is how I was able to get value for community lots and apartment lots.

Default value: the price shown in neighborhood view when you point mouse cursor on a lot. Available only for residential non-occupied houses. After you enter lot and return to neighborhood view, even without saving lot, the value changes the value shown in “Lot Information”.

Takemizu Village

Takemizu Village is a Far East-themed sub-neighborhood that appears in The Sims 2: Bon Voyage as a vacation destination.

It contains 11 lots, of which 6 community lots, 3 lodging lots, 2 vacation homes, and 0 families living in.

Secret Vacation Lot: Pagoda in the Shadows, occupied by Wise Old Man.

Story: Combined with beautiful scenery, serene locales, and delicious foods, the Takemizu Village offers a peaceful and relaxing vacation for your family and friends. Learn about local customs and history while enjoying the beautiful sights. Come stay at this tranquil vacation spot that promises not to disappoint.

Flaming Dragon Hotel 4×4 Lodging $192,385
Green Thicket Manor 4×3 Vacation Home $33,140 $33,140
Immortal Zen Garden 3×2 Community Lot $42,268
Jade’s Exclusive Villas 5×3 Community Lot $106,563
Lucky Shrine Park 3×5 Community Lot $89,347
Pearl Mist Estate 2×3 Vacation Home $26,252 $26,252
Steaming Dragon Hotel 2×2 Lodging $120,634
Takemizu Pagoda and Market 2×4 Community Lot $125,547
Takemizu Village Hot Springs 4×3 Community Lot $105,461
Takemizu Village Resort 5×4 Lodging $168,990
Three Corners Food Mart 3×2 Community Lot $60,952

Lot value: the value shown when you enter lot and click “Lot Information” in top-left corner, this is how I was able to get value for community lots and apartment lots.

Default value: the price shown in neighborhood view when you point mouse cursor on a lot. Available only for residential non-occupied houses. After you enter lot and return to neighborhood view, even without saving lot, the value changes the value shown in “Lot Information”.

List of houses built by Teoalida

I designed and built too many houses in The Sims 2 & 3, some people ask me “please give me a 3-bedroom home” or “which sims homes have 4 bedrooms?” So made this table to sort things out!

U/C = under construction, houses built but unhappy of results so I may rebuild them later.
Bath 2h/4h = half baths one for toilet and one for bathtub, more efficient use by multiple sims.
Facing (The Sims 2 only) = I define default lot orientation as North, thus in the lot view, South-facing lots are those with sun lighting street side and right side. In neighborhood view the sun is on opposite direction.
I do not enjoy rotating lots because this will rotate sun direction too.

I usually design symmetrical homes on south/north facing lots and asymmetrical homes on east/west facing lots. I usually choose the orientation based by pool position (south/east facing for houses with pool in front yard, north/west facing for houses with pool in back yard).

Terms and conditions

  • Feel free to download my houses and use them for your Sims (download buttons at bottom of each house’s page).
  • Feel free to alter walls, furniture, decorative items, etc. to suit your Sims.
  • DO NOT post my houses on any other website, without my approval.

List of The Sims 2 houses made by me

Building name Lot
Facing EP required Date
Starter houses

Lots contain basic furniture, minimum to be livable: cheapest possible wall paint, doors, windows, tables, counters, and best possible functional items such as sofa, TV, chairs, beds, etc, while keeping price under $20,000 (budget of starter families). Purely decorative items such as lights and windows curtains does not exist.

Starter Home 1×2
aka Best Starter Home
1×2 $19,989 84 2 2h 4 North base 2011
Starter Home 2×2 2×2 $19,985 80 2 1 4 North base Apr 2013
a Starter Home 1×1 1×1 $19,970 67 1 1 2 South base July 2012
Shotgun Starter Home 1×2 1×2 $20,000 88 2 1 4 North base Sep 2013
Normal houses

All houses build with top-end furnishing to maximize comfort for your sims. Beside basic furnishing, most houses also contain swimming pool, computers, easel, piano, lights, window curtains, etc. Due to this reason, all houses have comparable price $100,000 – $150,000 nearly proportional with floor area.

Excessive use of decorative items is avoided (expensive paintings and statues), they can be found only in high-end buildings such as Palace Trianon Floresti and Savarsin Castle.

