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Evergreen Harbor

Evergreen HarborEvergreen Harbor is a world that is introduced in The Sims 4: Eco Lifestyle. Each neighborhood is within a different state of pollution on the eco footprint.


Evergreen Harbor is an industrial harbor town based off the Northwestern United States, namely the Pacific Northwest. It features a mix of an industrial architectural style and a suburban small town feel.

Neighborhoods & Lots

Evergreen Harbor consists of three neighborhoods, each in a different state of pollution on their eco footprint.

Grims Quarry – Eco footprint: Green
Conifer Station – Eco footprint: Neutral
Port Promise – Eco footprint: Industrial

There are 13 lots in Evergreen Harbor, including 2 apartment lots, 7 residential lots and 4 community lots. There are four apartment units in the world – if counting each apartment unit as a lot, Evergreen Harbor has 15 lots.

Neighborhood Lot Lot type Lot size Value Price range Furnished lot value Occupants
Grims Quarry Miner Mansion Residential 30×20 §72,966
Grims Quarry Rockridge Springs Residential 30×20 §17,433
Grims Quarry Stonestreet Apartments #3 Apartment §500 §7,245
Grims Quarry Stonestreet Apartments #4 Apartment §500 §8,060
Grims Quarry The Quarry Building Community Space 40×30 §24,665
Conifer Station Pigulock Manor Residential 30×20 §105,545 Tinker family
Conifer Station Canal Corner Residential 20×15 §18,358
Conifer Station Sprucewood Square Community Space 40×30 §38,837
Conifer Station Pinecrest Apartments #402 Apartment §600 §12,500
Conifer Station Pinecrest Apartments #404 Apartment §14,065
Port Promise The Old Mill Residential 30×20 §76,211 Sterling Rico family
Port Promise The Caboose Bar 20×30 §57,504
Port Promise The Shipping Views Residential 30×20 §17,332
Port Promise The Waterfront Community Space 40×30 §27,673
Port Promise The Portsmouth Promenade Residential 30×20 §42,444 Greenburg family


Family Funds Members
Greenburg family §15,000 Knox Greenburg, Mary Greenburg, Blossom Greenburg
Harris family §20,000 Cletus Harris, Faye Harris, Jeb Harris, Gideon Harris, Francine Spencer
Sterling Rico family §25,000 Bess Sterling, Jules Rico
Tinker family §30,000 Yasemin Tinker, Tina Tinker, Olive Tinker


  1. This world reminds me of Seattle, Washington and/or Portland, Oregon. Not “middle class neighborhoods” across the world. Just look at the vegetation and kind of Evergreen trees. You can only find that in the northwest part of US.

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