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Dragon Valley

Dragon Valley is a The Sims 3 Store world that was released on May 30, 2013. It was first announced at the Live Broadcast on April 16, 2013. The theme of this world is medieval and fantasy. It features brand new locations, features, as well as new characters.

Dragon Valley

Total number of lots: 81
Lots 20×20: 7
Lots 20×30: 10
Lots 30×30: 29
Lots 30×40: 8
Lots 40×40: 9
Lots 40×50: 0
Lots 50×50: 2
Lots 50×60: 0
Lots 60×60: 1
Lots 64×64: 7
Odd-sized lots: 8

List of lots and houses in Dragon Valley world

Took me about 1 hour to compile the below table.
Please do not copy it on other websites without crediting www.teoalida.com/thesims

Lot address Lot size Building name Family name
60 Abbey Alley 20×20
53 Ardmore Avenue 50×50 Sláinte chugat Harmony Hospital (No Visitors Allowed)
55 Ardmore Avenue 30×40 City Hall (No Visitors Allowed)
57 Ardmore Avenue 40×30 Tome Traders (No Visitors Allowed)
59 Ardmore Avenue 20×20 Miser McCann’s Restaurant (No Visitors Allowed)
61 Ardmore Avenue 40×40 Home for the Gentry – 3Br, 2.5Ba O’Reilly
45 Brea Bend 30×30 Thatched Cottage – 1br, 1Ba Walsh
81 Claddagh Court 30×30 Humble Home – 1Br, 1.5Ba
81 Claddagh Court 64×64
82 Claddagh Court 30×30 Limmerick House – 1Br, 1.5Ba Finnigan
83 Claddagh Court 30×40 Playful Park (Big Park)
84 Claddagh Court 30×30 City Cairn Memorial Lot (Graveyard)
86 Deidre Drive 30×20
87 Deidre Drive 20×30 Simple Shack – 2Br, 1.5Ba
40 Elm Grove 30×30 Mith, Legend, Lore, and Fact Facility (No Visitors Allowed)
41 Elm Grove 30×30 Prctice Pit Gymnasium (Gym)
42 Elm Grove 30×30 Heart and History Art Galery (Art Gallery)
43 Elm Grove 30×30 Freedom Books (Library)
44 Elm Grove 30×30 Garda Police and Military (No Visitors Allowed)
46 Elm Grove 30×40 Like Minded Individuals, inc. (No Visitors Allowed)
50 Elm Grove 30×30 The Local Grocer (No Visitors Allowed)
51 Elm Grove 25×40 Community Garden (Small Park)
1 Mithrilen Manor 40×40 Secure Stronghold – 2Br, 2Ba Mithrilen
2 Mithrilen Manor 30×30 (No Visitors Allowed)
3 Mithrilen Manor 40×40 Carrybeg – 2Br, 1.5Ba
9 Mithrilen Manor 20×30
56 Morrigan Mews 30×30
71 Shillelagh Street 20×30
72 Shillelagh Street 30×30 McCafferty’s Pub (Visitors Allowed)
73 Shillelagh Street 20×30 Dormer House – 3Br, 3Ba
74 Shillelagh Street 30×30 Small Steady Home – 1Br, 1.5Ba Murphy
75 Shillelagh Street 30×30 Defended Domicile – 2Br, 1.5Ba Sackholme
76 Shillelagh Street 30×30 Solidly Built Home – 2Br. 2Ba MacAnna
77 Shillelagh Street 30×40 The Cottage – 1Br, 1.5Ba MacGrath
78 Shillelagh Street 30×20 Very Comfortable House – 2Br, 1Ba
80 Shillelagh Street 30×30
Downtown extension
38 Aibell Avenue 64×64
52 Brighid Bend 20×40 Meek Manor – 1Br, 1Ba
54 Brighid Bend 30×30 Glenbeg – 1Br, 1.5Ba Kelly
88 Deidre Drive 40×40
4 Mithrilen Manor 30×20
5 Mithrilen Manor 30×30 Glen House – 2Br, 2Ba
6 Mithrilen Manor 60×30 The Orphanage – 6Br, 4.5Ba
7 Mithrilen Manor 60×60 Feudal Fishing Spot (Fishing Spot)
8 Mithrilen Manor 20×30
South area
58 Balor Bend 30×40 Wisteria House – 2Br, 2.5Ba Eames
63 Oak Grove 25×25 Rusti Home – 1Br, 1Ba
64 Oak Grove 64×64
66 Oak Grove 30×30
68 Oak Grove 40×20 Cladach Beach (Beach)
70 Oak Grove 20×20 Vantage Point – 1Br, 1Ba Grey
West area
35 Aibell Avenue 30×30
37 Aibell Avenue 20×30 Landing Place – 1Br, 1Ba McCann
90 Dagda Drive 30×30 Humble House – 1Br, 1Ba Ordhen
91 Dagda Drive 50×25 Cozy Cottage – 1Br, 1.5Ba
92 Dagda Drive 50×40 Sun Home – 2r, 2Ba Delaney
32 Lugh Lane 64×64
33 Lugh Lane 40×40 Carrigbeg – 2Br, 1Ba Cromos
34 Lugh Lane 40×40 Sweet Shelter – 1Br, 1Ba Burb
North area
47 Aine Avenue 40×40
49 Aine Avenue 64×64 Tourney Tent of Novices (No Visitors Allowed)
85 Deidre Drive 30×40 The Gables – 2Br, 2.5Ba O’Shea
100 O’Connell Heights 64×64 The Big House – 3Br, 3.5Ba O’Connell
101 O’Connell Heights 64×64 Drake School o Life and Learning (No Visitors Allowed)
East area
40 Clan Road 30×20 Crios Pond (Fishing Spot)
10 Clover Drive 50×50 Ubiquiitous Unity Day Spa (No Visitors Allowed)
11 Clover Drive 30×30 Swimmer’s Safety Practice Pool (Pool)
13 Clover Drive 30×30 World’s Theatre (No Visitors Allowed)
14 Clover Drive 20×20
15 Clover Drive 20×20 Sturdy Home – 2Br, 1.5Ba Flanagan
16 Clover Drive 25×25
17 Clover Drive 30×30
19 Clover Drive 30×40
20 Clover Drive 40×40
21 Clover Drive 20×20 Cozy and Content – 1Br, 1Ba
23 Clover Drive 30×30 Dragon Tavern (No Visitors Allowed)
24 Clover Drive 30×30 Hefry Home – 3Br, 1.5Ba Dolan
25 Clover Drive 30×30 Mol Beach (Beach)
26 Clover Drive 30×30 Dara Cotage – 1Br, 1.5Ba Hooley
28 Clover Drive 40×40 Mithrilen’s Madmen Hideaway (No Visitors Allowed)
30 Clover Drive 20×20 Loch House – 1Br, 1.5Ba Lochlan

Desiderata Valley

Desiderata Valley a pre-made neighborhoods that was added by The Sims 2: FreeTime expansion pack.

It contains 23 lots, of which 7 community lots, 16 residential lots, and 6 families living in.

Story: Serenely nestled in the hills, Desiderata Valley is a place of dreams, hopes and aspirations. Many have found the quiet hills a wonderful place to relax and pursue their favorite pastimes. Who knows what destiny has in store for the Sims of Desiderata Valley?

Copur Kitchen Cook-Off 2×2 Community Lot $72,846
Greaves Greener Gardens 5×4 Community Lot $70,201
Gustav’s Grocery 4×4 Community Lot $95,253
Kiddle Care Castle 3×3 Community Lot $72,785
Mostly Modern Art Museum 3×2 Community Lot $75,528
Spark! Sports Park 5×3 Community Lot $75,650
The Flippery Frock 2×3 Community Lot $89,208
244 Hillside Pass Road 2×2 For Sale $17,882 $17,882
348 Hillside Pass Road 3×3 For Sale $4,800 $4,800
290 Hobby Drive 4×4 For Sale $19,965 $19,965
153 Main Street 2×2 Occupied $50,813 Mole $54,151
196 Main Street 3×2 For Sale $17,704 $17,704
250 Main Street 4×4 Occupied $126,775 Aspir $132,190
1042 East Dreaming Drive 2×3 For Sale $16,937 $16,937
1026 West Dreaming Drive 3×3 Occupied $60,948 Contrary $61,540
1097 West Dreaming Drive 2×3 For Sale $18,909 $18,909
1050 East Leisure Lane 4×4 Occupied $91,374 Bell $94,653
1055 East Leisure Lane 3×3 Occupied $71,377 Joque $73,039
1051 West Leisure Lane 3×2 For Sale $18,578 $18,578
1080 West Leisure Lane 3×3 Occupied $80,547 Una $84,702
111 East Pleasure Path 4×4 For Sale $19,487 $19,487
175 East Pleasure Path 3×4 For Sale $19,630 $19,630
189 West Pleasure Path 4×3 For Sale $19,993 $19,993

Lot value: the value shown when you enter lot and click “Lot Information” in top-left corner, this is how I was able to get value for community lots and apartment lots.

Default value: the price shown in neighborhood view when you point mouse cursor on a lot. Available only for residential non-occupied houses. After you enter lot and return to neighborhood view, even without saving lot, the value changes the value shown in “Lot Information”.

The Sims 2 review

The Sims 2 coverAfter playing The Sims 1 around 2003-2005 and never enjoying it like other games such as racing and strategy, I got The Sims 2 in 2005, and it became instantly my favorite game.

The Sims 2 was launched on September 14, 2004. A port to Mac OS X was released on June 17, 2005. Eight expansion packs and nine stuff packs were subsequently released.

The Sims 2 has turned The Sims series into 3D graphics engine. Sims have life goals, wants and fears, the fulfillment of which can produce both positive or negative outcomes.

A lot of things have been improved compared with original The Sims. Most importantly, The Sims 2 introduced ability to edit neighborhoods. You can place lots anywhere, move, rotate, copy them, transpose them from one neighborhood to another, even with families living on them (not recommended to move families from one neighborhood to another).

Due to above reason, size of lots in The Sims 2 is a multiply of 10 of the size shown in neighborhood view. Base game allow you to place lots from 3×2 to 5×5, while Nightlife and newer expansion packs add more sizes including 3×1, 2×2 and 6×5. With third-party tools such as Mootilda Lot Adjuster you can obtain any lot size from 1×1, 1×5 to 6×5 even in base game. More details: lot sizes and prices.

The Sims 2 base game comes with 3 pre-made neighborhoods, with all expansion installed will be 6 pre-made neighborhoods, plus 8 pre-made sub-neighborhoods which can be linked to each neighborhood and visited (3 university campuses, 1 downtown, 1 shopping district, 3 vacation destinations). Total 14 pre-made neighborhoods with 350 lots. Additional 5 hidden neighborhoods do exist in game files and are used to generate NPC, they cannot be played. More details: The Sims 2 neighborhoods.

Players can make custom neighborhoods using .sc4 terrains, base game provide 12 terrain templates and with expansion packs makes a total of 24. Players can make custom terrain templates with another game: SimCity 4.

The Sims 2 houses can be built more compact and realistic than The Sims 1 houses where only 1 Sim can sit in any square, I always had traffic jams between kitchen and dining, to eat 4 people was necessary a 2×2 table. In The Sims 2 a 1×1 table can sustain 4 chairs.

The Sims 2 introduced weekdays, with children going to school from Monday to Friday while adult jobs work hours and work days vary from job to job.

The Sims 2 architectural features were improved greatly. Under default settings the houses can have up to 5 floors. This can be foundation + 3 floors + roof or terrace. You can eliminate the foundation, or built a semi-underground basement floor inside foundation. There is a TRICK that allow building 6 levels: put a dormer on the highest level, but this will not allow anymore stepped roofs taller than one floor.

Roofs can be built automatically or manually, allow you to make a mix of hipped and gabled roofs. Base game roof pitch is always 45 degrees to allow attic usage, which cause very tall roofs in case of squarish single-storey houses (reason for which personally I choose to build houses L-shaped, U-shaped, etc, to make roof not too tall). Nightlife and newer expansion packs add a cheat roofslopeangle 15-75 (degrees).