American Single-Story 2×2 $96,142 131 28 2 1 3-4 East NL Aug 2012
American Two-Story 2×2 $129,744 218 28 3 3 4-6 East NL Oct 2012
DELETED Asymmetrical House I 2×2 $126,428 212 28 2-3 2 4-6 South base Feb 2012
DELETED Asymmetrical House II 2×2 $125,335 172 48 2 2 4 West base Sep 2012
Asymmetrical House III 2×3 $143,805 248 35 3-4 3 6-8 East NL April 2013
Asymmetrical House IV 2×2 $126,392 204 28 2-4 2 6 North base July 2013
Federal Fortress
(Maxis Makeover)
3×3 $259,942 452 100 4-6 5 8+ North base July 2012
Helluva Hacienda
(Maxis Inspired)
3×3 $169,604 212 72 2 2 4-8 West base July 2012
Home Alone House
(real building)
3×3 $213,845 396 72 3-4 3 6-8 South NL Sep 2012
House on a Tiny Lot I 1×2 ~$100,000 164 2 2 6 South base 2011
House on a Tiny Lot II 1×2 $90,410 128 18 2 2 4 North base July 2012
House on a Tiny Lot III
(Large house on a tiny lot)
1×2 $113,743 188 20 3 2 6 North base Oct 2012
House on a Tiny Lot IV 1×2 U/C 138 18 2-3 2 4 North base mid-2013
House 1×2 lot Rectangle 8×12 1×2 $141,521 188 20 3 2 6 North base Oct 2018
House 1×2 lot Z-shaped 6×12 1×2 $92,674 128 18 2-3 2 4 North base Oct 2018
House 1×2 lot Rectangle 6×12 1×2 $92,851 138 18 2-3 2 4 North base Oct 2018
L-House edition 2008 2×2 ~$110,000 224 ? 2 2 6 South base 2008
Modern Symmetry 2×3 $162,099 260 42 4 3 8 North OFB Oct 2012
Nazi House 3×4 $182,512 272 68 2 4h 8 South NL Aug 2012
Palace I Trianon Floresti
(real building)
5×5 $368,871 586 206 2 4 8+ North UL, NL 2009
Palace II 3×4 $286,486 472 166 4 3 8 North UL, NL 2012
Palace III Trianon Floresti
(real building)
5×5 $533,939 672 234 4 4 8+ South UL, NL,
Apr 2013
TBA Palace IV 3×4 abandoned ? 4 4 8 ? 2013
Pyramid House 3×3 $138,048 268 4 3 6-8 West base Oct 2018
Săvârşin Castle
(real building)
3×3 $370,229 451 68 4-5 4 8 North NL, AL Sep 2018
Symmetrical House Brick 2×2 $128,047 232 35 3 2 4-6 South base 2012
Symmetrical House Palace 2×2 $176,992 244 30 4 3 8 South base 2012
Symmetrical House Rustic 2×2 $95,324 156 35 2 2 4-6 South base 2012
Symmetrical House Siding 2×2 $113,151 200 35 2 2 4-6 South base 2012
Terrace House 1×1 1×1 $72,738 122 2 2 4 South base Oct 2012
Terrace Classic 1×2 $110,390 196 2 2 4-6 South base Early 2012
Terrace Modern 1×2 $103,502 188 2 2 4-6 North base Early 2012
The Cube of Glass I 2×2 ~$128,000 256 104 open
4h 8 West OFB June 2012
The Cube of Glass II 2×3 ~$160,000 188 72 open
4h 8 West OFB July 2012
DELETED Wood house 2×2 ~$100,000 172 2 2 6 South base 2009
Apartment lots

Like normal houses, they are also furnished with high-end furniture.

First Apartment 3×3 ~$525,000 288×4 ? 3 3 6-8 South AL Dec 2011
Second Apartment 2×3 ~$360,000 166×4 ? 2 2 4 West AL Jul 2012
Third Apartment 3×3 $516,355 204×4 ? 3 3 6 South AL Sep 2012
Realistic Apartment Block 3×2 ? 107×4 2-3 2 4 South AL Apr 2013
to be added Palace of Culture
(real building)
4×3 U/C ? ? 2 2 4 South AL 2013
to be added Housing Complex 3×3 U/C ? ? 2 2 4 North AL 2013
Semi-Detached with garage 4×3 unfinished 210×4 30×4 2 2 4 East AL 2012
Apartment block U-shaped 3×3 425,975
154×4 68 3 2 4-6 North AL Oct 2018
Decorative buildings

Lots built purely for neighborhood decoration or to showcase my architectural design skills. Some buildings are calculated to be the biggest possible within the limit of 2100 wall segments and 15 floors. Their interiors does not contains rooms, stairs, or any furniture, but just lights to take night screenshots.

