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Oasis Springs

Oasis SpringsOasis Springs is a world that was shipped in The Sims 4 base game alongside Willow Creek.

Story: An oasis nestled in the austere beauty of the western desert, this haven of eclectic culture is fringed by countless soaring palms, and lent vibrant color through impossibly lush landscaping. Oasis Springs offers relaxing retreats from the sun to any traveler who discovers it.


Oasis Springs is set in the middle of a desert and its appearance is reminiscent of many desert locations in the Southwestern United States. It is considered, by many simmers, to be located in the states of Nevada and Arizona.

Neighborhoods and lots

Oasis Springs consists of six neighborhoods with one secret lot, separated from other neighborhoods. Four neighborhoods have up to five residential lots each, with the fifth consisting of four community lots, while the sixth neighborhood is a large community park.

There are a total of 16 residential lots and 5 community lots in Oasis Springs.

Neighborhood Lot Lot type Lot size Value Occupants
Bedrock Strait Sandtrap Flat Residential 30×20 §16,982 uninhabited
Bedrock Strait Nookstone Residential 20×15 §13,019 uninhabited
Bedrock Strait Pebble Burrow Residential 30×20 §1,500 empty
Bedrock Strait Slipshod Mesquite Residential 40×30 §25,519 Zest family
Bedrock Strait Agave Abode Residential 20×15 §18,239 uninhabited
Parched Prospect Vista Quarry Residential 30×20 §48,023 uninhabited
Parched Prospect Raffia Quinta Residential 20×15 §39,072 uninhabited
Parched Prospect Dusty Turf Residential 30×20 §3,500 empty
Parched Prospect Springscape Residential 30×20 §64,678 uninhabited
Parched Prospect Cacti Casa Residential 40×30 §74,701 Roomies household
Skyward Palms Granada Place Residential 30×20 §116,860 uninhabited
Skyward Palms Arid Ridge Residential 40×30 §5,500 empty
Skyward Palms Sultry Springside Residential 30×20 §146,560 Caliente household
Skyward Palms Rio Verde Residential 40×30 §175,822 uninhabited
Acquisition Butte Affluista Mansion Residential 50×50 §227,609 Landgraab family
Acquisition Butte Yuma Heights Residential 40×30 §311,508 uninhabited
Mirage Canyon The Futures Past Museum 30×20 §91,791
Mirage Canyon The Solar Flare Lounge 30×20 §61,980
Mirage Canyon Burners & Builders Gym 40×30 §95,043
Mirage Canyon Rattlesnake Juice Bar 30×20 §84,683
Desert Bloom Park Desert Bloom Park 50×50 §110,866
Forgotten Grotto Secret lot


Family Funds Members
Zest family §3,950 Johnny Zest
Roomies household §14,000 J Huntington III, Mitchell Kalani, Gavin Richards, Zoe Patel
Caliente family §28,500 Katrina Caliente, Don Lothario, Nina Caliente, Dina Caliente
Landgraab family §85,000 Geoffrey Landgraab, Nancy Landgraab, Malcolm Landgraab

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