A cheat was introduced by University and Open for Business expansion packs: press Ctrl+Shift+C when you are in Neighborhood (NOT in a lot), type sethighestallowedlevel 16 (or any number up to 255), then open any lot and you can built more levels. If the height limit was reached, just put a dormer to unlock the limit. Do not try to build more than 16 floors, the game will crash.

Swimming pools in The Sims base game can have only 4 sides, Nightlife or newer expansion packs allow you to build non-rectangular pools such as L-shaped or with diagonal sides.

The Sims 2 introduced aging and genetics (aging can be disabled using cheat aging -off):

Babies cannot be created via Create a Sim, they can be made by doing WooHoo in bed (Sims definition of sex). After 72 hours of pregnancy, a baby is born. Babies can be also adopted if a Sim call adoption service, they never call you like in The Sims 1. Babies do appear in Sims list, but cannot be selected or controlled directly, but only by another sim, teen or older.

Toddler last 4 days, they can be controlled and move around house but depends by other sims, teen or older, to be feed up, change diapers, put them in and out their cribs, climbing stairs, etc.

Child last 8 days, they go to school from 9 AM to 3 PM and can be taken away by social worker in case of falling grades or low hunger motive, as they cannot prepare food, but only have a snack.

Teen last 15 days, but can be aged earlier if they go to university. Teenagers continue to go to school, but from 9 AM to 1 PM, and can be taken away by social worker in case of falling grades but not in case of hunger. Teenagers can also have a part-time job, drive cars, cook food and other adult abilities, except getting married and WooHoo.

Young adult is an optional life stage that happens if a Teen sim is sent to college, otherwise they turn into adult. Young adult last the full duration of college, which under normal circumstances is 8 semesters of 72 hours each.

Adult last 29 years. Adults can have a full-time job, same abilities like teens, plus ability to marry and WooHoo (having sex).

Elder is the final life stage, when adults age to elder they will be 54 days old regardless of how much they actually lived. Elder last 10 days + a random number from 1 of 10, plus a number of days based on their aspiration at the moment they aged, +10, +7, +3, 0, -2 days. Elder female Sims cannot get pregnant, but Elder male Sims can still impregnate adult female Sims. Adults who have jobs when they become elders can keep those jobs, or they can retire and receive a pension, which is per week half of weekly salary of the job he or she retired from, and the Sim will receive one-seventh of that each day. A retired Sim can have a part-time job like teenagers, in parallel with pension.

Some critics by me

  • Starter families gets $20.000 regardless of number of Sims. Is this correct?
  • Land prices are too cheap. A starter family can afford even the largest lot (5×6 which is $18,500). In my opinion, starter families should buy only small housing lots and move to large housing lots only when they get enough rich to build palaces. I am not against large lots, but look at the houses made by me, showing the potential of small lots. $100,000+ houses on 2×2 lots that cost only $1,600. Also even the cheapest, basic furniture for a fully furnished house is approximately the value of empty house. In real life, no house is cheaper than its furniture.
  • Another thing that I do not like is that the sun in neighborhood view is in opposite direction of the sun in lot view. The sun direction is defined based on the original lot orientation when it was placed, rotating lots will make neighborhood view to have shadows in multiple directions. I personally build playable houses with various lot orientations to have most beautiful facade and pool on sunny side, while buildings designed purely for neighborhood decoration to have most beautiful facade on the dark side in lot to be sunny side in neighborhood.

The Sims 2 expansion packs

Release date: Windows: NA: March 1, 2005, EU: March 2, 2005, Mac OS X: ?.
Add ability to go to college, Young Adult age group, Influence system.
New sub-neighborhoods: La Fiesta Tech, Sim State University, Académie Le Tour
New careers: Natural Scientist, Paranormal, Show Business, Artist

Release date: NA: September 13, 2005, EU: September 13, 2005, Mac OS X: ?.
Add ability to own cars, and sub-neighborhood Downtown.

Open for Business
Release date: Windows: NA: March 2, 2006, EU: March 2, 2006, Mac OS X: September 4, 2006.
Add ability to set up home businesses.
New pre-made neighborhood: Bluewater Village.

Release date: Windows: NA: October 17, 2006, EU: October 20, 2006, Mac OS X: November 6, 2006.
Sims can now own pets.
New careers for pets: Security, Showbiz, Service.

Release date: Windows: NA: March 1, 2007, EU: March 2, 2007, Mac OS X: June 11, 2007.
Add seasons and weather, fishing and gardening.
New pre-made neighborhood: Riverblossom Hills.
New careers: Education, Gamer, Journalism, Law, Music.

Bon Voyage
Release date: Windows: NA: September 4, 2007, EU: September 7, 2007, Mac OS X: December 17, 2007.
Allow sims to go in vacation.
3 pre-made sub-neighborhoods: Twikkii Island, Three Lakes, Takemizu Village.

Release date: Windows: NA: February 26, 2008, EU: February 22, 2008.
Add ability to keep hobbies, lifetime aspiration system, new talent badges.
New pre-made neighborhood: Desiderata Valley.
New careers: Oceanography, Intelligence, Entertainment, Dance, Architecture

Apartment Life
Release date: Windows: NA: August 27, 2008, EU: August 29, 2008.
Allow you to build apartments and put up to 4 families on same lot.
Add witchcraft system.
New pre-made neighborhood: Belladonna Cove.
Characters: Witches, Warlocks.

The Sims 2 stuff packs

Holiday Party Pack
Release date: Windows: NA: November 17, 2005
Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and New Year themed stuff, plus new NPCs: Santa Claus, Father Time, and Baby New Year

Family Fun Stuff
Release date: Windows: NA: April 13, 2006, Mac OS X: April 30, 2007
Family-oriented Fairy tale, outer space and nautical themed items mainly for children’s bedrooms

Glamour Life Stuff
Release date: Windows: NA: August 31, 2006, Mac OS X: June 1, 2007
Luxury, couture and glamour themed objects, floors and walls

Happy Holiday Stuff
Release date: Windows: NA: November 7, 2006, Mac OS X: September 4, 2007
All items from Holiday Party Pack plus added Asian and European holiday themed stuff

Celebration! Stuff
Release date: Windows: NA: April 3, 2007.
Wedding themed hairstyles, fashions and accessories, furniture, and other party enhancers

H&M Fashion Stuff
Release date: Windows: NA: June 5, 2007
Fashion collections from H&M and H&M branded build objects

Teen Style Stuff
Release date: Windows: NA: November 5, 2007
Goth, Thrasher and Socialite themed stuff for teenagers’ bedrooms, teenage haircuts and new teenage clothes

Kitchen & Bath Interior Design Stuff
Release date: Windows: NA: April 15, 2008
Kitchen and bathroom objects, floors, walls and clothing items

IKEA Home Stuff
Released on Windows: NA: June 24, 2008
Fashionable furniture, floors and walls from the styles of IKEA

Mansion & Garden Stuff
Released on: Windows: NA: November 17, 2008
Items featuring three new decorative themes (Moroccan, Art Deco and Second Empire)

The Sims 2 custom content requirements

You can package lots in game and give them to friends or post them online to be downloaded and installed on other computers if they contains all expansion packs that were installed on the computer where the house was built, regardless they contains items from them or not, they also require stuff packs if they contains items from them. An exception is for University expansion pack, which is technically a stuff pack, and Mansion and Garden stuff pack, which is technically an expansion pack.

3rd city – StarlingSprings

In February 2008 I started to built a third The Sims 2 urban town, this time by using University Expansion Pack. I downloaded few user-made maps and choose to use StarlingSprings map because is a medium-sized, flat neighborhood, with dense and regulated street network, plus a river that split the map in two asymmetric zones (the map can be downloaded from modthesims.info or gethanesims.prismbaby.com).

Initial development – 2008-2010

I standardized tower blocks of 9 storeys (originally 8) and walk-up blocks of 3-4-5 storeys arranged in an even more dense and efficient layout than in previous urban city Pleasantview. Here are some 2 screenshots from 2008.


I turned into an adult and a busy businessman, so was unlikely to ever finish this city. The city remained built less than a half. The construction advanced, thanks to some working in 2009 and 2010, but meantime I changed my plan and now I like to have 4 different housing estates each with own design style, a less repetitive design, more layouts, lines of tower blocks on each coast and sides, so I need to rebuilt, and this takes very very very much work time! I was thinking to “hire” a child with free time to build the city according my plan, but did not found anyone willing to help me.

These are most recent screenshots taken in 2010.


This architectural masterpiece, according 2010 plan, had to have around 180 housing lots with around 600-650 apartment blocks, plus 4 or 5 narrow parks and community spaces, and several landed housing areas.

Resumed construction – 2016

Between 2010 and 2015 been busy to build my business so i can live independently from parents. In 2016 I started having again free time for gaming, and resumed construction of this city. I designed a master plan in AutoCAD, with existing blocks and re-planned many blocks according ideas which came during 2010 as well as completely new ideas. After making plan in AutoCAD and went in game to start building, saving time, instead of planning directly in game by building foundations only. I took another break in August 2016 and Resumed in March 2017.

According 2016 plan, the city has to have 226 lots with 54 tower blocks, 623 low-rise blocks and 139 houses. I modified the plan several times and in 2017 the count was 231 lots, 55 tower blocks, 599 walk-up blocks and 164 houses.

City master plan made with AutoCAD including lot numbering – click image to open PDF

StarlingSprings map have two 3-squares zones aligned north-south approximately at middle of each side of river, since 2008 I decided to develop them as park. Another 2-3 parks were planned in 2009-2010, but in 2016 I turned into built-up areas, leaving just 2 parks.

In 2008 the block pattern was a mess, in 2009-2010 I choose to make most walk-up blocks aligned east-west, while tower blocks are all aligned north-south. In 2008 I made blocks facing park 5-storey, blocks facing streets 4-storey, rear blocks 3-storey (one extra storey compared with PleasantView), and tower blocks 7+1-storey (increased to 8+1 storey in 2009). But this caused certain blocks to be covered by the taller blocks near parks. In 2016 I changed mind to make east-west blocks 3-storey and north-south blocks 4-storey (with some exceptions). By this way I also removed the 45-degree corners, to make corner blocks from 2 interlocked cubes of different heights and colors.

I created an uniform city design but vibrant in terms of colors and patterns. Due to non-regulated street layout, was a challenge to make symmetric patterns, that mix up with other asymmetric patterns.


At some moment I was thinking to build few unique buildings in some strategic places in the city, but I abandoned idea because will break the uniformity.

Finalized city – 2017


North Zone



South zone


West zone



Comparison with a real city

StarlingSprings urban neighborhood was inspired by public housing built in communist Romania, nice blocks at street and uglier blocks behind usually painted blue, in 2008 I made all blocks white then colored in blue and green the rear blocks. Then I realized that in The Sims there is no distinction between street blocks and rear blocks. In 2010 I came with idea to make 4 zones each with a distinctive color. In 2016 I further improved the idea and made 4-storey blocks white and 3-storey blocks in the distinctive color of each zone.

See the following screenshots taken in Google Earth from Bucharest. In Virtutii neighborhood you can see corner blocks and Z-shaped blocks having one side with 1 extra floor. Same in my The Sims city.


Download SAMPLE lot

Purchase whole city

Aurora Skies

Aurora Skies is the eighth world from The Sims 3 Store, it was released for purchase in The Sims 3 Store on February 21, 2013. Aurora Skies is an Icelandic coastal town-themed world. The standard version of the world costs 2,205 SimPoints while the gold version costs 3,915 SimPoints.

