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BridgeportBridgeport is a world that ships with The Sims 3: Late Night. It is the first urban city of its kind to be featured in The Sims series games as most past neighborhoods and worlds were either towns or suburbs.

Bridgeport was founded by Ebenezer Alto, as stated in the town’s description. In the past, Bridgeport was once a shipping town that was full of sailors and smugglers, where the only beach in Bridgeport is named the Smuggler’s Cove, situated on a small coastline facing the bridge and the bay. Some time later, Bridgeport has turned into a nightlife city when the film industry came to the city, changing the small town into a bustling downtown with high-rise buildings.

Bridgeport is designed to focus on late night activities, and is similar in many respects to the Downtown sub-neighborhoods in The Sims: Hot Date and The Sims 2: Nightlife. Bridgeport consists of two sections connected with a large bridge. The urban city center is where all the bars, clubs, lounges, and penthouses are located. The other section is an exclusive neighborhood for the wealthy, where most high-star celebrities live in their mansions. There are other celebrities who live in the urban area as well, and the city center has a film studio for Sims who are employed as actors and actresses. The urban city center faces the ocean, while the wealthy neighborhood is located further to the east.

Bridgeport is a special late night town, which differs from the other worlds in The Sims 3. In Bridgeport, fake taxi cabs will appear across the town to simulate a bustling downtown feeling. Some wildlife animals, i.e. wild horses, deer, and raccoons, will also not appear in Bridgeport. Bridgeport also has different work hours than the other worlds, which mostly occur around the afternoon and evening. Bridgeport is a suitable place for single young adults and older to have fun and party. Most residents are also on average richer than other families in different worlds.

Total number of lots: 82
Lots 20×20: 3
Lots 20×30: 3
Lots 30×30: 2
Lots 30×40: 7
Lots 40×40: 8
Lots 40×50: 1
Lots 50×50: 0
Lots 50×60: 1
Lots 60×60: 3
Lots 64×64: 6
Odd-sized lots: 48

List of lots and houses in Bridgeport world

Took me about 1 hour to compile the below table.
Please do not copy it on other websites without crediting

