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1st city – IslaSegundo

Now, with everything standardized, in November 2006 I started to build my first The Sims 2 urban town.

I used IslaSegundo because it is the biggest map available in game, but after one week I abandoned the work because the city became too big, had too many lots and buildings, caused the game to run too slowly and even to crash (I had a crappy computer too, 512 MB RAM), anyway the city had a ugly looking, big rows of identical building on every street (due to copying same lots for time economy) and badly arranged tower blocks on sea coast, many zones were too far from a street to be built-able, this is why I did not put trees, to prevent showing difference between spaces in a lot and spaces in empty land.


This piece of shit could had around 260 housing lots with around 700 apartment blocks, plus some landed housing areas.


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