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StrangerVilleStrangerVille is a world introduced in The Sims 4: StrangerVille.


StrangerVille resembles a stereotypical rural desert town in the Southwestern United States, mostly inspired by the state of Arizona, Nevada, and Area 51. Its community lots seem to be slightly inspired by the American Wild West and, its residential lots, have clear Victorian influence.


StrangerVille consists of 2 neighborhoods and one special lot.

There are a total of 9 residential lots, 2 community lots and 1 special lot in StrangerVille. The residential and community lots are completely editable, while the special lot cannot be edited by the player.

Neighborhood Lot Lot type Lot size Value Occupants
StrangerVille Plaza 8 Bells Bar 20×20 §29,075
StrangerVille Plaza StrangerVille Information Center Library 20×20 §32,246
StrangerVille Plaza Carpophagous Corner Residential 30×20 §18,338
StrangerVille Plaza Slip 42 Residential 20×15 §16,504
StrangerVille Plaza Old Penelope Residential 50×40 §29,805 Cahill family
StrangerVille Plaza Riverside Grove Residential 30×20 §33,495 Sigworth family
Shady Acres Cliff Side Crest Residential 30×20 §4,500
Shady Acres Creek Corner Cove Residential 30×20 §4,500
Shady Acres Plateau Place Residential 40×30 §104,855
Shady Acres Dream Weavers Way Residential 30×20 §78,977 Eclectic Arts household
Shady Acres StrangerVille Overlook Residential 40×30 §181,067 Roswell family
The ██████ Lab The ██████ Lab Secret Lab 64×64 §20,115


Family Funds Members
Sigworth family §21,337 Jess Sigworth, Dylan Sigworth, Christie Sigworth
Cahill family §20,000 George Cahill
Roswell family §20,000 Ted Roswell, Meredith Roswell
Eclectic Arts household §20,000 Alice Martin, Mark Eggleston, Leslie Holland


  1. It reminds me of areas around Phoenix. I’ve never played the Sims. What are all of the things that players can do in these virtual worlds? Is there an object to the game or is the point just to enjoy the experience?

    1. If you never played The Sims, how did you came to my website?
      The Sims games are open-ended, do not have any objective and you can read more about it on Wikipedia.

        1. Who is rude? Me or Ronald Trainer? If I or you point mouse cursor on his name I see a link to a website unrelated with The Sims. So he was just browsing random websites and post random comments to get a link to improve Google ranking of his website. A waste of time and effort since my website apply NOFOLLOW tags on links in comments so they have no impact for Google ranking.

      1. Wiki is unreliable for the sims. It doesn’t tell you about the worlds or expansion passes. All it tells you is how to play, and almost everyone knows how to play

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