Aurora Skies

Total number of lots: 84
Lots 20×20: 5
Lots 20×30: 14
Lots 30×30: 12
Lots 30×40: 0
Lots 40×40: 13
Lots 40×50: 0
Lots 50×50: 8
Lots 50×60: 0
Lots 60×60: 0
Lots 64×64: 9
Odd-sized lots: 23

List of lots and houses in Aurora Skies world

Took me about 1 hour to compile the below table.
Please do not copy it on other websites without crediting www.teoalida.com/thesims

Lot address Lot size Building name Family name
24 Geothermal Lane 30×20 Basalt Beach (Beach)
25 Geothermal Lane 25×25 Lake View Mango
26 Geothermal Lane 50×50 Sundhöll Community Pool (Noi Visitors Allowed)
41 Lupin Lane 35×25
42 Lupin Lane 30×20
43 Lupin Lane 30×20
44 Lupin Lane 20×30
45 Lupin Lane 64×64
52 Velkominn Rd. 64×32 Groomed Grounds (Big Park)
53 Velkominn Rd. 64×32 Recreational Reserve (Big Park)
54 Velkominn Rd. 40×40 Perspective Park (Big Park)
56 Velkominn Rd. 20×40 Natural Nest Adamsson
57 Velkominn Rd. 25×50 Steadfast Ingberg
58 Velkominn Rd. 20×40 Rowan House
59 Velkominn Rd. 20×30 Ayres End Olivia
60 Velkominn Rd. 50×25 Hostility-Free Hostel Day
61 Velkominn Rd. 25×35 Human Habitat Frimann
62 Velkominn Rd. 40×20 Domestic Domicile
64 Velkominn Rd. 30×30
65 Velkominn Rd. 25×35 Caring Co-Op Apple
66 Velkominn Rd. 20×30 Recycled Refuge Warbler
68 Velkominn Rd. 25×35 Coastal Condo Elliot
69 Velkominn Rd. 40×40 Cuisine and Contracts Business Park (No Visitors Allowed)
70 Velkominn Rd. 35×25 Björn Cafe (Visitors Allowed)
80 Edgewood Ave. 20×25 Juniper House
82 Edgewood Ave. 20×30 Hallbjörn Birch
83 Edgewood Ave. 20×30 The Holm Wong
84 Egdewood Ave. 25×50 Weights & Waves Gym (Gym)
85 Edgewood Ave. 40×40
86 Edgewood Ave. 20×25 Home Sweet Holm
87 Edgewood Ave. 50×25
88 Edgewood Ave. 50×25 Placid Park (Small Park)
90 Edgewood Ave. 20×30
91 Edgewood Ave. 40×40 Plays, Productions, and Pictures (No Visitors Allowed)
93 Edgewood Ave. 40×40 Füd Feud (No Visitors Allowed)
95 Edgewood Ave. 20×30
96 Edgewood Ave. 64×64 Competitor’s Delight Stadium (No Visitors Allowed)
97 Edgewood Ave. 30×30
98 Edgewood Ave. 50×50 Peaceful Protection Agency (No Visitors Allowed)
43 Hovedgated Rd. 30×30 Serenity Sands Beach (Beach)
45 Hovedgated Rd. 64×64 Nature and Nurture Learning Academy (No Visitors Allowed)
47 Hovedgaten Rd. 25×50 The Wallpaper Museum of Modern Art (Art Gallery)
Downtown extension
1 Garden Götukort Ave. 40×40 Sustainable Community Garden (Visitor Allowed)
32 Livingsotne St. 30×30 Luxurious Lodge Olsson
33 Livingstone St. 30×30 Mud Baths and Manuscripts (No Visitors Allowed)
34 Livingstone St. 40×40 Lend and Learn Library (No Visitors Allowed)
35 Livingstone St. 20×30
39 Livingstone St. 30×30 Sunrise Reflection Fishing Park (Fishing Spot)
17 Foss View Rd. 40×40
19 Foss View Rd. 25×25 Lowland Lakehouse Svard
20 Foss View Rd. 30×30 Humble Homestead
22 Foss View Rd. 30×30 Eco Edifice
3 Rock Ridge Rd. 50×50 Helgason
5 Rock Ridge Rd. 30×30
6 Rock Ridge Rd. 40×40 Roomy Roost
7 Rock Ridge Rd. 64×64
8 Rock Ridge Rd. 40×40 The Green Cottage Clark
9 Rock Ridge Rd. 50×50
37 Sulfur Springs Rd. 64×64 The Glade
38 Sulfur Springs Rd. 20×20
40 Sulfur Springs Rd. 20×20
41 Sulfur Springs Rd. 30×30 Forest Den Wrede
42 Sulfur Springs Rd. 20×20
43 Sulfur Springs Rd. 25×25 Quarry House
44 Sulfur Springs Rd. 20×20 Swim and Soak Station (Pool)
45 Sulfur Springs Rd. 25×25 Weight-Lifter’s Wonderand (Gym)
46 Sulfur Springs Rd. 40×40 The Birchwoods
47 Sulfur Springs Rd. 25×25 Cozy Cottage Oss
48 Sulfur Springs Rd. 50×50 The Blue Lagoon (Visitors Allowed)
49 Sulfur Springs Rd. 20×20 Auspicious Accomodation
50 Sulfur Springs Rd. 64×64 City Hall (No Visitors Allowed)
Hilly area
13 Foss View Rd. 50×50 Fiskar Fishing Spot (Park)
14 Foss View Rd. 40×40 Highland Home Hallur
15 Foss View Rd. 30×30 Jusat an Abandoned Warehouse (No Visitors Allowed)
21 Sulfur Springs Rd. 64×64 Cure-All Collective (No Visitors Allowed)
22 Sulfur Springs Rd. 50×50 Morningside Morgue and Cemetery (Graveyard)
24 Sulfur Springs Rd. 30×20 Fjara Beach (Beach)
26 Sulfur Springs Rd. 50×50 Chapter House Vinter
28 Sulfur Springs Rd. 20×30 Coastal Cove Beach (Beach)
30 Sulfur Springs Rd. 30×30 Lynnwood Hannes
32 Sulfur Springs Rd. 30×20 Bonfire Beach (Beach)
33 Sulfur Springs Rd 64×64
34 Sulfur Springs Rd. 40×40
36 Sulfur Springs Rd. 64×64

Monte Vista

Monte Vista is the seventh world from The Sims 3 Store, released for purchase in The Sims 3 Store on December 6, 2012. Monte Vista is an Italian-themed world, with hills surrounding the world and a coast which leads to an open sea.

Monte Vista

Total number of lots: 84
Lots 20×20: 7
Lots 20×30: 15
Lots 30×30: 8
Lots 30×40: 2
Lots 40×40: 7
Lots 40×50: 0
Lots 50×50: 3
Lots 50×60: 0
Lots 60×60: 3
Lots 64×64: 4
Odd-sized lots: 35

Lot address Lot size Building name Family name
1 Regalia Court 42×42 City Hall (No Visitors Allowed)
2 Regalia Court 20×15 Admirable Abode Mancini
3 Regalia Court 20×20 The Bibliotech (Library)
4 Regalia Court 30×32 Civic Center (No Visitors Allowed)
5 Regalia Court 25×25 Piazza Regalia (Big Park)
6 Regalia Court 20×15 Sunny Sanctum Bianchi
7 Regalia Court 25×35 Teatro Fantastico (No Visitors Allowed)
8 Regalia Court 60×20 Rustic Retreat
9 Regalia Court 30×30 The Public Pizzeria (Visitors Allowed)
10 Regalia Court 25×30 Simcatti Industries (No Visitors Allowed)
11 Regalia Court 15×20 Honest Homestead Costa
12 Regalia Court 20×30 Commendable Condo Rivers
13 Regalia Court 30×30 Historic House Rossi
14 Regalia Court 20×20 Terracota Townhouse Lin
15 Regalia Court 32×32 Good Guys Inc. (No Visitors Allowed)
16 Regalia Court 20×30 Favorable Flat Ferrari
17 Regalia Court 40×35 Tasty Treats and Tomes (No Visitors Allowed)
18 Regalia Court 20×15 Hilltop Heights
19 Regalia Court 20×20
20 Regalia Court 25×25 Museum D’Art (Art Gallery)
West bank
713 Bella Vista Drive 40×40 Moonlit Stroll Park (Big Park)
714 Bella Vista Drive 60×60 Scuola Simatica (No Visitors Allowed)
715 Bella Vista Drive 50×50 Palacial Pools
716 Bella Vista Drive 50×40 Gymnasium Ultima (Gym)
717 Bella Vista Drive 35×35
718 Bella Vista Drive 40×20 Poetic Property Monty
719 Bella Vista Drive 35×35 Picturesque Plot Toledo
721 Bella Vista Drive 20×20
723 Bella Vista Drive 20×30 Rustic Den Seng
724 Bella Vista Drive 20×30
725 Bella Vista Drive 30×20 Graciella’s Groceries and Delfina’s Diner (No Visitor Allowed)
726 Bella Vista Drive 30×20 Lonely Lot Perry
727 Bella Vista Drive 40×20 Renaissance Retreat Romano
729 Bella Vista Drive 30×15 Happy Hive Lombardi
730 Bella Vista Drive 25×50 Restful Mausoleum (Graveyard)
731 Bella Vista Drive 30×15 Reputable Residence James
732 Bella Vista Drive 15×30 Hidden House
57 Globe Street 30×30
28 Stratford Street 64×64 Coliseum
30 Stratford Street 20×20 Stylistic Shack
31 Summer Street 30×30 Cypress Retreat
33 Summer Street 25×35 Villa Paradiso Monty
40 Toscana Drive 40×40 (No Visitors Allowed)
43 Via Morena 20×30 (No Visitors Allowed)
44 Via Morena 20×30 (No Visitors Allowed)
21 Verona Way 30×30 Dramatic Digs Almeria
23 Verona Way 64×64 Fashionable Farm Moretti
25 Verona Way 50×50
27 Verona Way 60×60
29 Verona Way 40×40
31 Verona Way 30×30 Tuscan Tudor DeLuca
31 Verona Way 35×35
45 Verona Drive 50×25 Sunbather’s Retreat (Beach)
1 Via Veronaville 20×20 Attractive Tract
2 Via Veronaville 25×35 Unmarred Utopia
3 Via Veronaville 30×20 Average Acreage Russo
4 Via Veronaville 40×30
5 Via Veronaville 25×35 Homey Haven Pantalone
6 Via Veronaville 30×30
8 Via Veronaville 30×30 Cozy Cottage
9 Via Veronaville 20×20 Little Gipper Fishing Park (Fishing Spot)
10 Via Veronaville 25×25 Worries and Woes Country Pub (Hangout)
80 Desdamona Drive 40×40 Marvelous Mansion Modena
East bank
17 Avon Avenue 40×40 Etruscan Park (Visitors Allowed)
35 Bard Boulevard 60×60 Ample Accomodations
37 Bard Boulevard 40×40 Beautiful Barn Taylor
83 Chorus Court 64×64 Quiet Quarters Giordano
54 Poet Place 35×35
33 Verona Way 30×20 Lovely Lodging Valenci
35 Verona Way 64×64 Seafood Hideaway Fishing Pasrk (Fishing Spot)
37 Verona Way 64c64
12 Via Veronaville 40×40
14 Via Veronaville 30×20 Sun-Kissed Starter
16 Via Veronaville 50×50 Deluxe Domicile Rassi
18 Via Veronaville #A 40×50 Siesta Community Pool (Pool)
18 Via Veronaville #B 40×64 Mucho Espresso Café (Hangout)
18 Via Veronaville #C 30×20 (No Visitors Allowed)
18 Via Veronaville #D 40×30 Slanciato Spa (No Visitors Allowed)
18 Via Veronaville #E 30×20 (No Visitors Allowed)
18 Via Veronaville #F 40×64 Doctor Simano’s Sanatorium (No Visitors Allowed)
19 Via Veronaville 40×20 Sunlit Stride Park (Small Park)
South island
47 Olive Way 20×30
45 Olive Way 30×20 Venice Beach (Beach
67 Stella Street 20×60 Decent Dwelling Stefani

Riverblossom Hills

Riverblossom Hills a pre-made neighborhoods that was added by The Sims 2: Seasons expansion pack.

It contains 22 lots, of which 3 community lots, 19 residential lots, and 6 families living in.

Story: Many Sims have relocated to the quiet, comfortable countryside, in the hopes that life and family can firmly plant their roots in the middle of nowhere.
Fresh crops aren’t the only thing growing in the farming community of Riverblossom Hills – love is in the air and many a relationship is on the verge of blossoming. Unfortunately, problems are bound to sprout in a town this small.
Things are looking up, but hearts can always turn cold with the onset of winter.

