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BritechesterBritechester is a world included in The Sims 4: Discover University. It is home to two college campuses, the older University of Britechester, with a focus on the arts and humanities, and the modern Foxbury Institute, that focuses on science and technology.


Britechester’s design is split between two different inspirations which are further noticeable in the two university campuses. Foxbury Institute is based on both Stanford University in California and the MIT in Massachusetts, while the University of Britechester is a clear homage to Oxford University in England. Outside of the campuses, the world is clearly inspired by English cities with an older design and plenty of townhomes.


Britechester consists of three neighborhoods.

There are thirteen lots in Britechester, including 2 commons lots, 6 university housing lots, 1 library, 1 bar and 3 residential lots.

Neighborhood Lot Lot type Lot size Value Occupants
University of Britechester Darby’s Den UBrite Commons 30×20 §115,313
University of Britechester Darkwing House University housing 30×20 §59,344
University of Britechester Drake Hall University housing 30×20 §82,910
University of Britechester Wyvern Hall University housing 30×20 §85,283 Best of Friends
Foxbury Institute Larry’s Lagoon Foxbury Commons 40×30 §150,514
Foxbury Institute Maritime Manor University housing 30×20 §64,634
Foxbury Institute Tidal Tower University housing 30×20 §58,701
Foxbury Institute Briny Tower University housing 30×20 §58,425 Fletcher
Gibbs Hill Honeydew Fields Residential 20×15 §18,565
Gibbs Hill Laurel Library Library 50×40 §170,742
Gibbs Hill Mossy Lane Residential 20×15 §122,370 The Pleasant family
Gibbs Hill Pepper’s Pub Bar 20×20 §42,969
Gibbs Hill Spring Steppes Residential 20×15 §77,140 Elderberry family


Family Funds Members
Fletcher family §4,000 Cameron Fletcher
Elderberry family §25,000 Ekram Elderberry, Eleanore Elderberry, Rohan Elderberry
Best of Friends household §5,000 Julia Wright, Becca Clarke
Pleasant family §20,000 Lilith Pleasant, Angela Pleasant


This is the first university-themed world in The Sims series that is a main residential world, unlike the college sub-neighborhood worlds of The Sims 2: University and The Sims 3: University Life.

It is the first university world to contain two universities at the same time: the three universities in The Sims 2: University were all in separate worlds.

Each hall within the University of Britechester references different names for dragons, likening their mascot being a dragon. One of the halls has the name “Darkwing” which is one of the default names for the dragon familiar in The Sims 4: Realm of Magic.

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