4 blocks
6×5 $424,322 5940 144 North AL Dec 2011
5 x 116
6×5 $493,962 ? ? North AL Sep
4 x 136
6×5 $502,094 4256 380 South AL Oct
Peles Castle
(real building)
6×5 unfinished 3000+ ? South AL 2007
Palace of the Parliament
(real building)
6×5 $449,179 2584 ? South AL May 2012
Palace of the Empire 6×5 $396,458 4746 North AL May
Biggest building 6×5 $446,950 10344 South AL May
World Trade Center 5×5 $141,813 ? East UL Jun
Empire State Building 3×3 $95,804 ? South UL Jun
The Empire Tower 3×3 $154,185 ? South UL Jun
The Imperial Tower 3×2 $100.339 ? North UL Jun
The Pinnacle Tower 3×3 ? ? North UL Jun
The Vertical Tower 3×2 $93.156 ? North UL Jun

List of The Sims 3 houses made by me

Building name Lot
Facing Require Date
My First The Sims 3 House 20×30 ~$170,000 258 45 3 3 6 base Apr 2013
Tiny House 16×18 $72,134 138 2 2 4 base Apr 2013
Starter Home 16×18 $19.103 80 2 1 4 base May 2013
Apartment block 30×30 ? 1120 base Oct 2013
L-shaped house 20×30 $149.388 280 35 3 3 6 base Nov 2015
abandoned Palace Trianon Floresti 50×50 U/C 500+ ? 4 4 8 ? 2013

General info

The houses made by Teoalida are designed with minimal or even NO expansion packs when possible, to maximize compatibility. I uninstalled all expansion packs to build basegame-only houses. Later I realized that was not necessary to uninstall, I could use AnyGameStarter to create mini-games with selected expansion packs.
I hate simmers who design simple starter homes using all 16 expansion and stuff packs.

NO Custom Content in my houses.
Because some simmers hate CC.

All my houses are fully furnished, except the ones built solo for decorative purposes.
Because most houses are small and designed to optimize furniture placements, without furniture I could not do design the house. If you want them unfurnished, just put a family in them then evict family, the furniture will gone.

Due to large number of houses made in 2012 and later, and limited time for games, I do not have time to playtest EVERY house. I have good eyes to assume that they are functional and do not miss any item not even the small ones like alarm clock, fire alarm, telephone, etc. If you download them and find errors, report them by leaving a comment on house page.

Review of houses built by other people:
I have spent many hours browsing other people’s content posted on www.modthesims.info trying to get inspiration. I see a lot of crappy houses getting positive comments from idiots praising unessential details. Houses with messy floor plans, oversized houses with bad furniture placements, even worse, no sofa facing TV, just two diagonal sofas that cannot be used for watching TV.

Apparently some people built the houses to look like (a bad) real life, rather than for playing Sims in them. You will NOT find such stupidities in my houses!

This is the KING of idiots:
I recently told myself I don’t need any more houses b/c my lots bin is full of houses I rarely use. But none of them are purple (it’s my favorite color). And my neighborhoods are sorely lacking in purple houses. (source).
He couldn’t repaint walls of any existing house!!??

How to build taller than 5 floors

Original version of The Sims 2 allow you to built up to 5 levels. This means houses like basement + 3 floors + roof or terrace. You can eliminate the basement, or built an underground floor inside basement. There is a TRICK that allow building 6 levels: put a dormer on the highest level, but this will not allow anymore stepped roofs taller than one floor.

University Expansion Pack allows to change the floor limit: press Ctrl+Shift+C when you are in Neighborhood (NOT in a lot), type sethighestallowedlevel 16 (or any number up to 255), then open any lot and you can built more levels. If the height limit was reached, just put a dormer to unlock the limit.


BEWARE! the game will crash when you reach a certain height, of 16 levels if you use basement or 15 levels if you do not use basement.