Belle’s Boutique and Tailoring 2×2 Community Lot $90,722
The Hills Community Center 6×5 Community Lot $88,553
Town Center Grocery 3×2 Community Lot $61,295
102 Firefly Pass 4×4 For Sale $32,552 $32,684
101 Huckleberry Lane 3×2 For Sale $3,000 $3,000
125 Huckleberry Lane 3×3 For Sale $19,860 $19,884
147 Huckleberry Lane 3×2 For Sale $18,020 $18,020
211 Huckleberry Lane 2×3 Occupied $61,089 O’Mackey $65,761
22 W 175 Mountain Pass Road 2×2 For Sale $17,633 $17,657
23 W 182 Mountain Pass Road 5×2 For Sale $18,531 $18,555
100 Old Farm Road 3×3 For Sale $19,907 $19,907
110 Old Farm Road 3×3 Occupied $126,783 Greenman $129,621
115 Old Farm Road 4×3 Occupied $62,151 McGreggor $64,825
204 Old Farm Road 4×3 Occupied $124,240 Viejo $132,905
104 Riverbend Road 2×2 For Sale $17,929 $18,121
112 Riverbend Road 2×3 For Sale $18,215 $18,239
115 Riverbend Road 2×3 For Sale $13,553 $13,553
226 Strawberry Hill 5×4 For Sale $59,164 $59,176
202 Town Center Road 2×2 For Sale $16,596 $16,596
111 Vine Street 5×5 For Sale $149,782 $150,070
202 Welsh Lane 3×2 Occupied $89,026 Wan $91,604
208 Welsh Lane 3×3 Occupied $112,674 Roth $167,254

Lot value: the value shown when you enter lot and click “Lot Information” in top-left corner, this is how I was able to get value for community lots and apartment lots.

Default value: the price shown in neighborhood view when you point mouse cursor on a lot. Available only for residential non-occupied houses. After you enter lot and return to neighborhood view, even without saving lot, the value changes the value shown in “Lot Information”.

The Sims 1 review

The Sims 1 coverThe Sims 1 was launched on January 31, 2000. It is a crappy game by modern standards, but it is innovative, being the first game of The Sims series, and if it didn’t existed, probably the better games The Sims 2 and 3 may have never appeared.

The Sims 1 have only 2 life stages: child and adult. Sometimes you get a phone call asking if you want to adopt a baby. There is also possible to make babies, putting two sims in the love bed introduced by an expansion pack and click “play” on them, you get a baby crib, the baby require feeding about every 6 hours and after 72 hours they will turn into a child. But children never turn into adults (unless you have Makin’ Magic and use charm Age of Instant), and adults never die by aging (but there are many ways in which they can die: starvation, burning, drowning, shocking, etc).

Babies in The Sims are objects, not Sims. If you move out a family having a baby, the baby is not taken to new lot. When babies turn into children, head and clothes are randomly selected as in The Sims 1 there is no genetics.

Children if neglected will be taken by social worker, or if miss school bus and falling grades, they will leave forever to military school.

The Sims 1 do not have weekdays, adults go to job every day and children go to school every day.

The Sims 1 have 10 career tracks with 10 position each, expansion packs add more careers making a total of 21 careers. Salary and hours vary from job to job, career been inverse proportional, the ones with lowest entry level salary have highest top level salary. More details here: The Sims 1 career tracks.

The Sims 1 is limited in terms of architectural features. Houses can only have 2 floors. You cannot have foundations, basements or stairs if the ground is hilly, like in The Sims 2 and newer games. Any area enclosed by walls gets automatically a hipped roof, gabled roof is impossible. You cannot change roof other than color and one of 4 pitch options (you can however, make single story houses with terrace at second story).

Expansion packs

The Sims had 7 expansion packs, each adding new items in game in buy mode, build mode, careers and Create a Sim, and some important features listed below:

The Sims: Livin’ Large, released on August 31, 2000

Allow player to switch 5 neighborhoods, all featuring the 10 lots from Sim Lane, but can carry distinct houses and sims. Original neighborhood is called 1, the 2 have 3 houses of which one is occupied by a family.

The Sims: House Party, released on April 2, 2001

Introduce ability to throw parties at your home. Allow player to switch additional 3 neighborhoods, making a total of 8.

The Sims: Hot Date, released on November 12, 2001

Introduce ability for Sims to leave their home and travel to new destinations. Introduced “Downtown” destination with 10 community lots.

The Sims: Vacation, released on March 28, 2002

Introduced “Vacation Island” destination, you can stay in vacation for long time and save game here.

The Sims: Unleashed, released on November 7, 2002

Introduced gardening and pets in the game. Dogs and cats are controllable like Sims. Expand the default neighborhood of 10 lots on Sim Lane with “Old Town” with additional 31 lots, with ability to rezone them as residential or community.

The Sims: Superstar, released on May 13, 2003

Allows Sims to become entertainment figures and includes representations of several famous personalities. Introduced a new destination called “Studio Town,” which functions as a workplace for celebrity Sims where regular visits may be required to maintain their fame and career, players can follow their Sims to work. Allows non-celebrity Sims to visit Studio Town for leisure.

The Sims: Makin’ Magic, released on October 29, 2003

Introduces magic to the game and allows Sims to cast spells, forge charms, and buy alchemical ingredients. Introduced “Magic Town” with 9 lots, which house vendors of magical ingredients and items and a number of magic-related mini-games. Introduces baking and nectar-making. 3 lots in Magic Town are residential, which contain new aesthetic accents such as new grass textures, background sound effects, and a higher chance of growing magical items, marking the first time that Sims may live outside of the main neighborhood.

My first The Sims 3 house

In April 2013, after several dozens hours of extensive studying of Sims behavior on 3 experimental houses made by me, using two families of 2 and 8 sims, plus the pre-made ones, I made my first (final) house in The Sims 3.

I hate The Sims 3 lot sizes, for being too big. Look at this, I used the smallest standard-sized lot available in game (20×30) to build an oversized house with 258 square meters for 6 Sims (with possibility to add 2 more beds), 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, carpark for 2 cars, pool, BBQ, etc. I say oversized because 6 Sims normally need 200 squares.

Error: the two doorways near staircase may appear half-walled, I placed using the cheat “moveobjects on”, because of The Sims 3 limitations, this was working well in The Sims 2.


Lot size: 20×30.
Lot price: about $170.000.
House size: 16×12.
Floor area: 258 squares + 35 squares of terraces + 8 squares of void.
Expansions required: none, The Sims 3 base game only.

Brindleton Bay

Brindleton Bay is a world that was introduced in The Sims 4: Cats & Dogs. It is a big coastal town surrounded by beaches and various pets related activities. It is based on typical New England seafront towns.

Story: Tucked away on the eastern seaboard. Brindleton Bay has acquired a reputation for its citizens’ absolute obsession with all things feline and canine. Enjoy the coastal views, the rich maritime history, and all your new four-legged neighbors!


Brindleton Bay consists of 4 neighborhoods, with one of them featuring a large museum next to a lighthouse.

Sable Square
Whiskerman’s Wharf
Cavalier Cove
Deadgrass Isle


There are a total of 11 residential lots and 5 community lots in Brindleton Bay.

Catscratch Cottage, owned by Lynx
Chateau Frise, owned by Delgato
It’s A Good House, owned by Hecking

Bedlington Boathouse
Domus Familiaris
Hound’s Head
Ragdoll Refurb

Empty lots
Dachshund’s Creek 30×20
Hindquarter Hideaway 30×20
Sporting Space 30×20
Tail’s End 40×30

Community lots
Brindleton Pawspital – Vet clinic
Club Calico – Lounge
Deadgrass Discoveries – Museum
Pupperstone Park – Park
Salty Paws Saloon – Bar

Sunlit Tides

Sunlit Tides is a world from The Sims 3 Store, and it was announced on August 15, 2012. It is based on a tropical island with sparkling beaches and palm trees. It was released on August 23, 2012. The town features new rabbit holes and the Pleasant family.

Sunlit Tides

Total number of lots: 86
Lots 20×20: 7
Lots 20×30: 6
Lots 30×30: 18
Lots 30×40: 0
Lots 40×40: 14
Lots 40×50: 5
Lots 50×50: 8
Lots 50×60: 0
Lots 60×60: 0
Lots 64×64: 7
Odd-sized lots: 21

List of lots and houses in Sunlit Tides world

Took me about 1 hour to compile the below table.
Please do not copy it on other websites without crediting www.teoalida.com/thesims

Lot address Lot size Building name Family name
Zone A – Mountain
1 Ocean Overlook 25×25 The House That Love Built Pleasant
2 Ocean Overlook 30×30 Sunshine Park (Small Park)
The Volcano 64×64 The Lair (No Visitors Allowed)
Lagoon Overlook 40×40 The Overlook (Big Park)
The Lagoon 30×20 Hot Sands Beach (Beach)
The Cliff 20×30 (No Visitors Allowed)
The Mountain Top 40×40 The Relaxation Station (angout)
15 Azure Avenue 40×40 Final Sunset Graveyerd (Graveyard)
13 Azure Avenue 30×30 Favorite Fishing Hole (Fishing Spot)
The Mountain Base 20×20 Jungle Fishing Spot (Fishing Spot)
6 Paradise Circle 50×50 Lagoon View Pools (Pool)
10 Azure Avenue 15×10 The Jungle Recluse Waterson
Zone B – Mango
9 Paradise Circle 40×40 The Island Pearl Kahale
10 Paradise Circle 40×40 The Shark Hut
11 Paradise Circle 50×50 Rhapsody Hale
15 Paradise Circle 30×30 Sand, Sun, and Surf Corp. (No Visitors Allowed)
16 Paradise Circle 30×30 Captain Jack’s Theater (No Visitors Allowed)
17 Paradise Circle 40×40 Serpentine Labs (No Visitors Allowed)
18 Paradise Circle 30×30 Pleasant Pages Bookstore (No Visitors Allowed)
20 Paradise Circle 30×30 Seaside Sculpture Park (Small Park)
22 Paradise Circle 30×30 Midnight Moon Bistro
6 Silent Shores 20×25 Life on the Lagoon
4 Silent Shores 25×25 Paradise Park and Garden (Small Park)
8 Castaway Cove 20×20 Heavenly Home
1 Mango Way 15×10 Harmony Home Mango
Military Atoll 50×50 Mango’s Militry Base (No Visitors Allowed)
3 Mango Way 20×15 The Hot House
5 Mango Way 15×10 Ocean Views Ernest
The Hidden Beach 20×25 The Hidden Fishing Hole (Fishing Spot)
Zone C – Beach
24 Paradise Circle 25×25 The Hideaway (Hangout)
25 Paradise Circle 40×40 My Little Piece of Paradise Wahine
26 Paradise Circle 30×20 (No Visitors Allowed)
27 Paradise Circle 40×40 Sanctuary
29 Paradise Circle 30×20 (No Visitors Allowed)
30 Paradise Circle 15×10 Equatorial Abode
31 Paradise Circle 30×30 Forever Tropical Beach Bums
32 Paradise Circle 30×30 The Hot Spot (Hangout)
33 Paradise Circle 20×30 Tropic Fever Gonzalo
34 Paradise Circle 10×15 The Wanderer’s Way Keilani
35 Paradise Circle 20×20 I Can Smell the Sea Yang
36 Paradise Circle 50×50 Semitropical Abode
Tidal Beach 25×35 Captain Jack’s Beach (Beach)
Zone D – Cove
37 Paradise Circle 64×64 The Island Academy (No Visitors Allowed)
2 Castaway Cove 20×20 Lovely Lot
4 Castaway Cove 25×25 Lovely Lot
6 Castaway Cove 35×25 Lovely Lot
10 Castaway Cove 35×25 Lovely Lot
14 Castaway Cove 40×40 Lovely Lot
16 Castaway Cove 50×50 Lovely Lot
1 Cove Road 64×64 Lovely Lot
2 Cove Road 64×64 Lovely Lot
13 Paradise Circle 25×20 Lovely Lot
Zone E – Tropical Circle
39 Paradise Circle 30×30 Grotto Groceries (No Visitors Allowed)
41 Paradise Circle 30×30 Island Police Headquarters (No Visitors Allowed)
43 Paradise Circle 64×64 City Hall (No Visitors Allowed)
45 Paradise Circle 25×25 (No Visitors Allowed)
10 Tropical Circle 30×20 Hapy Habitat
11 Tropical Circle 40×40 Paradise Pools (Pool)
12 Tropical Circle 20×20 I Can Hear the Sea Allender
The Sandy Beach 40×40 Lovely Lot
14 Tropical Circle 30×30 Home, Now with Sand Parrott
16 Tropical Circle 35×25 The Tropical Zone Alto
4 Reef Road 30×30 A Moment in Time Adams
Reef Road Beach 64×64 The Beach House
5 Reef Road 25×25 The Sun’s Smile Pepper
1 Reef Road 40×40 Jungle Jim’s Gym (Gym)
The Hideaway 50×50 Pleasant View Park (Big Park)
20 Tropical Circle 64×64 Seaside Sports Center (No Visitors Allowed)
22 Tropical Circle 40×40 Coconut Palms Medical Facility (No Visitors Allowed)
25 Tropical Circle 50×50 Tropic Llama Library (Library)
Zone F – Oceanside
47 Paradise Circle 25×20 Riku’s Luau Diner
48 Paradise Circle 20×20 Paradise Pad
49 Paradise Circle 20×25 Shady Rest Strong
50 Paradise Circle 50×50 Starfish Sands Playground (Big Park)
52 Paradise Circle 20×20 Retreat from the Sun Best Friends
54 Paradise Circle 25×35 Tropic Times Carnegie
56 Paradise Circle 30×30 The Wayfarer Fitzpatrick
57 Paradise Circle 30×30 Oceanview Art Gallery (Art Gallery)
58 Paradise Circle 20×15 The Jungle Green Young Romance
59 Paradise Circle 20×40 Lovely Lot
60 Paradise Circle 30×30 Jungle Dwelling
1 Lagoon Beach 25×25 Pirate’s Pool (Pool)
2 Lagoon Beach 40×40 My First Vacantion Home Hoffman
1 Oceanside 25×35 Seaside Retreat Grantham
2 Oceanside 30×30 Dreams of Paradise Day Spa (No Visitors Allowed)
The End of the Road 30×30 (No Visitors Allowed)

