Starter home 1×1 S 67

Tiny house on a 1×1 lot designed for a family with 2 sims. Notice the efficient usage of the space under staircase. Size: 67 squares (not including 5 squares of staircase void). Designed in July 2012.


Lot size: 1×1.
Lot facing: South.
Lot price: $9.919 (with minimal and cheapest furniture) / 19.970 (having best possible furniture without exceeding $20.000, including computer and lights, as shown in photos).
Building size: 6×6 squares.
Floor area: 67 squares.
Expansions requires: none, only base game.

PS: I do not know how to create such small lots like 1×2. I downloaded them from (Mini residential lots by MaryLou).

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