In neighborhood views you will not see floors tiles higher than 150 steps from street level. Each floor have 16 steps and foundation normally have 4 steps, 16 steps x 9 floors = 144 steps, you can use raise ground or use foundation of max 6 steps, however ground floor raised at levels not divisible by 4 cause a ugly look in neighborhood, so when you are building skyscrapers you should stick at 4 step foundation and 9 floors.

The towers shown in above photos show max possible building height (pink skyscraper, basement + 15 floors), and highest flooring which appears in Neighborhood view (green skyscraper, basement + 9 floors) so the roof flooring is at 11th level.

You can also create a huge hole in the ground and by this way you can have the floor tiles displayed even at 16th level (the game crash at 16 levels regardless of the height from street level), but again will look ugly.

Alternatively, you can use pitched roof to cover tall buildings, see through windows that internal floors are not displayed above 10th level.

Imperial Building Imperial Building

Lots saved with University expansion pack, regardless of number of floors, can be open and played in any other version of The Sims 2 including base game, any University object is deleted rather than crashing the game, the single “problem” is that the University lots viewed in base game have crazy prices, even negative prices, like $-987,123,456.00, you need to enter in lot and save lot in base game, then you can play a base game lot with 16 floors.

This is not working for newer expansion packs, from Nightlife to Apartment Life, each having own version for saved files, and trying to open lots without required expansion packs will crash the game.

Other games

The Sims 1 allow you to build 1 or 2 levels only, lower and upper level, and no foundation. Roof is added automatically over any enclosed area of house.

The sims 3 allow you to build up to 6 levels, 6th level cannot hold walls but only roof or terrace. Foundation and frieze (a 4-step tall zone that divide floors) also count as levels. So you can for example build a house with basement and 4 floors plus roof. World Adventures expansion pack add option to build basements, up to 4 levels underground. But for efficiency you shouldn’t have more than 2 habitable floors, otherwise your sims will waste a lot of time going from one task to another.

The Sims 4 allow you to build up to 4 levels above ground and 2 levels under ground (basement). Foundation does not count as level, it is added automatically over entire house and you can adjust it from 0 to 9 steps even after the house was built.

There are no cheats for The Sims 1, 3 and 4 to raise the number of floors limit, like in The Sims 2.

The Sims 2 career tracks and jobs

I have compiled an Excel database with all career tracks and job positions, showing also job description, salary, work days, skills and friends required, etc…. and offer it for FREE download! 25 careers, 313 jobs, 222 KB file.

Summary of salaries for each career track and job position is shown below:

Career track Game Adult jobs Teen/Elder jobs
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1 2 3
Adventurer Seasons $172 $225 $375 $415 $580 $870 $1,050 $1,560 $1,910 $2,730 $72 $95 $125
Architecture FreeTime $155 $175 $248 $415 $525 $615 $985 $1,123 $1,970 $2,300 $56 $76 $102
Artist University $231 $357 $483 $630 $808 $1,339 $1,785 $2,232 $2,625 $4,549
Athletic base game $154 $238 $322 $420 $539 $893 $1,190 $1,488 $1,750 $3,033 $97 $110 $125
Business base game $168 $252 $350 $448 $560 $728 $924 $1,400 $1,663 $2,100 $52 $76 $98
Criminal base game $196 $280 $385 $490 $595 $742 $896 $1,064 $1,575 $1,925 $50 $62 $105
Culinary base game $126 $168 $183 $242 $308 $469 $812 $1,206 $1,330 $2,170 $63 $84 $91
Dance FreeTime $215 $275 $375 $340 $520 $680 $815 $1,380 $2,025 $2,950 $62 $85 $112
Education Seasons $215 $316 $452 $642 $754 $1,560 $1,641 $1,892 $2,430 $3,450 $64 $86 $116
Entertainment FreeTime $240 $265 $305 $420 $505 $690 $820 $1,120 $2,540 $3,105 $51 $82 $105
Gamer Seasons $123 $147 $225 $296 $325 $453 $763 $950 $1,250 $1,950 $45 $74 $107
Intelligence FreeTime $225 $310 $325 $395 $490 $650 $1,070 $1,540 $3,225 $3,750 $48 $85 $106
Journalism Seasons $115 $228 $287 $385 $457 $668 $874 $1,168 $2,350 $2,350 $57 $84 $115
Law Seasons $148 $215 $365 $422 $488 $725 $865 $1,175 $1,572 $1,912 $74 $98 $145
Law Enforcement base game $336 $448 $552 $616 $686 $756 $826 $875 $910 $1,225 $45 $75 $125
Medicine base game $280 $385 $476 $574 $672 $770 $875 $980 $1,356 $1,488 $65 $87 $125
Military base game $350 $455 $560 $630 $700 $770 $812 $840 $1,094 $1,138 $57 $77 $100
Music Seasons $135 $186 $223 $335 $452 $535 $1,030 $1,950 $2,100 $2,830 $52 $75 $98
Natural Scientist University $231 $483 $672 $787 $945 $1,134 $1,344 $1,544 $2,283 $10,497
Oceanography FreeTime $185 $215 $295 $325 $450 $585 $860 $1,320 $2,880 $3,970 $47 $83 $108
Paranormal University $252 $375 $525 $672 $840 $1,092 $1,386 $2,100 $2,494 $4,725
Politics base game $308 $420 $504 $602 $679 $756 $840 $1,138 $1,225 $1,313 $53 $72 $112
Science base game $217 $322 $448 $525 $630 $756 $896 $1,036 $1,522 $2,333 $64 $105 $115
Show Business University $420 $575 $714 $861 $1,088 $1,155 $1,312 $2,205 $3,051 $5,022
Slacker base game $126 $154 $210 $252 $385 $392 $613 $788 $933 $1,400 $45 $71 $96