Palace of the Empire 6×5

Palace of the Empire is the biggest building made by me in The Sims 2, its overall shape is inspired from the Romanian Palace of the Parliament, which I also designed a realistic replica in The Sims 2, but by keeping number of windows to the real building, several people criticized it for having too many windows.

So, I wanted to make a new bigger building that does look nice in The Sims 2 and maximize game limits. I designed several polylines in AutoCAD that does calculate perimeter for each, adjusted the polylines to find the optimal shape to make the building to appear as large and tall is possible while keeping it under the limit of 2100 wall segments and basement + 14 floors (adding 1 more floor would cause game to crash).

Palace of the Empire aerial front Palace of the Empire aerial rear
Palace of the Empire day front Palace of the Empire day rear
Palace of the Empire night front Palace of the Empire night rear
Palace of the Empire neighborhood view

The building is composed by the following shapes based on 5-squares grid:
4 floors measuring about 50×40 squares (50×42 with bays), 706 squares floor area, 298 wall segments;
3 floors measuring about 30×20 squares (32×21 with bays), 390 squares floor area, 170 wall segments;
6 floors measuring about 20×5 squares (20×7 with bays), 116 squares floor area, 58 wall segments;
1 floor having 2 rooms 4×7 squares, 56 squares floor area, 44 wall segments.
Total: 14 floors, 4746 squares floor area, 2094 wall segments.

Lot size: 6×5.
Lot facing: North.
Lot price: about $396,458.
Building size: 50×42 squares.
Floor area: 4746 squares.
Expansion needed: Apartment Life only.

But what if I do an even bigger building?

Once again I used AutoCAD to design polylines and calculate perimeter and area. This time making a very fat building without many bays.

Biggest building in The Sims 2 Biggest building in The Sims 2

The building is composed by the following shapes:
5 floors measuring 52×42 squares, 1308 squares floor area, 264 wall segments;
3 floors measuring 46×16 squares, 764 squares floor area, 128 wall segments (46×18 with bays);
6 floors measuring 14×18 squares, 252 squares floor area, 64 wall segments;
Total: 14 floors, 10344 squares floor area, 2088 wall segments (not including attics).

Lot size: 6×5.
Lot facing: South.
Lot price: $446,950.
Building size: 52×42 squares.
Floor area: 10344 squares.
Expansion needed: Apartment Life only.

The biggest theoretical building that can be built in The Sims 2 would be an octagonal building measuring 46×46 squares (4 straight sides 28 squares long and 4 diagonal sides 9 squares long), would make 148 wall segments per floor and 1954 squares floor area, 14 floors would make 2072 wall segments and 27356 squares floor area. But will be an ugly piece of shit!

Lucky Palms

Lucky Palms is a world for The Sims 3. It was announced on June 18, 2012 and released on June 28 of the same year. It is the fifth world released for The Sims 3 Store. Lucky Palms is set in a desert setting with small pockets of green scattered throughout the world. There are 50 residents (and 5 unborn babies), making Lucky Palms the same size population-wise as Bridgeport, Hidden Springs, and Riverview.

It is available in a Standard and Gold edition. The Gold edition contains The Lucky Simoleon Casino, as well as several extra objects, including the blackjack table and the slot machine.

Lucky Palms

Total number of lots: 96
Lots 20×20: 3
Lots 20×30: 5
Lots 30×30: 8
Lots 30×40: 3
Lots 40×40: 33
Lots 40×50: 1
Lots 50×50: 8
Lots 50×60: 0
Lots 60×60: 2
Lots 64×64: 10
Odd-sized lots: 23

List of lots and houses in Lucky Palms world

Took me about 1 hour to compile the below table.
Please do not copy it on other websites without crediting www.teoalida.com/thesims

Lot address Lot size Building name Family name
Main side of highway
150 Casino Boulevard 60×60 Empty Lot
10 Civic Circle 64×64 City Hall (No Visitors Allowed)
17 Civic Circle 50×50 Grand Canyon Community Library (Library)
19 Civic Circle 60×60 Brittlebush Academy (No Visitors Allowed)
21 Civic Circle 40×40 Rio Vista Park and Playground (Small Park)
25 Civic Circle 40×40 Sun Health Hospital (No Visitors Allowed)
28 Civic Circle 40×30 Empty Lot (No Visitors Allowed)
30 Civic Circle 30×30 Local Law Enforcement (No Visitors Allowed)
32 Civic Circle 50×50 Paint A Desert Art Gallery (Art Gallery)
30 Garden View Lane 30×30 Drinks at Diamondbacks (Hangout)
33 Garden View Lane 25×50 Botanical Garden (Small Park)
34 Garden View Lane 40×40 Sport Fishing (fishing Spot)
59 Gobi Road 40×40 Block Motel Dreamer
63 Gobi Road 30×30
68 Gobi Road 40×40 Happy Hour House
52 Golf Links Lane 50×50
54 Golf Links Lane 64×64
65 Golf View Road 40×40
67 Golf View Road 40×40 Casa Xanadu Hendrix
69 Golf View Road 64×64 Pillars of Society King
71 Golf View Road 40×40 Modernista Sosa
73 Golf View Road 40×40 A Bridge Apart Lovers?
75 Golf View Road 40×40 Nefertiti’s Abode Price
77 Golf View Road 50×50 The Claw
78 Golf View Road 40×40
80 Golf View Road 40×40
70 Great Sand Road 64×64 Classic Compound Shaw
35 Kalahari Crossing 50×50 The Golden Simoleon Gymnasium (Gym)
36 Kalahari Crossing 40×40 Palms Park (Small Park)
69 Lake Access Road 30×30 The Solitary Novel (No Visitors Allowed)
70 Lake Access Road 20×30 Empty Lot (No Visitors Allowed)
71 Lake Access Road 20×30 Empty Lot (No Visitors Allowed)
75 Pleasant View Road 30×40
74 Pleasant View Road 40×40 Intersecting Planes Matlapin
25 River Road 50×50 Silver Swallow Day Spa (No Visitors Allowed)
100 Sahara Boulevard 30×40 Sahara Corporate Headquarters (No visitors Allowed)
200 Sahara Boulevard 64×64 Lucky Llamas Stadium (No Visitors Allowed)
61 Sand Road 40×40 Chic Retreat
65 Sand Road 30×30
66 Sand Road 40×40 Halcyon Hideaway Loera
93 Sonora Street 40×40 Baby Bungalow Ross
95 Sonora Street 40×40 Adorable Adobe Sparks
97 Sonora Street 40×40 Sangria Arms
98 Sonora Street 40×40
96 Sonora Street 40×40 La Casa Tanner
94 Sonora Street 30×30 Imagine That! Theater (No Visitors Allowed)
90 Sonora Street 30×30 Goody’s Groceries (No Visitors Allowed)
228 Sedona Lane 64×64
230 Sedona Lane 40×40
323 Sedona Lane 30×30
77 Sunset Boulevard 40×40 Hearts of Palm
79 Sunset Boulevard 40×40 Irony Ranch Hudson Hipsters
80 Sunset Boulevard 40×40 Symphony of the Cube
74 Sunset Boulevard 40×40 Mid Century, Not at All Modern
20 Sunshine Way 36×39 Lakeside Reetreat (Beach)
100 The Fairway 40×40
100 The Green 40×40
10 The Lake 35×13 Community Parking Lot (No Visitors Allowed)
13 The Lake 29×13 Wave Motion Laboratory Best Friends
14 The Lake 29×13
17 The Lake 29×13 Landlubbers Loft
18 The Lake 29×13 The Deadliest Danger Survivalist
21 The Lake 29×13 Betty Barracuda Golden Gals
The Overlook 60×64 The Blooming Cactus Bistro (No Visitors Allowed)
10 Tombstone Drive 50×50 Sunwest Graveyard (Graveyard)
55 Vista Boulevard 40×40
60 Wellspring Parkway 40×40 Perfect Paradise Pool (Pool)
62 Wellspring Parkway 25×20 Desert Diner (No Visitors Allowed)
70 Wellspring Parkway 30×20 Wonderful Wells Community Garden (No Visitors Allowed)
1 Wishing Well Way 15×15 The Wishing Well (No Visitors Allowed)
The Park at Civic Circle 64×64 Civic Center Park (Big Park)
Other side of highway
103 Lakeside Drive 40×40 The Warehouse (No Visitors Allowed)
105 Lakeside Drive 40×40 Area-52 Test Labs (No Visitors Allowed)
107 Lakeside Drive 64×64
109 Lakeside Drive 20×30 Empty Lot (No Visitors Allowed)
110 Lakeside Drive 50×50
111 Lakeside Drive 20×50 Sunshine Art Gallery (Art Gallery)
113 Lakeside Drive 20×20 The Sandy Place (Hangout)
114 Lakeside Drive 64×64 Lovely Lane Park and Playground (No Visitors Allowed)
115 Lakeside Drive 50×25 The Perfect Park (Small Park)
116 Lakeside Drive 25×25 Lovely Lake Public Pool (Pool)
117 Lakeside Drive 20×30 Lakeview Manor Diwan
118 Lakeside Drive 20×20 Crib Fantastique The Unlikely Twosome
119 Lakeside Drive 10×15 The Breakers West Bard
120 Lakeside Drive 15×20 Highgate Hacienda
121 Lakeside Drive 20×25 Palazzo Paradiso Gilbert
124 Lakeside Drive 35×25 Petrol Palace
125 Lakeside Drive 20×20 The Lido Lancaster
126 Lakeside Drive 15×20 Pharm Haus
127 Lakeside Drive 35×25 The Fo’c’sle
130 Lakeside Drive 40×20 Super House Irwin
133 Lakeside Drive 40×40 Salty Springs Resort
136 Lakeside Drive 35×25
137 Lakeside Drive 64×64
145 Lakeside Drive 60×55 Desert Arms Military Base (No Visitors Allowed)
140 Lake View Road 15×20 Sandy Knoll Retreat


Veronaville is one of the three pre-made neighborhoods shipped with The Sims 2.

It contains 25 lots, of which 4 community lots, 22 residential lots, and 3 families living in.

Story: The Capps and Montys have been feuding for years, but that hasn’t stopped the younger generation from crossing boundaries and falling in love. Will their actions lead to ruin or bring the families together?

