2nd city – Pleasantview

In April 2007 I decided to start another The Sims 2 urban town, this time I choose Pleasantview because is a small and flat neighborhood with nice street network, also it is the single Maxis-made map with streets enough closer to have no non-buildable tiles.

I demolished everything from original neighborhood to replace with high-density apartment-like blocks, in more different shapes and colors than in previous city IslaSegundo, plus a nice curved line of tower blocks on waterfront. The city was planned with many symmetric zones, and was completed with trees arranged in grid, and I did not used all available, build-able space on the map like what I did in previous city.

The city was built only 80% from what was planned in April 2007, and all blocks were white, but in February 2008 when I made plans for a third city on StarlingSprings map, I decided to finish the Pleasantview too, also I re-colored some blocks in red, green, blue, yellow, pink, and I added landed housing zone.


Guess how many lots have the 9×9 zone from left photo! Then look to right photo to see the answer! I arranged the blocks and trees to create apparently seamless lots.


This architectural masterpiece have 81 housing lots covering 976 neighborhood squares (plus 10 non-built squares), 209 normal blocks, 17 tower blocks, 35 landed houses, and one 35 squares park.

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