Which is the best career?

This depend by lots of variables… no career is the best in all circumstances.

Number of work days vary from job to job, higher paying jobs may have less work days thus comparing jobs in terms of weekly earnings is difficult , but usually daily earnings matter more, because in the day of promotion you are getting a bonus double of daily salary.

The strategy to get rich depends also by which day of week promotion occurs. You may be promoted to a position having next days free, and while waiting next working day to get the next promotion, your adult Sim may turn into elder and get retired.

Military Career and Law Enforcement Career are have the highest pay at entry level jobs, thus being the best for a starter family with adults without skills.

Business Career (requiring charisma, logic, creativity) or Criminal Career (requiring mechanical, body, creativity) are the easiest careers for Sims that are in your family since child or teen. Because body, logic, creativity skills are usually earned automatically during childhood if you have a swimming pool, chess table or piano in the house.

Highest paid careers are the ones for University graduates: Artist, Natural Scientist, Paranormal, Show Business, but obviously these are hardest careers to reach the top position, as they require 4 skills instead of 3.

Natural Scientist – Ecological Guru have highest salary per day: $10.497, but only 1 work day per week.

Show Business – Icon is the highest paying job per week: $5.022 x 3 work days per week.

Advice how to advance in careers

Go to community lots to make skills, because Sims do not age unless they are at home (or you use cheat “aging -off“)

Is difficult to maintain large number of friends by playing a single family. You should play multiple families to make friends with the Sim you intend to reach top position in careers. I was able in this way to reach even level 10 (Mayor) in Politics which required 17 friends in The Sims 1. This in 2004 when I did not had internet connection and I had not many things to do thus could play The Sims for long periods of time, I compiled a table with the 10 career tracks in base game, by testing personally each job.

The Sims 2 introduced a cheat “boolprop testingcheatsenabled true” that, if entered while you are in neighborhood view, allow you once you open a lot to click the mood bars and friendship scores, quickly making friends.

Does anyone managed to reach top position in a career without cheating?

The Sims free download

The Sims 2 coverIn 2014 EA Games offered The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection for free download via Origin for a limited time of one week. Only people who grabbed the free download at right time can re-download the game at any time. Sadly, I missed the moment.

Some people uploaded Ultimate Collection on various file hosting services, where anyone can download for FREE: https://mega.nz/#F!tT5GkB5Y!8tEL-uoB7_aJG8Il9CREyQ

However, the Ultimate Collection, although contains the full game including all expansions and stuff packs, it do not contains expansion packs individually so they cannot be played with AnyGameStarter, used by me to create basegame-compatible content.

You may have been aware of BitTorrent filesharing network, where you can download games for free. But The Sims game is split on multiple torrents due to having numerous expansion packs, which require entering serial numbers which may take a while to find them and install all expansion packs, whole job taking about 3 hours.