Italian side
Monty Ranch 5×5 Occupied $117,884 Monty $194,296
Old Silo Farm 4×5 For Sale $18,095 $17,660
Stratford Strip 5×2 Community Lot $168,544
267 Avon Avenue 5×4 For Sale $50,082 $50,511
5 Pentameter Parkway 5×3 Community Lot $116,993
111 Stratford Street 4×4 For Sale $49,021 $49,170
British side
Capp Manor 5×5 Occupied $149,953 Capp $231,426
Veronaville Market 5×2 Community Lot $118,553
7 Chorus Court 3×2 For Sale $60,068 $60,218
19 Chorus Court 3×2 For Sale $16,816 $16,864
28 Bard Boulevard 3×2 For Sale $23,779 $23,929
35 Bard Boulevard 3×2 For Sale $24,659 $24,987
45 Bard Boulevard 3×2 For Sale $28,760 $26,836
46 Bard Boulevard 3×2 For Sale $12,808 $12,904
71 Bard Boulevard 5×4 Occupied $178,874 Summerdream $185,547
80 Bard Boulevard 5×4 For Sale $69,266 $69,695
95 Bard Boulevard 4×5 For Sale $79,235 $79,664
431 Globe Street 5×3 Community Lot $88,720
30 Poet Place 3×2 For Sale $16,988 $17,234
50 Poet Place 3×2 For Sale $34,140 $32,412
20 Via Veronaville 3×2 For Sale $14,897 $14,987
26 Via Veronaville 3×2 For Sale $23,349 $23,595
40 Via Veronaville 3×2 For Sale $34,150 $32,422
54 Via Veronaville 3×2 For Sale $54,843 $51,652
84 Via Veronaville 3×2 For Sale $33,900 $32,172
100 Via Veronaville 3×2 For Sale $30,434 $28,794

Lot value: the value shown when you enter lot and click “Lot Information” in top-left corner, this is how I was able to get value for community lots and apartment lots.

Default value: the price shown in neighborhood view when you point mouse cursor on a lot. Available only for residential non-occupied houses. After you enter lot and return to neighborhood view, even without saving lot, the value changes the value shown in “Lot Information”.

Forgotten Hollow

Forgotten Hollow is a world introduced in The Sims 4: Vampires. It is comprised of 5 lots; 4 residential and 1 empty lot.

Forgotten Hollow is a centuries-old neighbourhood with a mix of Victorian and old Transylvanian architectural style. The world is scattered with tombstones, withered foliage and creeping fog, as well as gargoyles and other stone statues. The world contains only a single neighbourhood with 5 lots surrounding a central plaza, and at the center there is a memorial statue of Vlad, the founder of Forgotten Hollow.

This world is unique compared to other worlds in The Sims 4, because night time lasts a lot longer here than in other worlds, meaning vampires can stay out for longer without the risk of being burnt in the sun.

Story: The fog dampens what little sunlight filters through during the short days in Forgotten Hollow. Uncover the secrets this sleepy village has for you.


Forgotten Hollow consists of five residential lots.

Straud Mansion, owned by Straud
Wolfsbane Manor, owned by Vatore

Garliclauter Place
Widowshild Townhome

Empty lots
Fledermaus Bend

Lunar Lakes

Lunar Lakes is a store world for The Sims 3. It was announced on February 11, 2012. This is the fourth world that The Sims 3 Store has released. This world is set in outer space on another planet with geometric shaped lakes, different trees and strange land markings making the world unique and visually different from any other world in The Sims series. The planet has similar living conditions to the planet of SimNation, making it possible for Sims to live there.

Lunar Lakes

Total number of lots: 86
Lots 10×10: 12
Lots 20×20: 5
Lots 20×30: 5
Lots 30×30: 10
Lots 30×40: 0
Lots 40×40: 9
Lots 40×50: 0
Lots 50×50: 1
Lots 50×60: 0
Lots 60×60: 2
Lots 64×64: 3
Odd-sized lots: 39

List of lots and houses in Lunar Lakes world

Took me about 1 hour to compile the below table.
Please do not copy it on other websites without crediting www.teoalida.com/thesims

Lot address Lot size Building name Family name
126 Avenue of the Asteroids 52×52 Memories of Riverview
131 Avenue of the Asteroids 25×25 Ice Cube Float – 3br, 3ba
135 Avenue of the Asteroids 50×50 Case Study House – 2br, 4ba
139 Avenue of the Asteroids 50×25 Star Stairs – 4br, 4.5ba Landgraab Clones
140 Avenue of the Asteroids 25×25 Aurora’s Atrium – 1br, 2ba Grace
143 Avenue of the Asteroids 40×40 Cubes for Living – 3br, 2.5ba Su
144 Avenue of the Asteroids 50×52 Plane Crazy – 1br, 2ba Cross
146 Avenue of the Asteroids 50×52 Memories of Twinbrook (Small Park)
147 Avenue of the Asteroids 25×20 People Pod – 1br, 2ba
Beaker Byway 30×30 Crater Lagoon (Fishing Spot)
89 Babylon Boulevard 40×40 Bliss Pavilion and Pools (Pool)
99 Babylon Boulevard 40×40 Aphelion Art Gallery
100 Babylon Boulevard 25×20
102 Babylon Boulevard 10×10 City Hall (No Visitors Allowed)
104 Babylon Boulevard 10×10 Known Space Books (Visitors Allowed)
110 Babylon Boulevard 10×10 Nebula Corporation Headquarters (No Visitors Allowed)
112 Babylon Boulevard 10×10 Police Department (No Visitors Allowed)
113 Babylon Boulevard 40×40 Paper’n’Space Library (Library)
114 Babylon Boulevard 40×20
117 Babylon Boulevard 40×40 28.5 Hour Wellness Gym (Gym)
120 Babylon Boulevard 15×10 Armstrong’s Diner (No Visitors Allowed)
100 Cross Road 64×64 The Perigee (No Visitors Allowed)
120 Cross Road 25×50 Umbra Playground and Park (Small Park)
123 Cross Road 25×50 Penumbra Park (Small Park)
140 Cross Road 10×10 Galactic Groceries (Visitors Allowed)
200 Cross Road 54×54 Memories of Sunset Valley (Small Park)
100 East Starfall Road 25×25 Natatorium Pool (Pool)
110 East Starfall Road 30×30 Aquarion – 3br, 1.5ba Benton
115 East Starfall Road 52×52 Memories of Appaloosa Plains (Small Park)
120 East Starfall Road 40×40 Solar Spider – 1br, 1ba James
130 East Starfall Road 30×30
133 East Starfall Road 25×25
136 East Starfall Road 40×40 Platformation – 2br, 2.5ba Alto
105 West Starfall Road 20×20 Perfect Perch – 1br, 1ba
110 West Starfall Road 20×40 Faux Hole – 2br, 3ba Mosqueda
140 West Starfall Road 64×64 Hanger House – 2br, 2ba
166 West Starfall Road 52×52 Memories of Hidden Springs (Small Park)
169 West Starfall Road 20×20 Icarus Nest – 1br, 1ba
170 West Starfall Road 25×25 Tesla Turret – 1-3br, 1ba Tomyoy
172 West Starfall Road 15×15 Nazca Lines Park (Small Park)
174 West Starfall Road 10×10 Big Bang Bistro (No Visitors Allowed)
180 West Starfall Road 25×20 Nowhere
Edge of the Oasis 40×40 Oasis Shoreline (Beach)
Oasis Access Road 25×25 The Solar Garage – 1br, 1ba Bayless Willheim
The Strand 15×20
Around crater
Ender’s Lane 20×20 Field House – Studio, 1ba January
5 Enterprise Avenue 30×30 Gamma Gardens and Park (Small Park)
7 Enterprise Avenue 30×30 Celestial Pools (Pool)
10 Enterprise Avenue 35×25 Chlorophyllum – 1br, 1ba Spector
12 Enterprise Avenue 25×35 Exoskeleton – Studio, 1ba Wolff-Cruz
14 Enterprise Avenue 25×35
15 Hyperion Highway 64×64
25 Hyperion Highway 60×60 Crystal Mine (No Visitors Allowed)
35 Hyperion Highway 10×15 Our Post – 1br, 1ba
45 Hyperion Highway 30×30
55 Hyperion Highway 35×25 Moon’s Shadow Graveyard
65 Hyperion Highway 60×60
101 Road to Nowhere 30×30 Depot Home – Studio, 1ba
10 Serenity Court 20×25
16 Serenity Court 20×30 The Hive – 1br, 2ba Langerak-Goode
20 Serenity Court 20×30 Organica – 1br, 1.5ba Ahmadyar
Inside craters
8 Canyon Rim Road 10×10 Grunt Military Base
16 Canyon Rim Road 10×10 Anthony Cross Memorial Hospital (No Visitors Allowed)
20 Canyon Rim Road 10×10 Aldrin Stadium (No Visitors Allowed)
22 Canyon Rim Road 10×10 Dark Matter Day Spa (No Visitors Allowed)
23 Canyon Rim Road 10×10 Orbital Distribution Center (No Visitors Allowed)
26 Canyon Rim Road 35×25 Kelvin Pavilion (No Visitors Allowed)
30 Canyon Rim Road 30×20 Crow’s Nest – 1br, 1.5ba Tamarind
10 Cavil Court 25×50 The Warren – 1br, 1ba
14 Cavil Court 30×30 Layer Cake – 2br, 2.5ba Sekemoto
15 Cavil Court 20×40
16 Cavil Court 20×40 Solstice Stones (Small Park)
17 Cavil Court 15×20 Encapsulation – 1br, 1ba
5 Crater Lane 30×30 Puzzle Gardens – 1br, 1ba Cardamom
6 Crater Lane 40×40 Hot Springs (Fishing Spot)
7 Crater Lane 20×40 Community Park (Small Park)
9 Crater Lane 20×40 Ciuneiform – 1br, 1ba
10 Crater Lane 30×20 Suburban Subspace – 3br, 3ba Lucas
11 Crater Lane 20×40 Pandora’s Paviliuon – 1br, 1ba Ansari
Peacekeeper Pass 10×10 Celestial Community School (No Visitors Allowed)
6 Prosperity Court 20×20
7 Prosperity Court 20×20 Stack the Deck – 1br, 1.5ba Vanderburg
15 North Crater 30×30
16 North Crater 20×30 Ventricularium – 1br, 1ba
18 North Crater 25×35 Leeuwenhoek’s Lair – 2br, 3ba Louie
22 North Crater 20×15 Functional Fungi – 1br, 1ba

Nazi House 3×4 S 272

Been criticized for making too simple and squarish homes, I came with idea to design a Swastika-shaped building. Made in August 2012, redesigned September 2018 to remove fences and redesign pool.

Despite of the overall building shape offensive for some people, the home interior design is beautifully decorated using a theme with light wood and white. 4-square wide rooms create a compact but efficient layout even for large families of 8 sims in just 272 squares of floor area.

How many swastikas can you count in this house?

Note that Swastika is a religious symbol used since ancient times and should be NOT associated with Nazi Germany… or do you have Nazi Sims? This house is for you!

Nazi Swastika Building Swastika Nazi House

Lot size: 3×4.
Lot facing: South.
House price: $182,512.
House size: 20×20.
Floor area: 272 squares.
Pool area: 68 squares.
Expansions required: Nightlife only.

Hidden Springs

Hidden Springs is a downloadable world available in The Sims 3 Store as the third world that The Sims 3 Store has released. It was announced on August 4, 2011 and released on August 25, 2011. This world is set in an alpine, mountainous environment. Sims can go to the Crystal Solarium Rejuvenating Waters and the Zephyr Health Spa or the Museum of Magic and Supernatural.

