BritechesterBritechester is a world included in The Sims 4: Discover University. It is home to two college campuses, University of Britechester and Foxbury Institute. With Seasons installed, the world will have frequent cloudy and rainy days.


Britechester consists of three neighborhoods.

University of Britechester
Foxbury Institute
Gibbs Hill


There are thirteen lots in Britechester, including 2 university common lots, 5 university housing lots, 1 library, 1 bar and 4 residential lots.


New families

Fletcher family – Briny Tower – §4,000
Cameron Fletcher

Cameron Flectcher is all about learning new things at school, he’s just not sure how to make friends with the people around him. But with just a little nudge in the right direction Cameron is sure to master university life.

Elderberry family – Spring Steppes – §25,000
Ekram Elderberry, Eleanore Elderberry, Rohan Elderberry

Ekram and Eleanore have lived in Gibbs Hill all their lives from young love, to a growing family, and finally into retirement. Eleanore loves seeing the new students appear each term, but Ekram isn’t always as fond of the young adults taking over their quiet town. Recently the couple’s teenage grandson, Rohan, came to live with them as he prepares to go to university soon. Rohan will soon finish high school and have to make his final decision on what university he wants to attend.

Best of Friends household – Darby’s Den – §5,000
Julia Wright, Becca Clarke

Julia and Becca have been the best of friends since they first met in kindergarten. Nobody that knows them could imagine them going to university without the other one by her side. Now as they’re starting a whole new journey into university it’s up to the pair to see if their friendship will survive this new adventure and carry them through to adulthood.

Returning families

Pleasant family – Mossy Lane – §20,000
Lilith Pleasant, Angela Pleasant

Angela and Lilith Pleasant have moved into an old family home located in Gibbs Hill to attend the prestigious universities in Britechester. It will be a true test to find out whether their bond as twins can overcome their differences. Their majors have already split them into separate universities, but whether they will be at odds or work together to make it through is a new challenge in their life.


This is the first university-themed world in The Sims series that is a main residential world, unlike the college sub-neighborhood worlds of The Sims 2: University and The Sims 3: University Life.

It is the first university world to contain two universities at the same time: the three universities in The Sims 2: University were all in separate worlds.

Each hall within the University of Britechester references different names for dragons, likening their mascot being a dragon. One of the halls has the name “Darkwing” which is one of the default names for the dragon familiar in The Sims 4: Realm of Magic.

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