I found one torrent which automatically install all expansion packs, you are no longer needed to install expansions one by one and enter serial numbers:


If ThePirateBay is down, use www.teoalida.com/thesims/files/Sims-2-All-in-One.torrent

How to download torrents (if you are not familiar)

You need to install a torrent client, such as uTorrent or Vuze. Then go in the above link to ThePirateBay website, click Get this torrent, it will open with the torrent software you installed and start downloading. When the download is complete, open Sims 2 AIO Installer.exe and the whole game including all expansion packs will install in about 15 minutes. After this you can install AnyGameStarter if you want to play base game only or specific expansion packs. If you want to play via AnyGameStarter you need also to add cracked EXE files for the expansion packs you are playing, you can download The Sims 2 Crack Pack. The base game should not be cracked because it prevents Build mode from working, you need to play with disk in drive or in Daemon Tools.

You can browse ThePirateBay website for other games, software or music for free download.

You can find serial numbers by searching “The Sims key” on Yahoo Answers.

Is legal to download from torrents?

Simply using torrents is not a crime. But free downloading games and software that are usually sold for money, stealing serial codes or using cracked exe files, is a crime. However as long you are using them only at home, non-commercial use, is no problem.

For example: discotheques are regularly inspected if they own (paid for) the music they are playing, internet cafes are regularly inspected if they own (paid for) games offered for playing, but if you are downloading music and games from torrents just to play at home without making money from it, there is unlikely for a law enforcement authority to ever inspect you.

Your place of living also matter. Authorities in Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America tolerate piracy more than in North America or Western Europe.

Isla Paradiso

Isla ParadisoIsla Paradiso is a world featured in The Sims 3: Island Paradise. The town is an archipelago of many islands and is used to showcase the many features of Island Paradise.
Isla Paradiso is located in the seas, consisting of two main islands and many small islands scattered around. The town is similar to Sunlit Tides, which is also based on a tropical island theme, although Isla Paradiso has even more islands. Unlike Sunlit Tides, which has a Pacific theme, Isla Paradiso has Caribbean and Spanish themes. The architecture of the town is either Spanish, beach, or modern.

Isla Paradiso has unique features that are not available in other worlds by default. For instance, it’s the only world that has diving areas for Sims to scuba dive and explore underwater, although some advanced players can also make their own in other worlds. It also has 8 hidden islands, surrounding the town, which can be discovered in certain ways. Once discovered, the island will be automatically owned by the discoverer. Sims can turn the island into a private secondary residential lot, or into a resort. Similar to World Adventures adventure destinations, Isla Paradiso is also scattered with treasure chests, hidden in the islands or underwater.

There are 3 pre-built resorts in Isla Paradiso, which have unique themes of their own. The resorts are Hobart’s Hideaway (beach style), La Costa Verde (Spanish style), and Sparkling Sands (modern style). Hobart’s Hideaway can be purchased for free, and it is intended to be a starting resort to help players familiarize with resort management. In addition, there are many ports and premade houseboats in Isla Paradiso. Other residents can be seen moving the houseboats, so it’s not only the player who will move the inhabited houseboats.

One special feature from Isla Paradiso is Kraken sightings. The Kraken will occasionally appear underwater when the houseboat is in the middle of the ocean for a long time, and may attack Sims if they are on a boat. The Kraken will only appear in Isla Paradiso due to the depth of the oceans there; most other worlds in The Sims 3 have shallow bodies of water that cannot support the Kraken. However, the Kraken may be sighted far out into the ocean in Sunset Valley and Lucky Palms, where the water is deep enough

Total number of lots: 118
Lots 20×20: 4
Lots 20×30: 13
Lots 30×30: 9
Lots 30×40: 8
Lots 40×40: 6
Lots 40×50: 0
Lots 50×50: 2
Lots 50×60: 0
Lots 60×60: 2
Lots 64×64: 13
Odd-sized lots: 61

List of lots and houses in Isla Paradiso world

Took me about 1 hour to compile the below table.
Please do not copy it on other websites without crediting www.teoalida.com/thesims