Lot address Lot size Building name Family name
24 2nd Avenue 34×40 Civil Suites – 1br, 1ba
246 3rd Avenue 20×30 Barney’s Salon and Tattoo (Salon)
303 4th Avenue 25×54 Bridgeport Public Library (Library)
317 4th Avenue 42×40 Beachwood Springs – Studio, 1ba Round
357 4th Avenue 30×40 Community Fire Department (Fire Station)
8607 17th Avenue 52×29 Bridgeport Sports Zone (Sports Bar)
19791 17th Avenue 40×34 Maloney Tower – Studio, 1ba Maloney
20563 17th Avenue 38×32 Ocean View Apartments – 1br, 1ba Situp
5601 19th Avenue 56×28 Powell House – Studio, 2ba
3058 Atkins Highway 64×64 LlamaCo Stadium (No Visitors Allowed)
71 Bayshore Highway 36×29 Landgraab Brownstone Pala
156 Bayshore Highway 30×32 Steve’s Business Complex and Restaurant
1101 Bayshore Highway 34×29 Breach House – 2br, 1ba Atkins
1486 Bayshore Highway 39×30 Bachelor Tower – 1br, 1ba Rake
1500 Bayshore Highway 46×42 Aquarius (Poolside Club)
1549 Bayshore Highway 42×57 The Prosper Room (Exclusive Longue)
1550 Bayshore Highway 39×30 Crescent Bay Plaza
1787 Bayshore Highway 40×38 The Tidewater – 2br, 2ba Hemlock
3202 Bennett Highway 36×35 Two Leo Center – 1br, 1ba Trill
3202 Bennett Highway 34×44 One Leo Center – 2br, 2ba Jones
22 Canal Avenue 30×64 Founders Keep – 1br, 1ba Schlick
32 Canal Avenue 40×30 Founders Peace – Studio, 1ba Shutter
57 Dockside Road 40×64 Trawel Lodge Drama on TV
61 Dockside Road 40×44 The Gentry – 1br, 1ba Ashton
56 Gusto Point Road 64×64 Butterfly Esplanade (Big Park)
6979 Landgraab Loop 25×54 The Simerset – 1br, 1ba Bumble
7001 Landgraab Loop 64×54 Public Services Office (No Visitors Allowed)
2702 Mall Street 36×33 Hieroglyph Condos – 1br, 1.5ba Talon and Striker
2717 Mall Street 40×55 Plasma 501 (Vampire Longue)
1557 Memorial Parkway 42×42 Crescent Bay Pied a Terre – Studio, 1ba
1580 Memorial Parkway 36×64 Marina Field (Big Park)
1603 Memorial Parkway 32×27 Civic Plaza (Visitors Allowed)
1684 Memorial Parkway 60×30 Banzai Longue (Fusion Longue)
1757 Memorial Parkway 52×43 Bridgeport Arms – 1br, 1ba Clavier
2 Peak Parkway 30×49 Off Ramp – 4br, 1ba Mixture of Good and Bad
1 Shearin Wharf Drive 17×23 Hogan’s Deep-Fried Diner
5154 Silverscreen Drive 20×30 Landgraab Sell n’ Swap (Consignmnt Store)
5202 Silverscreen Drive 43×40 Glenview Manor – 2br, 1ba King
9656 Slimway Avenue 42×34 Bridgeport Armory – 3br, 1ba Tenderlove
7694 Sterling Parkway 62×29 The True Modern Art Gallery (Art Gallery)
8504 Sterling Parkway 40×29 AJV Wellness Center (Gym)
8517 Sterling Parkway 35×27 The Glass Pillar – 1br, 1ba Custard
9184 Sterling Parkway 40×40 Beckett Theatre (Visitors Allowed)
9199 Sterling Parkway 36×36 Wilki’s Fabulous Books and Bath
9308 Sterling Parkway 40×44 Eugi’s (Local Watering Hole)
9378 Sterling Parkway 40×40 Sanguine Arms – 1br, 1ba Slayer
9526 Sterling Parkway 40×32 The Brightmore (Disco Club)
South of downtown
34 1st Avenue 30×30 Grady’s Junkstop (Junkyard)
56 1st Avenue 64×64 Plumbob Pictures Backlot
911 Atkins Highway 60×60 Sacret Spleen Memorial Hospital
63 Backlot Parkway 64×64 67 Public School 67 (No Visitors Allowed)
333 Dead End Loop 64×64 Bridgeport Eternal Rest Cemetery (Graveyard)
2097 Edgewood Road 21×20 I can’t believe it’s not Buttercup – 1br, 1ba
2110 Edgewood Road 30×30 Off White House – 3br, 3ba Cook
2207 Edgewood Road 20×20 Back to the Fuscia – 1br, 1ba
2256 Edgewood Road 20×20 Rhapsody in Blue – 1br, 1ba
2303 Edgewood Road 20×20 Mint Julia – 1br, 1ba
8558 Edgewood Road 50×25 Smuggler’s Cove (Beach)
73 Embarcadero Drive 40×50 Floodgate Apartments
99 Embarcadero Drive 40×40 Veranda Villas – Loft, 1ba
2301 Hamming Pier Road 64×39 Landgraab Marine Science Facility (No Visitors Allowed)
4400 Hamming Pier Road 40×40 Terpsichore Studios – 3br, 1ba
2883 Industrial Drive 30×40 The Grind (Dance Club)
30 Packard Lane 46×32 Waylon’s Haunt (Dive Bar)
33 Packard Lane 46×40 East Tradewinds Shipping Co. (No Visitors Allowed)
1 Parkview Parkway 64×64 Bridgeport Acres (Big Park)
6 Parkview Parkway 24×34 Mike’s Cornerstone
Hilly area
64 Applewood Lane 44×34
12 Bogaard Lane 30×40 Celluloid Heights – 2 br, 2.5 ba Old and New Glam
56 Brommer Drive 40×30 The Eaves – 2br, 2ba
7224 Cherrywood Drive 60×60 Buena Vista Resort (Small Park)
16 Dean Road 20×30 Cabin Point – 1br, 1ba
56 Lookout Peak Road 48×64 Bogaard Overlook (Small Park)
64 Queensbury Road 40×40 Still Water – 3br, 4ba Belle
302 Silvertone Way 60×60 Crib – 4br, 4ba Big Bling
332 Silvertone Way 60×50 The Eaves – 2br, 2ba Striker
13 Windsor Drive 14×12 Overlook Point Subway (No Visitors Allowed)
152 Windsor Drive 40×40 Air Spray – 2br, 2ba Angelista
186 Windsor Drive 40×40 Raised Eyebrows – 4br, 5 ba
200 Windsor Drive 30×40 Cliff Cottage – 1br, 2 ba Hamming
223 Windsor Drive 40×40 Sugar Cube – Loft, 2ba
272 Windsor Drive 30×40


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