Hidden Springs

Total number of lots: 85
Lots 20×20: 1
Lots 20×30: 7
Lots 30×30: 14
Lots 30×40: 25
Lots 40×40: 13
Lots 40×50: 3
Lots 50×50: 1
Lots 50×60: 0
Lots 60×60: 6
Lots 64×64: 6
Odd-sized lots: 9

List of lots and houses in Hidden Springs world

Took me about 1 hour to compile the below table.
Please do not copy it on other websites without crediting www.teoalida.com/thesims

Lot address Lot size Building name Family name
5 Agate Way 64×64 Crystal Solarium Rejuvenating Water (Pool)
19 Alpine Dr. 40×40
7 Diopside Lane 24×40 The Enchanted Grill (Big Park)
9 Diopside Lane 30×40 Community Fire Department (Fire Station)
11 Diopside Lane 25×22 Lars’ Disco-tech (Hangout)
8 Juniper Lane 20×30 Angela’s Bistro (Big Park)
10 Juniper Lane 25×35 Sulis Theaer of the Arts (Hangout)
12 Juniper Lane 30×30 Eloise C. Vanderburg’s Home for Books (Library)
14 Juniper Lane 20×20 Tuatha de Books (Small Park)
1 Lake View Way 60×60 Vanderburg Palace Vanderburg
2 Lake View Way 60×60 Seaside Mansion Cho
15 Poplar Dr. 30×40 Lemon Chateau
16 Poplar Dr. 40×30 Lakeside Villa
48 Subalpine Blvd. 50×50 Rudolph Vanderburg Memorial Hospital (Visitors Allowed)
50 Subalpine Blvd. 30×40 Perfect Family Home Ruiz
51 Subalpine Blvd. 30×40 The Treasure Trove Song
52 Subalpine Blvd. 30×40 Comfort Central Shawkti
53 Subalpine Blvd. 18×20 Alvetta’s Fresh Produce (Hangout)
53 Subalpine Blvd. 30×30 Charming in Blue Alto
54 Subalpine Blvd. 30×30 Just Enough Bungaow O’ Dourke
55 Subalpine Blvd. 30×30 Traditional Chic Ornales
56 Subalpine Blvd. 50×40 Alpine Community School (No Visitors Allowed)
59 Subalpine Blvd. 64×64 Subalpine Square (Big Park)
60 Subalpine Blvd. 64×64 Hidden Springs Town Hall (No Visitors Allowed)
62 Subalpine Blvd. 32×30 Hidden Springs Police Department (Big Park)
63 Subalpine Blvd. 30×38 Fountain Corporation (No Visitors Allowed)
64 Subalpine Blvd. 30×40 Landgraab Sell n’ Swap (Consignment Store)
65 Subalpine Blvd. 40×40
73 Subalpine Blvd. 64×64 Hidden Springs Coliseum (No Visitors Allowed)
74 Subalpine Blvd. 50×40 Center for Naturally Scientific Studies (Visitors Allowed)
77 Subalpine Blvd. 40×40
Hill west
6 Alder St. 40×30 Woodsmen’s Getaway Mendoza
8 Alder St. 40×40 Naturally Simplistic Moore
10 Alder St. 60×60 Modern Mansion
2 Alpine Dr. 40×30 Barney’s Salon and Tattoo (Salon)
4 Alpine Dr. 30×30 Whole Body Fitness (Gym)
3 Ash Dr. 30×20 Little Cottage Getaway
6 Azure Lake Ave. 40×40 Craftsman Dream Abbot
9 Azure Lake Ave. 40×30
1 Azure Lake Cir. 64×64 H.S. Center of Defense (Visitors Allowed)
25 Bristlecone Way 40×40 Style Center Menon
27 Bristlecone Way 30×40 Clasically Lovely Al Fahad
29 Bristlecone Way 40×30 Sweet Chateau
34 Bristlecone Way 60×60 Silver Zephyr Health Spa (Big Park)
42 Bristlecone Way 30×40 Cozy Cabin Anderson
3 Cedar Court 40×40 The Fun House Debutante
12 Cedar Rd. 40×30 Newly Arrived Domicile Colby
8 Lakeside Dr. 60×60 Ultimate Family Retreat Chesterfield
3 Peridot Dr. 30×30 Silver Zephyr Poolside Retreat (Pool)
2 Ponderosa Ct. 40×40 Abundant Luxury
3 Ponderosa Ave. 60×60 Ponderosa Place Winterly
8 Ponderosa Ave. 30×40 Pristine and Pretty Pertridge
7 Ponderosa Ave. 40×30
5 Ponderosa Ave. 40×30 Bachelor’s Paradise Nali
Hill east
48 Bristlecone Way 35×30 Shady Pines Historical Cemetery (Graveyard)
52 Bristlecone Way 30×30
9 Cottenood Court. 30×30 Handcrafted Masterpiece
4 Beryl Ct. 40×30
6 Beryl Lane 50×40 Beryl Lane Picnic Spot (Big Park)
79 Hidden Harbor Lane 30×30 Honorable Citizens Trading Post (No Visitors Allowed)
1 Meadow Beach Dr. 64×60 Meadow Beach (Fishing Spot)
4 Meadow Beach Dr. 30×40 Grady’s Junkstop (Junkyard)
7 Meadow Beach Dr. 64×64
9 Meadow Beach Dr. 30×20 The Hideout Runaway
11 Meadow Beach Dr. 40×30
12 Meadow Beach Dr. 40×40 Woodland Cabin with In-Law unit
13 Meadow Beach Dr. 40×30 Country Dream Cottage
14 Meadow Beach Dr. 30×30 Fairyfolk Park (Small Park)
16 Meadow Beach Dr. 20×30 Shue Place Shue
16 Louie Lane 40×30 Louie Falls (Fishing Spot)
3 Spruce St. 30×20 Shoreline Cabin (Hangout)
4 Spruce St. 30×40 Solitary Haven Swete
5 Spruce St. 40×40
55 Ruby Ave. 45×45 Redwood Heights Luxury Lodge (Hangout)
47 Ruby Ct. 40×40
6 Subalpine Cir. 30×30
11 Subalpine Cir. 20×30 Rustic Living Rhoen
15 Subalpine Cir. 30×30 Paul A. Wilkes Natural Museum (Art Gallery)
16 Subalpine Cir. 30×20 Han’s Tavern and Café (Hangout)
18 Subalpine Cir. 30×40 Sustainable Oasis Free Spirit
22 Subalpine Cir. 30×30
9 Sunstone Ct. 40×40
24 Summit Way 40×40 Redwood Peak Viewing Area (Hangout)
14 Willow Lane 30×30 Hidden Gardens (Small Park)
19 Willow Lane 30×40 Gypsy Hideaway


Strangetown is one of the three pre-made neighborhoods shipped with The Sims 2.

It contains 11 lots, of which 2 community lots, 9 residential lots, and 5 families living in.

Story: Truth-seekers move to Strangetown hoping to discover the secrets the town holds. Do aliens live among us? Do missing Sims mysteriously appear here? In this town nothing is what it seems.

2 Cover Up Road 3×3 Occupied $98,268 Curious $102,921
15 Dead End Lane 3×3 Occupied $82,317 Specter $123,937
51 Road to Nowhere 3×5 Occupied $51,525 Grunt $59,069
57 Road to Nowhere 3×4 For Sale $39,484 $39,998
73 Road to Nowhere 3×2 For Sale $15,638 $16,188
88 Road to Nowhere 5×3 Community Lot $183,372
91 Road to Nowhere 3×2 For Sale $13,223 $13,373
94 Road to Nowhere 4×4 Community Lot $146,768
101 Road to Nowhere 3×4 Occupied $81,883 Smith $88,182
188 Road to Nowhere 3×3 Empty $4,800 $4,800
1 Tesla Court 4×4 Occupied $138,525 Beaker $163,716

Lot value: the value shown when you enter lot and click “Lot Information” in top-left corner, this is how I was able to get value for community lots and apartment lots.

Default value: the price shown in neighborhood view when you point mouse cursor on a lot. Available only for residential non-occupied houses. After you enter lot and return to neighborhood view, even without saving lot, the value changes the value shown in “Lot Information”.

The Imperial Tower

The Imperial Tower is a The Sims 2 optimized version of Empire State Building, because the game do not display in neighborhood view flooring above 150 steps from ground, had to cover building using a pitched roof. 15 floors is the maximum height possible using SetHighestAllowedLevel cheat, without crashing game. Sister building with Empire Tower.

Imperial Building Imperial Building

Lot size: 3×2
Lot facing: North.
House price: $100.339.
Expansions required: University only.

San Myshuno

San Myshuno is a world introduced in The Sims 4: City Living. It is a coastal city surrounded by mountains, with a river running through the middle. It is packed with many diverse Sims of different cultures and sprawling with activities and festivals. This world is based on a variety of modern cities from around the world like Tokyo, San Francisco and New York City and also features elements of Indian, Chinese, Japanese and Moroccan cultures. Its geography resembles that of Hong Kong. San Myshuno is the only world in The Sims 4 to feature apartments and penthouses.

Story: Welcome to San Myshuno! Every day is an adventure on the streets of San Myshuno. From the wild personalities you might run into on the streets to the element of surprise of stumbling across a festival in action, there’s something new to discover!


San Myshuno consists of 4 neighborhoods and one special lot.

Spice Market
Arts Quarter
Fashion District

Special lot
Myshuno Meadows


There are a total of 30 lots in San Myshuno. Including 8 apartment buildings with 21 apartment units, 3 penthouses, 1 residential lot, and 5 community lots.

Apartments – Inhabited
Culpepper House – Rasoya family
Jasmine Suites Apartments – Bheeda family
Medina Studios Apartments – Benali family
Hakim House Apartments – Jang family
ZenView Apartments – Karaoke Legends household
Chic Street Apartments – Pizzazz family
Alto Apartments – Lobo family
Landgraab Apartments – Feng family

Apartments – Uninhabited
Spire Apartments

FountainView Penthouse
Torendi Tower Penthouse

The Old Salt House

Community lots
Waterside Warble – Karaoke bar
Casbah Gallery – Arts center
Planet Honey Pop! – Karaoke bar
Stargazer Lounge – Lounge
Skye Fitness – Gym
Myshuno Meadows – Central Park

Barnacle Bay

Barnacle Bay is a world available for download from The Sims 3 Store, as the second world that The Sims 3 Store has released. It is based on a moderately temperatured island with a tourist pirate theme. It became available to download on September 23, 2010.

Barnacle Bay

Total number of lots: 93
Lots 20×20: 2
Lots 20×30: 12
Lots 30×30: 28
Lots 30×40: 20
Lots 40×40: 13
Lots 40×50: 0
Lots 50×50: 0
Lots 50×60: 0
Lots 60×60: 4
Lots 64×64: 1
Odd-sized lots: 13

List of lots and houses in Barnacle Bay world

Took me about 1 hour to compile the below table.
Please do not copy it on other websites without crediting www.teoalida.com/thesims

