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Best Starter Home 2×2 N 80

Starter house under $20.000 designed for a family up to 4 sims. This home floor plan with 2 bedrooms is more realistic than previous Best starter home 1×2. Made in April 2013.

The 2×2 lot costs $1600. The empty house costs $6971, for the non-functional items (counters, table, windows, floors, wall paint) I used the cheapest items to save money for the best possible furniture items that fit in a $20.000 house.

Tips: as soon you move the family in this house, sell one bed, buy a computer instead, to find a greater variety of jobs, after each adult have a job, sell the computer and buy back the bed until midnight.

If you have expansion packs, use the cheat “roofslopeangle 15“, will look nicer with less pitched roof.

Lot size: 2×2.
Lot facing: North.
House price: $19.985 furnished, $6.971 unfurnished.
House size: 8×10.
Floor area: 80 squares.
Expansions required: none, base game only.

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