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SulaniSulani is a world introduced in The Sims 4: Island Living.


Sulani is based on Polynesian islands, with the Hawaiian Islands being the main influence on the world’s look and feel.


Sulani consists of three neighborhoods which are individual islands.

There are a total of eleven residential lots and three community lots in Sulani.

The lots in Sulani are one 20×20 lot, four 30×20 lots, two 30×30 lots, five 40×30 lots, and two 50×50 lots. Out of these, eight of them are on water.

Neighborhood Lot Lot type Lot size Value Occupants
Mua Pel’am Admiral’s Wreckage Residential 50×50 §51,811
Mua Pel’am Caldera Camp Residential 30×20 §20,098
Mua Pel’am Key Point Residential 40×30 §7,000
Ohan’ali Town Kin-Ship Residential 30×30 §41,538 Kealoha household
Ohan’ali Town Chieftain’s Villa Residential 40×30 §75,122 Hoapili family
Ohan’ali Town Lagoon Look Residential 30×20 §17,206
Ohan’ali Town Tangled Flat Residential 20×20 §16,530
Ohan’ali Town The Sand Bar Community – Bar 30×20 §30,353
Ohan’ali Town Ohan’ali Beach Community – Beach 30×30 §15,988
Lani St. Taz Reef Finery Residential 40×30 §55,823
Lani St. Taz Journey’s End Residential 40×30 §78,410
Lani St. Taz Pier Perfection Residential 30×20 §19,037
Lani St. Taz Sand Simoleon Beach Community – Beach 40×30 §17,823
Lani St. Taz Sapphire Shores Empty 50×50 §11,200


Family Funds Members
Kahananui family §30,000 Mele Kahananui, Alika Kahananui
Ngata family §20,000 Oliana Ngata, Tane Ngata, Leila Illes
Hoapili family §22,000 Keala Hoapili, Lia Hauata
Kealoha household §24,000 Makoa Kealoha, Lilliana Kealoha, Nani Kealoha, Duane Talla


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