Lot address Lot size Building name Family name Anchor place
Isla Paradiso – Central
54 Civic Center 26×26 Nautical Museum (Art Gallery)
58 Civic Center 30×26 Ble Sky Movie Theater (No Visitors Allowed)
68 Civic Center 24×40 Paradise Pub (Visitors Allowed)
70 Civic Center 24×23 Costa Verde Corp. & Alyssa’s Bookstore (No Visitors Allowed)
74 Civic Center 20×12 The Painted Lady – 2br, 2ba Vidal
76 Civic Center 20×12 Colonial Casa – 4br, 2.5ba Collins
78 Civic Center 20×15 Fiesta House – 1br, 2ba Senorita Hernandez
80 Civic Center 26×26 Beso de Sol Garden (Small Park)
90 Civic Center 48×26 Los Libros Libary (Library)
100 Civic Center 64×64 Civic Center (No Visitors Allowed)
102 Civic Center 30×20 (Visitors Allowed)
The Plaza 64×44 Plaza Park (Big Park)
Isla Paradiso – North
1 Alto Road 40×40 Luxury Villa – 2br, 1.5ba Alto
15 Dolphin Lane 60×60
75 Fiesta Circle 64×64 La Costa Verde (Resort)
6 Greenbeard Road 40×40 Humble Home, 2br 2ba
10 Modern Mile 50×50 Modern Marvel – 2br, 2ba
17 Paradise Road 40×30 Casa del Sol, 2br, 2ba The Lonely Lover
25 Paradise Road 30×20
27 Paradise Road 20×20 Cozy Cottage – 1br, 1ba
36 Paradise Road 40×30 The Palms Gym (Gym)
45 Paradise Road 64×64 Sparkling Sands (Resort)
51 Paradise Road 40×30 The Oasis – 1br, 1.5ba
53 Paradise Road 30×40 10 Sea Shell Way Han
63 Paradise Road 35×25 Oceanview Cemetery (Graveyard)
65 Paradise Road 30×30 A Modern Folly – 2br, 3ba Medina
69 Paradise Road 30×30 Bachelor Pad – 2br, 1ba
5 Sea Spray Lane 30×25 Sweet Water Pool (Pool)
7 Sea Spray Lane 30×20 The Spanish Queen – 2br, 2ba Hamada
9 Sea Spray Lane 30×30 Personal Paradise – 2br, 1ba
77 Paradise Road 64×64
79 Paradise Road 30×30
10 Sea Shell Way 35×35
10 Sunshine Street 36×50 Trade Winds Spa and Bistro (Visitors Allowed)
100 Universidad Boulevard 64×64 Accolades Institute and Stadium (Visitors Allowed)
Manufactured Sands, Isla Paradiso 64×34 Sparkling Sands Beach (Beach)
Smuggler’s Point, Isla Paradiso 22×22 Smuggler’s Lair (No Visitors Allowed)
The Bluff, Isla Paradiso 50×50 El Hospital (No Visitos Allowed)
The Hilltop, Isla Paradiso 30×40 Greenbeard’s Fishing Spot (Fishing Spot)
Peaceful Port, Isla Paradiso 30×50 Peaceful Port (Port)
Picturesque Port, Isla Paradiso 25×50 Picturesque Port (Port)
Pleasing Port, Isla Paradiso 50×30 Pleasing Port (Port)
Premium Port, Isla Paradiso 25×50 Premium Port (Port)
Pretty Port, Isla Paradiso 25×50 Pretty Port (Port)
Prominent Port, Isla Paradiso 25×50 Prominent Port (Port)
Promising Port, Isla Paradiso 25×50 Promising Port (Port)
Isla Paradiso – South
5 Beach Boulevard 30×20 Casita Azulita – 0br, 1ba Torres
1 Camino del Ray 40×40 Castillo de Ichtaca – 5br, 3ba Ichtaca
6 Camino del Ray 21×15
11 Ocean View Road 30×20 Adobe Abode -3br, 1ba The Lone Artist
6 Ocean View Way 15×20 Cemeterio Antiguo (Graveyard)
1 Sharks Bay 20×30 Sea House – 2br, 1ba Ojeda
2 Sharks Bay 30×20
1 The Overlook 30×30 Ichtaca Community Garden (No Visitors Allowed)
2 The Overlook 25×25 Island Jewel Park (Small Park)
Crystal Cove, Isla Paradiso 46×36 Crystal Waters Beach (Beach)
Shimmering Sands, Isla Paradiso 35×25
The Lonely Beach, Isla Paradiso 30×30 Solitude – 1br, 1 ba The Loner
Port Pescado, Isla Paradiso 25×50 Port Pescado (Port)
Port Playa, Isla Paradiso 30×50 Port Playa (Port)
Port Plenty, Isla Paradiso 25×50 Port Plenty (Port)