Lot address Lot size Building name Family name
11 Buccaneer’s Bend 45×55 Trawler’s Academy (Visitors Allowed)
13 Buccaneer’s Bend 55×40 Goldbeard Memorial Hospital (Visitors Allowed)
14 Buccaneer’s Bend 30×30 Blimey Bilge Smith
16 Buccaneer’s Bend 30×40 Abode Ahoy! Malifa
23 Coral Flats 60×40 Founder’s Park (Visitors Allowed)
25 Coral Flats 40×30 Land Lubber’s Digs Caliente
27 Coral Flats 20×30
29 Coral Flats 40×30 Seaside Heaven Verona
61 Driftwood Drive 30×25 Gull’s Cabin Cross
63 Driftwood Drive 25×30
65 Driftwood Drive 40×30 Lubber’s Loft
3 Goldbeard Crossing 40×38 Jollyboad Plaza (Big Park)
5 Goldbeard Crossing 64×40 Barnacle Bay Town Hall (Visitors Allowed)
7 Goldbeard Crossing 40×40 Doubloons’ Corporate Park (Visitors Allowed)
1439 New Barnacle Blvd. 30×20 Privy Place Seabottom
1400 New Barnacle Blvd. 64×64 Crowe’s Nest Campgrounds (Small Park)
1500 New Barnacle Blvd. 60×60 Barnacle Beach (Beach)
1700 New Barnacle Blvd. 40×40 Hogan’s Deep Sea Diner (Visitors Allowed)
1443 New Barnacle Blvd. 30×30 Pottage Cottage Soto
1445 New Barnacle Blvd. 30×30 The Shore’s Shed Shore
1447 New Barnacle Blvd. 40×30 Plankton Penthouse
1449 New Barnacle Blvd. 30×40 Oceanaire Cottage Abe
1451 New Barnacle Blvd. 30×25 The Wanderer’s Watering Hole (Visitors Allowed)
1453 New Barnacle Blvd. 30×30 Captain Inkbeard’s Mess Hall (Visitors Allowed)
1455 New Barnacle Blvd. 30×30 Grubbin’s Groceries (Visitors Allowed)
1605 New Barnacle Blvd. 40×40 Seaboard Theater (Visitors Allowed)
1607 New Barnacle Blvd. 30×30 Beardless Bookstore
1609 New Barnacle Blvd. 30×40 Goldbeard’s Gym (Gym)
1611 New Barnacle Blvd. 40×30 Privateer’s Police Department (Visitors Allowed)
1675 New Barnacle Blvd. 30×30 Buccaneer’s Hut Piece
1705 New Barnacle Blvd. 40×40 Angler’s Apartments
1725 New Barnacle Blvd. 30×30 Fisherman’s Flophouse Pesce
1680 New Barnacle Blvd. 40×40 Barnacle Community Pool
1720 New Barnacle Blvd. 40×40 Seven Seas Day Spa
1800 New Barnacle Blvd. 40×40 Beachy Avent-Garde Coastal
41 Rock Pool Park 20×30 (No Visitors Allowed)
43 Rock Pool Park 30×40 Seafaring Bungalow Radan
45 Rock Pool Park 30×40 Treasure Terrace Trebo
47 Rock Pool Park 30×40
49 Rock Pool Park 30×30 Hearties’s Cave Rao
51 Rock Pool Park 30×40
West side
28 Briny’s Deep 30×20 Tidal Coop
25 Briny’s Deep 30×30 Lookout Park (Small Park)
517 Crabpot Close 30×20 (No Visitors Allowed)
511 Crabpot Close 64×30 Savvy Science Facility (Visitors Allowed)
502 Crabpot Close 30×30 Piscator’s Cabin
12 Cormorant Court 30×30 Garden of the Forgotten (Small Park)
604 Plundering Way 48×55 Fair Winds Stadium (Visitors Allowed)
608 Plundering Way 30×30 The Hornswoggle (Visitors Allowed)
615 Plundering Way 64×55 Building O’ War (Visitors Allowed)
622 Plundering Way 25×25 Olde Pillager’s Pond (Fishing Spot)
617 Trawler Cliffs 30×30 Ophelia’s Fishing Hole (Fishing Spot)
623 Trawler Cliffs 30×30 The Cast Away Vacantion House
755 Trawler Cliffs 40×30
825 Trawler Cliffs 35×20 Smuggler’s Beach
North side
10 Ferry Lane 40×40 Palace Prow
20 Ferry Lane 60×60 Matey’s Manor Annan
29 Ferry Lane 40×30
30 Ferry Lane 30×30
21 Gull Cross 30×30 Homey Homestead
23 Gull Cross 40×30
27 Gull Cross 30×30
27 Old Fisherman’s Pass 40×40 In-Law’s Cottage
31 Old Fisherman’s Pass 40×30 The Salty Flat Lai
33 Old Fisherman’s Pass 30×30 Ye Olde Crash Pad Parrrrrrrty
35 Old Fisherman’s Pass 20×30
37 Old Fisherman’s Pass 40×40 Grace’s Garden (Small Park)
41 Old Fisherman’s Pass 20×30
43 Old Fisherman’s Pass 40×30 Garden Cottage
47 Old Fisherman’s Pass 30×30 Brethren’s Dwelling GilsCarbo
38 Old Fisherman’s Pass 40×30 Sutler’s Den Fleet
46 Old Fisherman’s Pass 40×30 Sea Dog’s Refuge Inkbeard
1 Porthilly View 30×30 The Coastal Shack La Mer
3 Porthilly View 40×40 Goldbeard Galleon Gallery (Art Gallery)
7 Porthilly View 40×30 Ye Olde Library (Library)
11 Porthilly View 20×30 Lookout Cottage Quill
10 Porthilly View 40×40
12 Porthilly View 20×30 The Captain’s Cubbyhole Noon
286 Tidal Terrace 20×20 Landlubber Bank (Beach)
397 Tidal Terrace 30×30 Waterfront Bungalow
428 Tidal Terrace 20×30 Maritime Shanty
432 Tidal Terrace 60×60 Tidal Terrace
434 Tidal Terrace 20×20 Founder’s Beach (Beach)
436 Tidal Terrace 30×20 Gull’s Nest
441 Tidal Terrace 30×30 The Sandy Nest
437 Tidal Terrace 30×30
438 Tidal Terrace 60×60 Corsair’s Estate Goldbeard
0 Wanderer’s Way 20×30 Pirate’s Hideaway (Visitors Allowed)
10 Wanderer’s Way 30×30 Dead Men Telel No Tales Cemetery (Graveyard)
14 Wanderer’s Way 30×30
15 Wanderer’s Way 30×30 Salty Lass’ Landing (No Visitors Allowed)
18 Wanderer’s Way 30×30 Shipshape Shack Rome
230 Wanderer’s Way 40×40 Barnacle Boneyard (Graveyard)


Riverview is a free downloadable town offered from The Sims 3 store. The town was developed by Visceral Games, and is a gift for people who register their copy of The Sims 3. It was the first town made available for download, and is currently the only free downloadable town. It initially served as an incentive for players to purchase, rather than pirate, their copy of The Sims 3, as pirated versions are unable to download Riverview from TheSims3.com, but can install Riverview once get the sims3pack file from friends or any other website offering worlds for download.


Total number of lots: 95
Lots 20×20: 0
Lots 20×30: 21
Lots 30×30: 8
Lots 30×40: 21
Lots 40×40: 10
Lots 40×50: 0
Lots 50×50: 0
Lots 50×60: 0
Lots 60×60: 10
Lots 64×64: 1
Odd-sized lots: 24

List of lots and houses in Riverview world

Took me about 1 hour to compile the below table.
Please do not copy it on other websites without crediting www.teoalida.com/thesims

Lot address Lot size Building name Family name
Central island
120 Bridge Parkway 25×30 Wilsonoff Community Theatre
125 Bridge Parkway 20×25 Little Corsican Bistro
140 Bridge Parkway 30×10 Plaza Park
160 Bridge Parkway 20×25 The Water Hole Juice Bar
165 Bridge Parkway 20×25 EverFresh Delights Supermarket
204 Bridge Parkway 30×30 Police Department
24 Long Island Drive 30×20 Cherry Blossom House – 1br, 1ba Shelley
50 Long Island Drive 30×20 Gardenia Grove – 1br, 1ba Carpenter-Rhodes
70 Long Island Drive 20×30 Plum Place – 2br, 1.5ba
50 Long Island Drive 20×25 Wright Reading Room
300 Long Island Drive 64×11 Riverwalk Park
Long Island Point 40×40 Old Town Cemetery
100 Main Street 30×64 City Hall
101 Main Street 64×10 Four Bridges Park
1 Old Main Road 25×30 The Gazebo
4 Old Main 20×25 Sunflower Spa
7 Old Main 20×25 Divisadero Budget Books
15 Old Main Road 20×25 Octagon House: Historical Museum and Art Gallery
Hill side
2 Bridge Parkway 30×20 Station Nmber One – 1br, 1.5ba Dean
2 Ely Court 20×30 Budget Home – 1br, 1ba
3 Ely Court 20×30 Single Wide – 1br, 1ba Crosby
49 Ely Road 40×40 Family Compound – 5br, 3ba Broke
50 Ely Road 20×30 Low Water – 1br, 1ba
100 Ely Road 20×30
150 Ely Road 20×30
200 Ely Road 40×30
600 Ely Road 30×30 Skunk Haven – 1br, 1ba Perkins
467 Farmer Valley Road 60×60
480 Farmer Valley Road 30×40 Riverview Ranch – 4br, 1ba
509 Farmer Valley Road 40×40 Camera Moderne – 2br, 1ba Newbie
647 Farmer Valley Road 40×40
47 Industrial Drive 40×24 “All the Rave” Warehouse
50 Industrial Drive 48×55 Llama Memorial Stadium
99 Industrial Drive 40×24 Soil and Water Research Facility
76 Industrial Drive 44×30 Country Care General Hospital
98 Industrial Drive 24×24 Doo Peas Corporate Towers
100 Industrial Drive 18×24 Hogan’s Deep-Fried Diner
102 Industrial Drive 44×44 Fort Salas Military Base
107 Industrial Drive 24×24 River Front Swim Club
151 Industrial Drive 24×24 Outstanding Citizen Warehouse Corp.
211 Industrial Drive 60×60 Riverview Fish Hatchery
13 Lost Willow Road 30×20 Caravanique – 4br, 1ba Ivanov
17 Lost Willow Road 30×20 Garage Apartment – 1br, 1ba Breckenridge
27 Lost Willow Road 30×20 Tish Cottage – 2br, 1ba
45 Lost Willow Road 40×40 Roughhewn – 1br, 1ba
100 Lost Willow Road 40×40 Lost Willow Park
518 Pumpkin Valley Road 60×60 Aquarium Rising – 2br, 1.5ba Carpenter-Rhodes
520 Pumpkin Valley Road 60×60 Cyprus Villa – 1br, 1ba
1 Remington Point 40×40 Remington’s Ruse – 3br, 4ba Jones
River side
2 Cotton Branch Drive 60×60 Subpar Bunker – 1br, 1ba Cottoneye
207 Cotton Branch Drive 30×30 DogPatch – 2br, 1ba
223 Cotton Branch Drive 40×30 The Split – 2br, 3.5ba Lin
225 Cotton Branch Drive 40×30
250 Cotton Branch Drive 30×30
275 Cotton Branch Drive 20×30
10 Hidden Grove Lane 30×40
15 Hidden Grove Lane 40×30
20 Hidden Grove Lane 30×30
25 Hidden Grove Lane 30×30
30 Hidden Grove Lane 40×30
35 Hidden Grove Lane 20×30
45 Hidden Grove Lane 30×40
300 Riverblossom Hills Drive 64×64 Rivers End – 2br, 2.5ba Grisby
320 Riverblossom Hills Drive 60×60 Terra Bella – 4br, 3.5ba Shallow
340 Riverblossom Hills Drive 60×60 Rocker’s Retreat – 2br, 3ba Lessen
360 Riverblossom Hills Drive 40×40 TideWater – 1br, 1.5ba Wilson
345 Riverblossom Hills Drive 60×60 Wilson
365 Riverblossom Hills Drive 40×40 Beaux Chateau – 1br, 1.5ba
451 Riverview Road 20×30
477 Riverview Road 30×30 Mini Manor 1br, 1.5ba
500 Riverview Road 40×30 Porch Place – 3br, 2ba Grandpas
509 Riverview Road 20×30 Verandas – 2br, 1ba
550 Riverview Road 40×30 The Old Spenster Place – 3br, 2ba Spenster
575 Riverview Road 20×30 Azalea Acres Community Garden
Farm side
100 Bounty Drive 20×30 The Granery – 3br, 1.5ba Lothario
180 Bounty Drive 60×60 Fertile Fields – 3br, 1.5ba McDermott
310 Cypress Lane 40×30 Sunny Acres – 3br, 1.5ba
291 Cypress Lane 40×40 The Homestead – 2br, 1ba Joy
303 Cypress Lane 20×30
1067 Cypress Lane 45×64 Truelong Community School
1031 Cypress Lane 30×45 Riverview Gymnasium
1010 Cypress Lane 30×20 Toy Dachshund – 1br, 1.5ba Cantina
1034 Cypress Lane 40×30 Standard Poddle – 2br, 2ba
1056 Cypress Lane 40×30 Great Room Great Dane – 5br, 3.5ba
1067 Dogwood Lane 30×40
1047 Dogwood Lane 30×40
1033 Dogwood Lane 30×40 Labrador Purebred – 2br, 3ba Lobos
1019 Dogwood Lane 40×30 Champion Lhaso Apso – 2br, 2ba Simovitch
1010 Dogwood Lane 30×30 Teacup Chihuahua – 1br, 1ba
1040 Dogwood Lane 40×30 Pomerian Hybrid – 1br, 1ba
1050 Dogwood Lane 20×30 Dogwood Playland
1060 Dogwood Lane 30×40
1098 Dogwood Lane 40×30 Corgi Chief – 2br, 2ba
680 Old Farm Road 60×60 Darrow Meadows – 3br, 2ba Bagley
750 Old Farm Road 30×40