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TwinbrookTwinbrook is a world which shipped with The Sims 3: Ambitions. It is most likely named after the twin rivers that flow on either side of the richer part of the town, near households such as the Whelohffs.

Total number of lots: 82
Lots 20×20: 0
Lots 20×30: 23
Lots 30×30: 9
Lots 30×40: 10
Lots 40×40: 8
Lots 40×50: 0
Lots 50×50: 1
Lots 50×60: 0
Lots 60×60: 9
Lots 64×64: 1
Odd-sized lots: 21

List of lots and houses in Twinbrook world

Took me about 1 hour to compile the below table.
Please do not copy it on other websites without crediting

Lot address Lot size Building name Family name
252 Bigsby’s Boulevard 40×30 Fire Department (Fire Station)
6 Cherrywood Lane 30×30 Curios Memorial Museum (Art Gallery)
1500 Ivy Hill Road 26×46 Lakeside Corporate Park (No Visitors Allowed)
654 Lakefront Drive 20×30 Twinbrook Lakefront Wellness Center
658 Lakefront Drive 15×30 Cleanesque Laundromat (Laundromat)
800 Lakefront Drive 20×30 Lakeside Community Library (Library)
900 Lakefront Drive 33×26 Twinbrook Plaza (Visitors Allowed)
1000 Lakefront Drive 64×64 Twinbrook Town Center (Big Park)
1001 Lakefront Drive 40×21 Twinbrook Esplanade (Small Park)
1120 Lakefront Drive 18×22 Bristro Rouge
1122 Lakefront Drive 22×16 The Red Rendezvous (Hangout)
1134 Lakefront Drive 36×20 Twinbrook Theatre for the Performing Arts
1144 Lakefront Drive 20×30 Drea’s Salon and Tattoo (Salon)
1264 Lakefront Drive 20×25 End of the Line Boxcar Diner
1267 Lakefront Drive 42×52 River Junction Beach Park (Beach)
1 Pickleberry Parkway 34×64 Twinbrook Town Hall
3 Pickleberry Parkway 30×36 Twinbrook Buy and Bargain Consignment Shop (Consignment Store)
754 Park Drive 20×36 Whistlestop Day Spa
328 Rue de Sterling 30×40 Peak of Perfection
332 Rue de Sterling 20×30 Greek Revival
336 Rue de Sterling 15×30 Double Decker Sargeant
338 Rue de Sterling 20×30 Bygone Charm Riddle
344 Rue de Sterling 20×30
156 Savannah Lane 30×40 No Frills Villa Prudence
162 Savannah Lane 40×30 The Merry Windows
168 Savannah Lane 30×30 Column Cottage
174 Savannah Lane 20×30
178 Savannah Lane 20×30
17 Sweetwater Loop 30×30
21 Sweetwater Loop 30×20
24 Sweetwater Loop 30×40 Midsummer Eves Roomates
28 Sweetwater Loop 30×40 Low Country Rambler
32 Sweetwater Loop 30×40 Subdivision Model B Castor
36 Sweetwater Loop 30×30
39 Sweetwater Loop 30×20 Suburban Temple
40 Sweetwater Loop 20×30 Eco Home Greenwood
50 Sweetwater Loop 30×30 Classy Columns Hunter
64 Westlake Drive 20×30 Portico Model One Simoleon Savers
81 Westlake Drive 40×30 Twinbrook Community Gardens (Small Park)
84 Westlake Drive 60×64 Westlake School (Visitors Allowed)
87 Westlake Drive 30×40 Twinbrook Community Swim Center (Pool)
99 Westlake Drive 36×44 Twinbrook Police Department (No Visitors Allowed)
726 Woodscove Lane 44×44 Creekside General Hospital
Downtown hills
1 Amphithreatre Parkway 60×60 Willowglen Amphithreatre (Small Park)
1736 Baylee Loop 60×60 Bayless Memorial Junkyard (Junkyard)
9 Catfish Flats Drive 30×30 Romance in the Reeds Drudge
12 Catfish Flats Drive 30×30 Certified Habitable Dudley
1437 Hollowlong Junction 60×60 Hollowlog Springs (Fishing Spot)
1600 Hollowlog Junction 44×44 Hollowlog Point Military Base (No Visitors Allowed)
2500 Ivy Hill Road 60×60 Ivy Hill Graveyard (Graveyard)
6 Knothole Lane 20×30 Home on Pasture
6 Willowdale Lane 40×40 Ancient Modernity
Opposite downtown
497 Bayou Gulch Drive 30×30 Nothin’ but Deck
557 Bayou Gulch Drive 50×50 Elkhorn Fishing Park (Fishing Spot)
568 Bayou Gulch Drive 40×40 Aerie Supply
574 Bayou Gulch Drive 30×30 Watershed
582 Bayou Gulch Drive 20×30 Swampy
27 Herrig Ranch Road 30×40 – no name – Darer
26 Herschel’s Pond Road 36×36 Loft Aloft
153 Herschel’s Pond Road 40×40 Marsh Mansion Bayless
167 Jebidiah Parkway 30×20 Juan’s Pick ‘n Pull (Junkyard with no visitors)
284 Jebidiah Parkway 40×64 Riverside Professional Sports Complex
1703 Riverview Road 60×60 Guppy Gills Pond (Fishing Spot)
1238 Riverview Road 40×24 Industrial Point Science Facility (No Visitors Allowed)
1252 Riverside Road 25×64 Twinbrook Storage Corporation Warehouse (No Visitors Allowed)
1 Poker Flats Drive 20×30 Ego Nest Clay
4 Poker Flats Drive 30×20 Lakeside Perch Jones-Brown
5 Poker Flats Drive 20×30 On Deck
10 Poker Flats Drive 20×30
13 Poker Flats Drive 20×30 Starboard Cottage Bull
14 Poker Flats Drive 20×30 Dolphin Digs Goode and Bad
17 Poker Flats Drive 20×30 Sea Salt Coddle
19 Poker Flats Drive 20×30 Aquarius Atrium Art and Love
Rich area
23 Earl’s Bridge Road 40×40 Posy Palace Carlton
13 Puddlewick Road 40×40 Willow Manor
16 Puddlewick Road 40×40
23 Puddlewick Road 40×40 River Retreat Baker
26 Puddlewick Road 60×60 Pheasant Hollow
33 Puddlewick Road 60×60 Puddlewich Cabin Wolfe
36 Puddlewick Road 40×40 Lush Living Whelohff
53 Puddlewick Road 60×60 The Bloc Racket
16 Wandering Heights Road 60×60 Pidgin Roost Pidgin


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