Port Popular, Isla Paradiso 30×50 Port Popular (Port)
Port Primavera, Isla Paradiso 25×50 Port Primavera (Port)
Port Prosperous, Isla Paradiso 25×50 Port Prosperous (Port)
Surf Island
15 Riviera Road 40×40
25 Riviera Road 40×40 Holiday House – 3br, 1ba Babes on the Beach
16 Scuba Street 20×30 (No Visitors Allowed)
15 Scuba Street 30×20 (No Visitors Allowed)
14 Scuba Street 20×20 Fortunate Fishing (Fishing Spot)
13 Scuba Street 25×20 Seasiode Stuff Art Gallery (Art Gallery)
11 Scuba Street 40×20 Petite Park (Small Park)
10 Scuba Street 20×20 Island Beauty – 1br, 1ba
12 Scuba Street 30×30 Cruzita’s Groceries and Diner (No Visitors Allowed)
12 Shaka Bra Road 25×25 Rebecca’s Cafe (Visitors Allowed)
13 Shaka Bra Road 15×10 Mi Casa – 1br, 1ba
33 Surf Circle 35×45
45 Surf Circle 25×25 Sundancer – 2br, 1ba
47 Surf Circle 30×20
101 Surf Circle 64×64 Hobart’s Hideaway (Resort)
Bella Vista Beach, Surf Island 54×50 Bella Vista Beach (Beach)
Sandy Beach, Surf Island 30×40 Spirit of the Sea – 2br, 1ba Los Amigos
Sandy Shore, Surf Island 30×40 Seaside Escape – 1br, 1ba
Port Perilous, Surf Island 25×50 Port Perilous (Port)
Port Placid, Surf Island 25×50 Port Placid (Port)
Port Pleasant, Surf Island 30×50 Port Pleasant (Port)
Other islands
Port Pyre, Fire Island 30×50 Port Pyre (Port)
The Flats, Fire Island 50×50
Ocean View, Isla Romatica 40×40
Land’s End, Isla Zamora 20×20 Surf Shack – 0br, 0ba Varadi
Dry Land, Kraken Island 30×30 The Modern Hideaway – 1br, 1.5ba The Siren
Seaside Retreat, Science Island 30×20 (No Visitors Allowed)
The Hill, Science Island 30×20 My First Research Facility – 1br, 1ba The Scientist
The Lab, Science Island 50×60 Naulitius Laboratories (No Visitors Allowed)
Retreat, Serenity Isle 15×25
The Hideaway, Shark Bite Island 30×20
Port Pepper, The Lonely Isle 30×50 Port Pepper (Port)
Hidden islands
64×64 Beryl Shoals
30×40 Cay to the City
50×60 Diver’s Den
30×30 Mermaid’s Secret
60×60 No Trouble Atoll
64×64 Plumbob Island
64×64 Plunder Cove
25×30 Refuge Island
House boats
10×12 Aquaholic – 1br, 1ba The Angler Port Prosperous, Isla Paradiso
12×17 Atlantis – 1br, 2ba Dregg Picturesque Port, Isla Paradiso
17×22 Fantasea – 2br, 1ba The Prince Pretty Port, Isla Paradiso
10×12 Happy Houseboat – 1br, 1ba Promising Port, Isla Paradiso
12×17 Odyssey – 2br, 2ba Port Placid, Surf Island
12×17 Our First Houseboat – 2br, 2ba Arias Port Pescado, Isla Paradiso
12×17 Sea Spirit – 1br, 2ba The Romantic Port Primavera, Isla Paradiso
17×22 The Floating Fortress – 3br, 2ba Pleasing Port, Isla Paradiso
17×22 Tide Runner – 2br, 1ba Scott Port Perilous, Surf Island
10×12 You’re On a Boat – 1br, 1ba Port Popular, Isla Paradiso
64×64 Davy Jones’ Locker (Diving Area)
64×64 Pearl’s Deep (Diving Area)
64×64 Rocky Reef (Diving Area)
64×64 The Mermaid Grotto (Diving Area)


World Trade Center

The Sims is a game meant to build houses, but I can also build a skyscraper… or two, the twin towers of World Trade Center, completed by Marriott Hotel and the 3 additional low-rise buildings. The development is unfinished, because is not really an useful building design in The Sims game, just for neighborhood decoration.

Twin Towers World Trade Center

Lot size: 5×5
Lot facing: East.
House price: $141.813.
Expansions required: University only.