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The Sims 2 lots & houses built by Teoalida

Symmetrical House

Symmetrical House 2×2 Brick

    Part of the series of 2×2 symmetrical houses, this one with marble walls. Designed for a family of 4-6 Sims. Upper floor is composed by 5 rooms.

    Symmetrical House

    Symmetrical House 2×2 Siding

      Part of the series of 2×2 symmetrical houses, this one in american style with siding wall covers. Designed for a family of 4-6 Sims.

      Second Apartment

      Teoalida’s second apartment block

        After the success with my first apartment, I have made 3 or 4 more similar apartment buildings, none being really better than first one, until… this one made in June 2012, so I am publishing now under name Second Apartment. Squarish building with modern design, duplex apartments (maisonettes) designed for 4 sims, but can fit up to 6 sims by putting more beds.

        Peles Castle

        Peles Castle 6×5

        This is the UNFINISHED The Sims 2 replica of Peles Castle, the most expensive building of Romania. I designed it in 2007 after visiting the castle, using base game on a 5×5 lot, being distortioned to fit. I re-designed it in 2010 using Apartment Life to get 6×5 lot and roof variety, but rear facade was a blank wall.

        Helluva Hacienda

        Helluva Hacienda 3×3 W 236 (Maxis inspired)

          This is not a makeover, it is inspired… I made a home similar with Maxis-made Helluva Hacienda from The Sims 2 house bin, in terms of U-Shaped and architecture style, but different building size and different pool position. Made in July 2012.

          Starter Home

          Best Starter Home 1×2 S 84

            This is the best possible starter home, under $20.000 designed for a family up to 4 sims. The 1×2 lot costs only $300 (the 1×1 lot costs $-400 but is too small). The empty home costs $5469, so $14.500 remained for furnishing.

            Third Apartment

            Teoalida’s third apartment block

            A new apartment block made in September 2012, improved version of my first apartment. Same overall building size, but without front/back symmetry. I solved the problem with pool access by placing it in front of block. I used better interior design, without L-shaped split-level stair that caused jams, and I added cornices around balconies to enhance beautifulness.

            Tiny House

            House on a Tiny 1×2 Lot I

              I made this house in 2011 to show the potential of tiny 1×2 lots! My first house on such small lot, designed for my family of 6 sims.

              Starter Home

              Starter home 1×1 S 67

                Tiny house on a 1×1 lot under $20.000 designed for a starter family with 2 sims. Notice the efficient usage of the space under staircase. Size: 67 squares (not including 5 squares of staircase void). Designed in July 2012.

                Palace Trianon Floresti

                Palace I 5×5 (Trianon 2009)

                  A realistic replica of a REAL building, the Trianon Palace from Floresti, Romania, built in 1910 and abandoned, made originally in 2006 with base game only and remade in 2009 using Nightlife.

                  Glass House

                  The Cube of Glass

                    How about a house with glass walls and open floor plan? A simple home with one noisy lower floor and one quiet upper floor, made with Open for Business.

                    First Apartment

                    Teoalida’s first apartment block

                    In December 2011, after 3 years of little attention paid to gaming, I installed The Sims 2: Apartment Life. I love the expansion pack, but I hate the Maxis-built apartments, so I had to design myself PROPER apartments, this being the first one.

                    Federal Fortress

                    Federal Fortress 3×3 452 (Maxis makeover)

                      I hate the Maxis-made houses, but the Federal Fortress looked nice, as I love symmetrical houses. I noticed that others did makeovers too, but they kept land size that is 4×4, a waste of land. Also they renovated it using some expansion packs. Personally I made it more beautiful without using any expansion pack, meaning that the house is compatible with any game.

                      Starter Homes tricks

                        Always built houses THEN move family in them. NEVER move family to an empty lot then build the house, because only 80% of Build Mode costs are added to home value. The loss of money will be even bigger if you build, demolish and rebuild.

                        Tiny Z House

                        House on a Tiny 1×2 Lot II

                          I has been criticized for making too squarish houses with too few rooms, so in July 2012 I decided to improve the original Tiny Lot House, now the house is even smaller and include also a pool. Kitchen is separated from living-dining while the upper floor plan is composed by 3 rooms and a small hallway. Designed for families of 4 Sims.

                          L-Shaped House 2008

                          L-Shaped house – Edition 2008

                            Since The Sims 1 era, the L-shaped houses were the basic accommodation for my family of 6 sims (I was playing 1 family all time), with pool, stairway leading to balcony, and I loved to fill entire courtyard with flowers.

                            My first The Sims 2 house

                            My first The Sims 2 house

                              I found these pictures while browsing old folders in my computer. They date back from 2005, taken with in-game camera so no high resolution available and no download link.