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House on a Tiny 1×2 Lot IV

This is an improved version of Tiny House I which was criticized for lack of realism and too few rooms, combined with the beautiful style of Tiny House II. Home plan designed with separate kitchen and 3 bedrooms at upper floor, and completed with a small swimming pool  Designed for families up to 4 Sims.


Lot size: 1×2.
Lot facing: North.
House price: $92,851 in base game, $92,420 in Ultimate Collection, $18,167 unfurnished.
Floor area: 138 squares + 6 squares of staircase void.
Pool area: 18 squares.
Expansions required: none, just base game only.

PS: I do not know how to create such small lots like 1×2. I downloaded them from (Mini residential lots by MaryLou).

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